How To Get The Best Tasting Dabs - Cannabis Sativa, Indica, Hybrids, and

How To Get The Best Tasting Dabs - Cannabis Sativa, Indica, Hybrids, and

If you’re reading this, the odds are that you know a little about the two main types of cannabis: Sativa and Indica. You might even know a little about Cannabis Ruderalis, an ultra-low THC producing type of cannabis that most people know as hemp. And of course, with cross-breeding bringing the world better and better Indica/Sativa hybrids nearly every day, there’s a whole new world of cannabis breeds out there. But most of us don’t smoke much- if any- flower these days. If you’re here, it’s because you’re interested in cannabis concentrates, not cannabis flower. With Dipper, Lunar, EVRI, and Little Dipper dab pens and dab straws, enjoying concentrate is the most enjoyable way to get potent, tasty hits without inhaling all that plant matter and stinking up the place. Nonetheless, it makes some of us wonder- do concentrates really give that distinct Indica, Sativa, or hybrid feeling? Does an Indica concentrate still have the typical relaxing effects, and does a Sativa concentrate still have the standard energetic effects? What about hybrids? We dug deep to answer these questions.


But First, A Quick Cannabis Lesson 


Excuse us while we get a little nerdy here- get your Dip Devices electric dab straw or electric dab pen, take a few hits and get ready to learn some pretty cool stuff. Cannabis Sativa, Indica, and Ruderalis are all technically different species of the plant genus Cannabis. Cannabis belongs to the Cannabaceae family, also known as the hemp family of plants, a close relative to hops. All cannabis plants are wind pollinated, meaning that they have male and female sexes, and use the wind alone to pollinate, survive, and thrive. So forget the birds and the bees- cannabis came far before they even existed. That simple fact shows that cannabis has been around longer than pollinating insects. Back in 2012, scientists in Spain discovered amber which encased fossilized insects that had pollen stuck to them, the earliest evidence ever found of pollination behavior in insects. The amber was dated to roughly 100 million years old. Simply because of the way it pollinates, we know that cannabis has been evolving for over 100 million years on this earth. 


What About Cannabis Ruderalis?

Cannabis Ruderalis, or hemp, is native to rougher areas like Eastern Europe. It has a very low THC content, and is legal to grow as long as the THC level is under 0.3% (still check your local laws). It’s mainly used in textiles and renewable paper products. Something interesting about Ruderalis is because of its origin, it doesn’t flower according to changes in the light / dark cycle. Instead, it’s an “auto-flowering” plant that begins its flowering process based on plant age alone. This led to a lot of growers experimenting with Ruderalis crosses to attempt creating “auto-flowering” high-THC strains. That experimentation met with varying success, so it’s no wonder that you don’t see a lot of auto-flowering strains out there in the seed market.

The Endless World of Hybrids


What do these history lessons have to do with anything? Well, Sativa and Indica are where hybrids began, and hybrids are some of the most flavorful and potent strains out there. At least as long as cannabis has been consumed in America, there has always been a network of people trading seeds and creating hybrid strains of cannabis. As you probably know, hybrids derive their genetics from the male and female plants that they are bred from. That’s why it’s always a good idea to ask about the genetics of your hybrids so that you can understand what to expect from a hybrid strain. The great part about hybrids is that they allow breeders to practically tailor-make strains, which leads to a better selection of cannabis concentrates. You might use your Dip Devices dab straw or dab pen for a super potent Sativa hit, or you might use it on CBD shatter to unwind some nice flavor without an intense psychoactive effect. And that’s not even getting to the awesome flavors that you can attain with low-temp hits from Dip Devices electric dab pens and electric dab straws. The world is your oyster when it comes to hybrid strains.

Dabbing with the Dipper

How To Dab For Maximum Flavor


The answer to the question posed at the beginning of this post is a resounding “yes.” With today’s extraction processes, whether using solvents or not, a great deal of terpenes are preserved when cannabis concentrate is made. Some manufacturers, and even people who use concentrates, even go so far as to add terpenes to give concentrate a unique terpene profile. So even through extraction processes, you can rest assured that you’ll be able to always get that character of an Indica, Sativa, or hybrid with a concentrate just like you would with flower. 

