Rover Support

Why Buy Rover?

Rover by Dip Devices provides a true dab rig experience in a handheld vaporizer. Our innovative airflow and terp pearls evenly heat the concentrate, providing a robust and full flavor experience. 

How Do I Use My Rover?

  • Make sure chamber is tightened properly
  • Turn on by pushing button 5x - will vibrate
  • Remove cap/mouthpiece and load concentrate in middle chamber
  • Preheat the Rover by hitting button 2x
  • When vibrates, the Rover is ready
  • Inhale, holding the Rover level so balls can spin
  • Remember to keep your Rover clean. Swab after every use
  • The Rover may get hot with multiple uses. If it gets hot let the device cool for a moment before using again.

How Do I Clean My Rover?

  • Wipe chamber with cotton swab after every use
  • Unscrew chamber and remove outer glass. Soak both in ethanol or iso
  • Remove thrusters and soak in ethanol or iso
  • Take apart mouthpiece and use cotton swab with ethanol or iso
  • Wipe body of Rover
  • Allow parts to completely dry before using


How Often Do I Clean Rover? 

  • Cotton swab after every use
  • Soak chamber in ethanol or iso as needed or after every 5 uses for maximum flavor 

How Do I Charge My Rover?

To charge your Rover, use the USB-C cable provided only. 

For optimal performance and safety, DO NOT charge the Rover vaporizer using "fast charging" cables. We recommend using the standard USBC cable provided to ensure the best experience and to prevent potential issues.

How Long Does the Atomizer Last?

The lifespan of the atomizer depends on factors like usage frequency and cleaning habits. With proper care and maintenance, the atomizer can last for many months, but be sure to replace the atomizer every 8-12 weeks to ensure consistent vapor quality.

What Do I Do If My Rover Won’t Fire?

If your Rover experiences any issues, try troubleshooting using these instructions 

  • Unscrew and clean connection points of chamber
  • Clean device
  • Charge device
  • Put device back together, make sure chamber is tightened
  • If blinking error code, replace heating chamber
  • If the problem persists and you've ruled out the above points, please contact our customer support team for assistance by reaching out at, or calling 844-922-VAPE (8273). 

For warranty-related concerns, please refer to the warranty information below.

What Is the Rover Warranty Information?

The Rover vaporizer battery has a 1 year limited warranty. The Rover heating chamber only has warranty if broken out of the box new, once the device has been used, the heating chamber is no longer covered by the warranty. 

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Safety Recommendations:

Safety is our priority. Follow these recommendations for a safe vaping experience:

  • Use only the provided charging cable or a standard USBC cable for charging.
  • Do not use "fast charging" USBC cables.
  • Keep the device and charging area clean and free from any debris.
  • Store Rover in a safe and secure location away from children and pets.

What Are the Differences Between Rover, Lunar, Little Dipper, EVRI, and Dipper?

Each Dip Devices product offers unique features to cater to various vaping preferences:

  • Rover: most powerful battery, uses terp pearls and vacuum based airflow to provide best efficiency of material. Quartz only chamber makes for the best temperature 
  • Lunar: Designed for load-and-go concentrate vaping, emphasizing unrestricted airflow and portability.
  • Little Dipper: A compact and discreet vape pen perfect for quick and convenient on-the-go vaping.
  • EVRI: A versatile and modular device that can be used as a concentrate vaporizer, nectar collector, dab straw, and can even be used for flower.
  • Dipper: A revolutionary dab pen that eliminates the need for a separate dab tool, offering a unique with both load-and-go and dab straw all in one convenient experience. 

What Causes Do Rover Sales Support?

At Dip Devices, we believe in giving back. Choose Lunar and support causes that matter to you while enjoying an exceptional vaping experience! Depending on the color of the device you choose, part of the proceeds will be donated to specific causes: 

  • White benefits mental health support through free art therapy in low income communities. 
  • Lime benefits Adults with disabilities entering the workforce. 
  • Ocean Blue benefits Marine Conservation.
  • Cosmic benefits Breast Cancer Support.
  • Black benefits The National Diversity & Inclusion Cannabis Alliance (NDICA)

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