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Cleaning Your Little Dipper

Little Dipper Safety Recommendations

  • The Vapor Tip gets HOT! Do not touch it while using the product or for at least three minutes after use.
  • Do not use Little Dipper while charging.
  • Only use this vaporizer with legal, safe, and natural concentrates.
  • Never touch the Vapor Tip to anything other than concentrate, especially individuals, flammable surfaces, or your concentrate container!
  • Do not expose Little Dipper body to water or other liquids.
  • Do NOT attempt to use Little Dipper if the battery has been exposed to water.
  • Be sure to turn Little Dipper off (5 quick button clicks) when you are done using it.
  • Improper use, changes, or modifications to Little Dipper could cause damage to the device or cause physical harm.

Little Dipper FAQ

Why buy the Little Dipper?
The Little Dipper allows you to consume concentrate right from its container with our Vapor Tip Atomizer--no blow torch needed. It is the most affordable way to get a great dab. Little Dipper’s lightweight, small form factor makes it very portable. The Little Dipper has three power settings, which allow for a robust vaping experience.

How often do I clean Little Dipper?
We recommend cleaning Little Dipper after each gram of concentrate consumed.

How do I clean my Little Dipper?

  1. Make sure your Little Dipper has cooled off before cleaning.
  2. Unscrew the Vapor Tip, remove the reclaim chambers and mouthpiece. (If you are unable to unscrew the Vapor Tip, there may be concentrate in the threading. If this happens, grip the Vapor Tip with pliers, and turn to get it started).
  3. Place the Vapor Tip, mouthpiece, and reclaim chambers in a small cup and pour on enough 90+% isopropyl alcohol to cover them. Let soak for at least 30 minutes.
  4. Meanwhile, use a cotton swab soaked in the alcohol to clean the Vapor Tip connection point and airway.
  5. Remove the pieces from the alcohol, rinse with warm soapy water, and dry. Do NOT rinse the battery, and do NOT soak the battery
  6. Reattach the reclaim chambers (make sure the piece with the larger hole goes on the Vapor Tip side), Vapor Tip, and mouthpiece before attempting to use your Little Dipper.

How do I use Little Dipper? 
The Vapor Tip allows you to consume concentrate without loading and with a fresh taste with each hit. Press the power button 5 times to turn on your device. Hold the button, let it heat up for about 5 seconds, gently touch the Vapor Tip to the surface of the concentrate, and lightly draw through the mouthpiece (don’t pull too hard or you won’t get a solid hit!). Continue holding the button as you remove the Atomizer from the concentrate to ensure you do not leave any residual stickiness and get the full hit.

To change the Little Dipper power setting, press the button 3 times.

Green = Low heat - 2.6V
Yellow = Medium heat - 3.4V
Red = High heat - 3.8V

Temperatures range from 400-600 F depending on how hard you're inhaling (lightly is best).

How do I charge Little Dipper?
Little Dipper has a micro-USB port on its side. Plug in a micro-USB cable (not included) to an electrical outlet and to the Little Dipper. A full charge takes about 75 minutes.

How often should I replace the Vapor Tip?
We recommend cleaning after each gram of concentrate consumed and replacing the Vapor Tip after it has been used on 10 grams.

How do I change Vapor Tips?
Make sure your Little Dipper has had time to cool off since use. Unscrew the Vapor Tip that is attached and make sure the device and connection point are thoroughly cleaned. Screw in your new Vapor Tip. Always keep the Vapor Tip and Reclaim Chambers clean when switching parts!

Can I use CBD with my Little Dipper?
Yes, the Little Dipper works great for CBD concentrates. We recommend Steve’s Goods for the best CBD concentrate experience.

How long should a Vapor Tip last?
LD Vapor Tips should last between 6-8 weeks with standard usage and proper maintenance. If you are having issues with a properly cleaned and maintained Atomizer sooner than this, please reach out with specifics!

What is the Vapor Tip made out of?
The Vapor Tip is ceramic with a NiChrome coil in the center.

What do I do if my Little Dipper clogs?
The easiest way to clear the Vapor Tip is by turning the power setting to red--press the button 3 times (when already on) until you reach the red setting. Then, while holding the Little Dipper atomizer over your concentrate container, hold the button for 10-15 seconds so the coil gets hot and melts the residue blocking the airflow. Then immediately hold the button down again while pulling air through the mouthpiece until any residue that's blocking the airflow is cleared. You may need to repeat this process a few times depending on how badly it's clogged. You can also clean your Vapor Tip and Little Dipper as described above. If this doesn’t work, it is time to replace your Little Dipper Vapor Tip.

What do I do if my Little Dipper won’t fire?
Make sure your device and Vapor Tip are both thoroughly cleaned and the battery is charged. On a clean device, this can occur due to a Vapor Tip that is too loose or too tight. Try gently loosening or tightening the atomizer in small increments. You can also try turning the device off and then on again. If these don't solve your problem, please reach out to or use our chat feature.

What is the Little Dipper Warranty information?
If your Little Dipper doesn't work out of the box (and has been troubleshot), we will replace it. Once the device has been used, it is no longer covered.

What are the differences between the Little Dipper, EVRI, and Dipper?
The Dipper is built for durability, power, and reliability. It also offers two functionalities with our Vapor Tip and Quartz Crystal Atomizers and can be connected to your favorite glass with the DipWhip. EVRI is all about versatility and portability. It allows you to switch between a variety of functionalities including direct-to-concentrate, pack-and-go, 510 cartridges, ejuice pods, and more. Little Dipper is made to provide affordable, portable dabbing. It’s a simple, single-function device that is a great way to get started with concentrates.

What causes do Little Dipper sales donate to?
A portion of all Little Dipper sales are donated to important causes by color:

  • Ocean Blue: a portion of sales donated to Marine Conservation via Oceana
  • Yellow: a portion of sales donated to Bee Preservation via Operation Honey Bee
  • Black: a portion of sales donated to Racial Justice via the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund

Little Dipper User Guide

Little Dipper User Guide (PDF)

Little Dipper Warranty Information

If your Little Dipper doesn't work out of the box (and has been troubleshot), we will replace it. Once the device has been used, it is no longer covered.