Aster Support

What is Included?

Package includes the Aster device, a USB-C charger, a bag of 4 extra metal screens, and a 14mm male glass connector. It is equipped with an LCD screen for precise temperature control, ensuring optimal vaping conditions.

Warranty Information:

The product comes with a one-year warranty

Aster FAQ

How does the Aster compare to other vaporizers in terms of price and performance?
The Aster offers the flavor and performance of vaporizers costing two to three times more, thanks to its precise temperature control, LCD screen, and versatile features.

Can the Aster be connected to glass pieces?
Yes, it comes with a glass adapter for connection to your favorite glass pieces, enhancing the vaping experience. Use by inserting

What is the warranty period for the Aster?
The Aster comes with a 1-year warranty, ensuring customer satisfaction and product reliability.

What is Aster’s battery capacity?
1300 mAh

What is Aster’s run time?
10 sessions

How much does the ceramic heating chamber hold?
.5 Grams

What is the charge time on Aster?
40-60 minutes

How do you clean Aster?
Wait for Aster to cool for 10-15 minutes before cleaning. You can clean the chamber of Aster similarly to a pipe or bowl. Use a tool or toothpick to empty the contents of the chamber. Using a cloth or cotton swab dampened (NOT SOAKED) by alcohol, gently clean out the ceramic chamber. DO NOT SOAK ASTER IN ALCOHOL. Wait 10-15 minutes until alcohol has completely evaporated before reloading and using your Aster.