A Guide to Dip Devices’ Cannabis Dab Pens and Dab Straws

A Guide to Dip Devices’ Cannabis Dab Pens and Dab Straws

Today we are going to break down the full line of the dab pens and dab straws that Dip Devices makes. Dip Devices was founded with a goal to give back to the community at large. We try to give back not only through our social impact initiatives but through giving our customers the absolute best product we can make. That’s why we are constantly thinking about our products and our designs- we are always striving to make our wax pens and honey straws the very best on the market. So we are going to dig into the Lunar, Little Dipper, EVRI, and Dipper to help you decide which is the best for you. After all, the weather is warming up and it’s about time to #tossthetorch and get outside to enjoy your cannabis concentrates.

The Lunar

The Lunar is our premier single-function electric dab pen. It’s got a lightweight price at under $30, but it can pack a heavyweight punch. The Lunar vaporizes cannabis concentrate using a Quartz Crystal Atomizer within a bucket-style chamber. The patented design of the Lunar allows airflow into the quartz crystal atomizer at precisely the correct rate, allowing you to get some very tasty hits. With three temperature settings, you can adjust the temp to your taste or tolerance. Some like flavorful dabs, others like to maximize their THC intake. Wherever you fall on that spectrum, the Lunar will be one of your favorite new tools. You can pack about 0.25 grams of concentrate into this little dab pen- that should have you set for a while! Whether you’re going out for a hike or just hanging on the hammock, the Lunar is a super convenient and portable way for you to enjoy cannabis concentrate.


The Little Dipper 

The Dip Devices Little Dipper dab straw is another monster in a small package. The Little Dipper electric dab straw uses our patented Vapor Tip technology, using a Ceramic & NiChrome tip to cleanly vaporize any cannabis concentrate of your choice. The Little Dipper electric nectar collector is beloved for its simplicity: Just turn it on, then Dip & Rip! There are three temperature settings to choose from, so you can always adjust the temperature of the vapor tip to meet your individual needs. Another great thing about the Little Dipper is that you can dab directly out of a suitable container. Your hits are only limited by the ultra long-life battery in the Little Dipper, so you can puff all day without worrying about a thing. For portable concentrate vaping, all you need to do is bring your favorite dabs and your Little Dipper, and you’re good to go wherever the day takes you. 



The EVRI is a 3-in-1 nectar collector and dab pen device that incorporates the ability to use Pods or 510 cartridges. We prefer to see and handle our concentrates ourselves, but we can’t deny that Pods and 510 cartridges are super convenient. So we created a device that functions like a wax pen, an electric honey straw, and a battery for Pods and 510 cartridges. That device became the EVRI, ready to take on “every” form of cannabis concentrate that you throw at it. The EVRI even has the same temperature adjustability as other Dip Devices products- no skimping here. Not only does the EVRI handle Pods and 510 cartridges, but the EVRI is available with a Vapor Tip Attachment and a Quartz Crystal attachment. That allows you to choose between using the EVRI as a dab pen, an electric nectar collector, or simply a 510/Pod battery. With three separate functions, the Dip Devices EVRI is the most versatile wax pen and nectar collector out there. 


The Dipper

The Dip Devices Dipper is the original dab pen / dab straw combo device for cannabis concentrate. The Dipper was born from necessity- there was nothing like it on the market, and Dip Devices wanted to be able to make a device that gave people a choice when it came to vaporizing their cannabis concentrate. But from the beginning, Dip Devices didn’t only want to incorporate the functionality of a wax pen and an electric dab straw into the Dipper. Another big goal was to make vaping cannabis concentrate portable. And with Dipper, we squeezed a lot of tech into a small package. And clearly, safer cannabis concentrate vaping was a paramount concern. In starting our #tossthetorch movement, Dip Devices is committed to making cannabis concentrates safer for everyone to use, and less intimidating for people newer to cannabis. Inventing the Dipper set Dip Devices on the path to becoming the go-to people for electric dab straws and electric dab pens. 


