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Why buy EVRI? 
EVRI’s universal battery offers a platform for unlimited functionality in a small form factor. Its features will evolve as consumption does.

How do I use the EVRI Battery?
  • Press button 5 times to turn on the battery
  • Press button 3 times to change power setting
  • Blue = Low heat - 2.6V
  • Green = Medium heat - 3.4V
  • Red = High heat - 3.8V
  • Temperatures range from 400-600 F depending on how hard you're inhaling (lightly is best).
How do I use the EVRI Vapor Tip Attachment (VTA)?
Connect attachment to EVRI Battery with Vapor Tip/cap end closest to the button.
Recommended heat setting: Green - medium heat
  • Remove the cap prior to use
  • While holding down the button, lightly touch the vapor tip to your concentrate and inhale very slowly (do not gouge the tip into the concentrate)
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How do I use the EVRI 510/Pod Attachment (510/Pod)?
  • Connect attachment to EVRI Battery with the end you’d like to use closest to the button
  • Recommended heat setting for 510: Blue - low heat or Green - medium heat
  • Recommended heat setting for Pod: Blue - low heat
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    What pods can I use with 510/Pod Attachment?
    • The most common e-juice pods
    • Other pods, like Pax, Stiizy, etc., will NOT work
      How do I use the EVRI Quartz Crystal Attachment (QCA)?
      • Pull up on the mouthpiece and remove it from the attachment
      • Use a dab tool to put .3 grams or less of concentrate into the bucket. Be sure to leave some room around the concentrate to allow for airflow -- overpacking will damage the attachment.
      • Slide the mouthpiece back in place and connect the attachment to EVRI Battery with the mouthpiece side closest to the button
      • Press the button 5 times to turn on EVRI; hold down the button and inhale lightly. Always keep the mouthpiece pointing up when using and storing the QCA.
      • Recommended heat setting for QCA: Blue - low heat or Green - medium heat
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        How do I use the EVRI Nectar Collector Attachment? 
        To fill, simply remove the 16mm tip connector and suck water in through the bottom until it is about 2/3 of the way up the inner diffuser. Alternatively, you can flip the unit upside down and submerge the top in a cup of water until the water fills to the top of the spillguard. Reattach the 16mm connector, remove the mouthpiece from the Vapor Tip and insert the connector. Then attach to the EVRI magnetic battery and enjoy! To remove the water simply hold vertically and blow it out.

        How do I clean the EVRI Nectar Collector Attachment? 
        Fill with your favorite cleaning solution (formula 710 or 90+% isopropyl alcohol work well), shake it up and let it soak for 10 min. Shake it up and let it soak some more. Blow out the cleaning solution and rinse with hot water. Repeat as necessary.

        Can I clean EVRI? 
        You can clean the connection points on the attachments and pins on the device gently with a q-tip soaked in 90+% isopropyl alcohol. Do NOT soak EVRI battery or attachments. EVRI tips are not removable, each attachment is a whole piece. EVRI attachments are inexpensive and meant to be replaced after 6-8 weeks of use.
        • For the Vapor Tip Attachment, you can wipe the tip with a q-tip or cloth with isopropyl alcohol. The best way to avoid it getting dirty/clogged is to not submerge the tip in the concentrate, gently touch the concentrate and always make sure to breathe slowly/lightly.
        How can I unclog EVRI Vapor Tip Attachment? 
        The easiest way to clear the Vapor Tip Attachment on EVRI is by turning the power setting to red by pressing the button 3 times (when EVRI is already on). Then, while holding EVRI over your concentrate container, hold the button for 10-15 seconds so the coil gets hot and melts the residue blocking the airflow. Then immediately hold the button down again while pulling air through the mouthpiece until any residue that's blocking the airflow is cleared. You may need to repeat this process a few times depending on how badly it's clogged. If this doesn’t work, it is time to replace your EVRI VTA.
        How long should EVRI attachments last? EVRI Vapor Tip Attachment should last 4-6 weeks, EVRI 510/Pod should last 12+weeks, and EVRI QCA should last 6-8 weeks. All EVRI attachments can last longer if used properly.

        Can I buy just an EVRI battery replacement? 
        No, but we offer just the battery + one attachment. The attachments wear out over time so it is a good opportunity to get a replacement.

        Can I use CBD with my EVRI? 
        Yes, EVRI VTA and QCA are great for CBD concentrates, and you can use compatible CBD cartridges and CBD ejuice pods with the 510/Pod Attachment. We recommend Steve’s Goods for the best CBD concentrate experience.

        What pods can you use with EVRI 510/Pod Attachment? 
        Mainstream ecig/ejuice pods will work, including refillable. We suggest filling pods with CBD ejuice or distillate.

        What do I do if EVRI is flashing red when connecting attachments? 
        Make sure EVRI is fully charged. Using a q-tip soaked in 90+% isopropyl alcohol, clean the connection points on the battery and the attachment and connect the attachment again when dry. Turn on EVRI by pressing the button 5 times. If this does not solve your problem, please contact us.

        What is EVRI's battery capacity (mAh)? 

        How long will EVRI battery last between charges? 
        This depends on which attachment you’re using and how frequently. With regular use of the Vapor Tip or Quartz Crystal Attachment, expect about 1-2 days of charge, and with the 510/Pod attachment you can expect about 4-5 days of power.

        What is the Vapor Tip made out of? 
        The Vapor Tip is ceramic with a nichrome coil in the center.

        How much concentrate fits in the EVRI Quartz Crystal Attachment? 
        We suggest packing the EVRI QCA with no more than .3 grams of concentrate. Be sure to leave some room around the concentrate to allow for airflow -- overpacking will damage the attachment.

          EVRI User Guide 

          EVRI BATTERY User Guide (PDF)
          EVRI VTA User Guide (PDF)
          EVRI 510/Pod User Guide (PDF)

          EVRI Warranty Information

          Register your EVRI here in order to activate your warranty!

          Battery warranty covers manufacturing issues for 90 days.

          Attachments are consumable items and will only be replaced if they are not working out of the box.