If you haven’t tried adding a bit of “terp sauce” to your Dip Devices electric nectar collector or dab pen, you’re missing out on quite an experience. The terpenes bring a ton of flavor to hits, and some people claim that they interact with cannabinoids to make concentrates more potent- although that’s never been proven. In many legal states, you can check the terpene contents in concentrates that you purchase. In comparison to the same strain of flower, the terpenes are generally preserved- although that THC number is way up! That’s why we like cannabis concentrates! Now for dabbing with a torch and a rig, 350-450 degrees Fahrenheit is the recommended temperature for the best taste- although you’ll need to get another piece of gear to spend more money on and cause more clutter: a laser thermometer to check the temperature of your bucket or nail. Luckily, the Dip Devices Dipper, Lunar, EVRI, and Little Dipper electric dab pens and nectar collectors have finely-tuned, expertly engineered, and thoroughly-tested temperature settings that will give you the best flavor possible. 


Keep It Low For Maximum Flavor

All the Dip Devices lineup, the Dipper, Lunar, EVRI, and Little Dipper dab pens and dab straws, have different temperature settings. They are all easy to adjust- just read the box or manual. Or if you’re feeling a bit couch-locked, here’s how to adjust all four devices:

Dipper and Dabs

Maximum Flavor With The Dipper

In order to change the temperature setting on the Dipper electric dab pen and dab straw combination device, when it’s on just click the button three times quickly. You’ll want to change the setting until the light turns blue. The blue setting will max out at about 450 degrees F, depending on how lightly you inhale. That’s the perfect setting for getting the most flavor out of cannabis concentrate in your Dipper electric dab pen. Just adjust how strongly you inhale until you get the perfect, most flavorful hit.

Tastiest Hits With The Lunar

The Lunar dab pen uses the same intuitive routine to change temperatures, and functions just like the dab pen version of the Dipper. Just turn it on, and click the button three times. The colors representing the temperature settings are different, though. You’ll want to adjust the temperature until you see the light turn green. That’s the lowest temperature for the Lunar. That’ll set it around 450 degrees F just like the Dipper, so you’ll need to fine-tune how softly you inhale to get the sweet spot of potency and flavor.

The Best Flavor With The EVRI

Using the EVRI with concentrates can be done in three ways: The standard 510 cartridge, the Vapor Tip Attachment, which turns the EVRI into an electric honey straw, and the Quartz Crystal Attachment, which transforms the EVRI into an electric dab pen. However you choose to enjoy your cannabis concentrate in this multi-function masterpiece, here’s how to get the best flavor possible: With the EVRI on, hit the button three times. You’ll need to adjust the temperature until you see the light turn blue. That’s the lowest heat setting available on the EVRI. The EVRI can get as low as 400 degrees F depending on how hard you inhale. So you can be sure that you’ll get all the flavor you want- whether you use it as a dab straw or a dab pen!  


Little Dipper, Great Flavor In a Tiny Package

The Little Dipper dab straw is a small device that packs a serious punch when it comes to delivering the flavor you want and the potency too. As you can probably guess, in order to change the temperature on your Little Dipper, click the button three times quickly while it’s on. You want to adjust the temperature until the light turns green- that’s the lowest heat setting. That will give you hits starting at 400 degrees F, but like the rest of the Dip Devices lineup, the temperature of your hits greatly depends on how softly you inhale. Experiment to see how to get the best flavor and potency. It’s especially fun to “experiment” by taking several hits from your favorite cannabis concentrate. Try to inhale differently each hit to see the different flavors you can taste.


Hit The Dip Devices Lineup For Great Cannabis Concentrate Flavor


As you can see, there are two big factors that determine the flavor of cannabis concentrate: Temperature and genetics. Temperature is something that Dip Devices has woked hard to get right. We’ve shown you how to fine tune your Dipper, Lunar, EVRI, and Little Dipper electric dab pens and dab straws to the correct temperature settings so that you can get hits at the same temperature as a dab rig with a laser thermometer. Focusing on flavor and potency might take a little bit of experimentation, which will be some fun for you!  

Genetics, the other big factor the the flavor of your cannabis concentrate, encompasses the terpene and non-THC cannabinoid content. Although genetics change the effect of cannabis a great deal, genetics also affect the terpene profile of cannabis, which determines the flavor of a cannabis concentrate. That’s why it’s always important to take some notes about your favorite strains and their cannabinoid and terpene profile, so that you know what you want the next time you visit the dispensary! We hope you learned a thing or two here, now go and experiment with your favorite Dip Devices dab pen or dab straw! If you are searching for the best flavor out there, #tossthetorch

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