Blood Donation Activism

Blood Donation Activism

Blood Donation is a cause that needs support right now, and Dip Devices is proud to help. Blood transfusions save lives every day. A little known fact is that one donation can save up to three peoples' lives. Donating blood is simple, easy, and safe. There’s no reason not to do it. Dip Devices is committed to mobilizing people to donate blood and save lives. Remember, #EVRIDIPCOUNTS 



The Red Cross & Our Contribution


Dip Devices donates to the Red Cross, a massive charity focusing on disaster relief and blood donation. With every sale of the Red EVRI electric dab pen and the Red Lunar dab pen, Dip Devices will donate 1% of the sale to the Red Cross

Dip Devices has two main goals in supporting the Red Cross. The first goal is to assist in supporting smaller nonprofits on the ground throughout the U.S. in order to organize blood drives. More blood drives and safer blood drives are desperately needed throughout the country in order to meet the current transfusion blood shortage. The Red Cross has even declared a “National Blood Crisis.” 

Our second goal is to help supply hospitals and transfusion centers with blood. Hospitals and healthcare workers are under too much stress already. Their supplies are low and blood is not an exception. But the blood shortage is different from running out of equipment like ventilators for patients. How? The blood transfusion supply shortage can be solved through community action alone! The donation centers are open again and waiting. Dip Devices wants to do its best to help motivate and mobilize people to go out and donate blood. And with each purchase of a red EVRI electric dab straw, Dip Devices donates to The Red Cross to try and accomplish this goal.

You can read more about how Dip Devices supports other causes with the sale of every one of our dab straws at our  Social Impact page.


The Transfusion Blood Shortage


According to  The Medical News Today, as of January 14th, 2022, 68% of blood centers in the U.S. have under 3 days’ of blood supply, which is the minimum needed to meet standard demand. The Red Cross supplies about 40% of the United States’ national blood supply used by hospitals. And since COVID-19 began, The Red Cross says they have seen donor numbers decrease by 10%. That decrease has lasted since the pandemic began, and has dealt a serious blow to our country’s blood supply. Dip Devices is proud to support The Red Cross’s efforts to recover our blood supply through its donations from the sale of each Red EVRI electric honey straw. 

Blood can’t be manufactured, and if a blood transfusion is necessary, there is no alternative. The unique nature of blood means having an ample blood supply is crucial for every hospital to save lives. Luckily, blood is also something that nearly everyone in a community can donate easily and conveniently, and it costs nothing. 

Having no substitute and needing to get people out of their houses makes the Red Cross’s job very difficult during a global pandemic. That’s why there is such a shortage right now- it’s both a ripple effect from lockdown and a lack of incoming supply. 

Still, donating blood is one of the simplest, yet most important things a person can do to help others. And with a global pandemic still affecting the blood supply across the country, it is crucial that people continue donating blood in order to save as many lives as possible. With at-home testing and vaccines available, it’s about time that we start to do something about the transfusion blood supply as a country. Each purchase of a  Red EVRI dab straw and  Red Lunar electric dab pen will help the Red Cross get our blood supply back on track.


How Bad Is It Really?


Put simply, it’s really bad. Hospitals across the country need as much blood as possible. The healthcare system can’t be under-supplied like this for too long before real trouble starts. Before too long, there may not be enough blood on-hand at some hospitals to save the life of a trauma patient arriving at the Emergency Room. For people who are sick and need life saving surgery, they can end up taking a risk by being transfused with less blood than normal for a procedure, or they simply need to wait. For someone who is awaiting a liver transplant, for instance, this choice can be deadly. So if you want to help your community right now, the easiest and simplest thing you can do is to donate blood if you’re able. You can find out where at the  Red Cross Website. 


 Red Cross Donation Van


The Importance of Community Action


Back to the idea that the nationwide blood shortage is one of the few dire needs in the U.S. that can be solved solely through communities taking action. In helping the Red Cross, not only do we want to be a proponent of donating blood, but we have a goal to get people out there and donate blood. 

Solving the current blood supply shortage does not require any governmental action whatsoever. Solving this problem just requires people to go out and take action to solve it, at practically zero cost and zero risk, just taking up a little time of their day. Just donate blood and tell everyone you know about it. And maybe pick up a Red EVRI dab pen to reward yourself and continue to help the cause.   

With your help, we can help our country address the transfusion blood shortage and save lives. At Dip Devices, each purchase of a  Red EVRI electric dab straw or  Red Lunar electric dab pen helps us donate to the Red Cross so they can continue their life-saving work. Together we can make a real impact. And if you’re able to, please consider donating blood. You can save lives with just a little bit of your time. 

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