All About CBD Dabs, CBD Flower and More!

All About CBD Dabs, CBD Flower and More!

CBD Dabs vs Flower

A lot of CBD (cannabidiol) talk has been going around. From research universities, pharma companies, and over-the-counter remedies- you can find legal CBD in a whole lot of states. 

But what about the million-dollar-question: Does CBD oil or flower give you a nice buzz? Luckily for you, we are digging deep into CBD. Spoiler: we still don’t do not know how THC and CBD interact with each other, but there seems to be synergy when THC and CBD mix. 

CBD Dabs

You’re probably used to CBD referred to as “help oil,” or homeopathic medicine.  But CBD is a cannabinoid that brings on a relaxed, calm feeling. Lots of people use CBD as a natural sleep aid. Don’t worry, there’s no heart racing like Sativa - the most popular method of consumption is oral ingestion. It’s taken in tincture form, but we at Dip Devices are used to dabbing, so we like to inhale our CBD! Not only that, we like our hits to be perfect. That’s why we use Quartz Clean to clean gunked up glass. And guess what? It’s made of ethanol! 

What is Quartz Clean?

Quartz Clean is Ethanol Alcohol, a very strong solvent. But unlike Ethanol, it's friendly to nature. It’s superior cleaning power allows you to use 50% of the product, and still achieve sparkling glass. It’s simply the best. Nasty oil globs, and clogs no more!


CBD Wax is a concentrate / crumble / oil / containing only CBD. Now there is constantly a debate around the benefits of CBD, but promising research is still in its early stages. In a study on Antioxidants and Anti-Inflammatory properties, findings were discovered that CBD maybe improve anti-inflammatory symptoms. Let your Dipper, EVRI, Lunar, and Little Dipper join you wherever you go?


CBD oil is applied like lotion- no pills, no nasty liquid to chase down. Just massage into your skin, and it does its job. Unlike Ibuprofen or other non-steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs, CBD has very little addiction potential compared to nearly every over-the-counter drug.

How do CBD Dabs Make You Feel?

Tinctures takes a while to kick in, so if you are experiencing anxiety or pain, Dabbing is a sure fire way to calm down. There are even CBD lollipops if you need to get your blood sugar up at a festival. CBD is a very mild cannabinoid, and you might not realize that you are a bit less anxious or feel a bit less pain. We think that dabbing CBD in the future, because of its beneficial pain relief properties, is going to be a major player in helping reduce anxiety and pain. Just wait!

Benefits of CBD Crumble

First off, the delivery- CBD crumble is vaped so it’s immediately absorbed into your bloodstream. Dabbing with Our Dipper, modular EVRI, compact Lunar, and Little Dipper are outstanding dab pens and dab straws for use with CBD. With edibles they pass through your gut and lose 50% bioavailability, that’s simply throwing it in the trash.

Myths & Truths about CBD

  • Dabbing is dangerous! MYTH - unless you have a torch. Lots of people enjoy the flavors of the terpenes,  (known for the piny, lemon scent) flavonoids.
  • CBD Dabbing Gets Your High! False again. CBD products with THC concentrations over 0.3% That’s quite a lot of CBD and VERY little THC, so no worry about getting “high”
  • Overdose on CBD? Once again this is a huge misconception. You might feel lightheaded and need to sit down after a hit, so be ready to melt into the couch
  • CBD and Pets? There are plenty of studies with humans, but there is a budding industry for doggy treats with CBD.There is not much testing, so we think it’s a smart marketing ploy.


Dab Smart With CBD

If you’ve just started taking dabs with our Dipper, EVRI, tiny Lunar, and Little Dipper. These each have patented airflow. And since you’re inhaling vapor, you need the top-of-the-line. Your electric Dipper, EVRI, Lunar, and Little Dipper. You know what that means: Only the finest CBD dabs. And if you want to puff on CBD dabs or want to blow massive clouds, Dip Device has the electric dab pens and electric straws for you.

Do CBD Dabs Get You High? 

In short, no. CBD doesn't get you “high” because there are only trace amounts of THC in it. BUT you might not feel sober (don’t drive a car while taking CBD). CBD consumption can cause a reduction in awareness and can help induce a deep sleep. The feeling when a large amount of CBD is consumed can bring on serious drowsiness and a heavy “body high.” If you don’t know what a body high is, Google “couch lock”.

So CBD dabs don’t really get you “high” in a classic sense. But it has some serious applications in the medical research field: Pain Relief, fighting Parkinson’s, and slowing the disease like Parkinson’s. Now there’s no guarantee that CBD is a miracle drug. But there is a ton of anecdotal evidence that needs to turn in into hard science.

Luckily, with Baby Boomers, the attitude is changing. 

The effects of CBD-derived medicine is still  in its infancy- Epidiolex is the only FDA-approved medication so far, and it's used to treat childhood epilepsy.

How Long Does CBD Last

Taking an oral CBD tincture could take several hours to kick in. On the other hand, vaping is more efficient at getting CBD into your bloodstream. Since CBD needs to pass through your stomach, you don’t get 

Tips For Buying Dabs

First tip: CBD is legal in all 50 states… THC dabs are NOT. Check in with your state's laws regarding the use of CBD. CBD can offer potential health and mental health benefits. The high concentrations of CBD may help in calming anxiety. 

What does a CBD dab feel like? A CBD dab can bring on feelings of relaxation and calmness. It doesn’t come with a racing heart, sweating, etc. 

Safety First! Read the label my friend. There are questionable CBD products out there. Ashwagandha, illegal substances, etc. And with low quality control means trouble. CBD oil isn’t regulated like other dietary supplements. Which begs the question, what’s in it?

So if you are buying some CBD, please be careful by reading the ingredients! Try to get your CBD products from a reliable, reputable source.

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