Why Go Electric With Dab Pens and Dab Straws?

At Dip Devices, we thought that the future of cannabis concentrate was obviously going electric. As cannabis concentrate becomes more mainstream, the tools used to consume concentrate need to become easier to use. A glass dab rig and torch setup isn’t just costly and possibly dangerous, but it’s simply intimidating. For a novice, they might not know how much to heat the nail or bucket, how long to let it cool, when to use a carb cap, or even the correct amount to dab. We wanted to lower the barrier of entry and allow anyone to enjoy cannabis concentrate. We chose to make electric dab straws and dab pens since we wanted to avoid combustion and allow normal folks to enjoy cannabis concentrate at their own pace and at a reasonable cost. With the Lunar, Little Dipper, EVRI, or Dipper dab straws and dab pens, your average person can easily enjoy the “caviar of cannabis.” as we sometimes call concentrates. Simplicity is the goal, and we meet that goal by going electric.

No More Butane

But simplicity isn’t the only reason that Dip Devices is committed to electric vaporization with our wax pens and electric dab straws. Our carbon footprint is always on our mind, and we all need to remember that butane is a derivative of natural gas. You can’t dab with a torch unless you’ve got butane fuel. However small or large the demand may be compared to the supply, dabbing with a torch means there is demand for butane, simple as that. And there will always be someone pumping natural gas out of the ground in order to meet that demand for butane. At Dip devices, from our very first electric dab pen and honey straw, we decided that our products would not depend on butane fuel. Making the Lunar, Little Dipper, EVRI, or Dipper dab straws and dab pens electric helps decrease the demand for butane, and therefore natural gas. It’s one of the many ways we try to stay environmentally and socially conscious.

No More Torches

Safety is another big reason that Dip Devices chose to go electric with the Lunar dab straw, Little Dipper electric nectar collector, EVRI 3-in-1 dab straw and dab pen, and the Dipper combination honey straw and wax pen. We have heard of far too many injuries when it came to dealing with torches. A slip of the hand and you’re in big trouble with a torch that’s locked in the “on” position. And when cleaning a rig, even just a tiny bit of isopropyl alcohol left on the rig can ignite- even just a bit of vapor in the air can ignite. So getting the torch out of the equation is one of the ways that Dip Devices is democratizing cannabis concentrate use. With Dip Devices dab pens and dab straws, we are making it kinder to the environment, easier, and safer to use cannabis concentrates. What’s not to love?

The Best Flavor

We won’t hide it, we are snobs for the flavor of cannabis concentrate. And we think that using the Lunar, Little Dipper, EVRI, or Dipper dab straws and dab pens truly give the best flavor experience. Why? First off, there’s no water filtration. We know people have lots of different views on it, but our view is this: Water filtration takes some vapor away, period. That’s why residue builds up in rigs. So without water and with a direct path, our wax pens and electric honey straws give you the absolute best in flavor. We think that the less distance and material between you and your vapor, the better. And don’t forget, the ability to change temperatures on all our dab straws and dab pens lets you tailor your experience directly to your tastes. The ease with which you can get incredibly flavorful hits out of our wax pens and dab straws is truly surprising. 


The Future of Dabbing is Now

Now that you have learned a bit about the Lunar, Little Dipper, EVRI, or Dipper dab straws and dab pens, you can understand why we are so proud of them. And we’ve also told you all about our choice to go electric, and how we think that’s going to be the future of cannabis concentrate. Dip Devices has also made a commitment to enhance the experience of people who want to dab on the go, so we always focus on portability. When it comes to portable solutions, nobody can beat an electric dab pen or electric nectar collector made by Dip Devices. So if you are new to cannabis concentrates, don’t be afraid to pick up a Lunar wax pen or Little Dipper electric honey straw to get your feet wet and learn more. If you’re a veteran, then give the rig a rest and try going electric with Dip Devices. You won’t ever look at dabbing the same! 

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