Buyers Guide to Portable Vaporizers for Cannabis Extracts/Concentrates

Buyers Guide to Portable Vaporizers for Cannabis Extracts/Concentrates

There’s no surprise that portable concentrate vaporizers are the hottest accessory for novice and experienced cannabis aficionados. With increased legalization and advancements in extraction, the quality and variety of concentrates available has increased tremendously over the past few years. Together with advancements in portable vaporizer technology, cannabis consumers can now experience all the benefits of concentrates in a portable, convenient, and discreet way at home or on-the-go.

We’ve created a buying guide to explain some of the key features to help you navigate your options and select the device that is right for you. Traditionally, cannabis concentrates have been consumed with a rig and a blowtorch. These can be complicated, expensive, and not very portable. Quite simply, portable vaporizers take the hassle out of enjoying concentrates. They let you get a quick dab on the go at the click of a button. Most fit in your pocket, and because cannabis vapor doesn't produce a strong smell like blunts or joints do, you can enjoy a few hits without attracting attention.

Electric Dab Straw vs. Pack-and-Go Buckets

An electric dab straw or nectar collector has a heated tip that allows you to vaporize concentrates directly in their container, on a dab mat or a dab tool. Gently hover the heated tip over the surface of the concentrate to vaporize while you inhale lightly. This allows you to precisely manage your dose and not waste any of your concentrate.

The term “pack-and-go bucket” originates from the fact that you can pack the heating chamber with wax or another concentrate to enjoy immediately or later. Pack-and-go is the most common type of dab pen including the Dipper Quartz Crystal Atomizer and EVRI Quartz Crystal Attachment by Dip Devices. It offers all the benefits of pure cannabis concentrates with the convenience of a vape cartridge since you can pull it out anytime and use it with just one hand.

Ceramic vs Quartz for Portable Vapes for Concentrates

Most portable vaporizer devices will utilize either ceramic or quartz around a metal heating coil to vaporize cannabis. The heating mechanism draws in cold air that passes through several red-hot coils before coming into contact with the cannabis concentrates. Both effectively vaporize concentrates. However, ceramic tips take longer to heat, although they provide longer heat retention. This means a more consistent experience and less wear on your battery. Quartz can reach the ideal temperature much faster, but it cannot retain high temperatures for long. Dip Devices provides both options depending on the device and attachment so you can customize your experience however you prefer.


If you want the smoothest hits or enjoy blowing thick clouds, you need a

portable device with well-engineered airflow. In the vaping world, airflow refers to the amount and the path of air that goes around the concentrate and into your mouth.

All Dip Devices vaporizers have patented airflow technology that allows the air to go through the atomizer. This maintains smoothness while you’re enjoying your concentrates and gives you an experience closer to a traditional dab rig. Proper airflow also helps prevent your device from clogging, which can be an issue with many inexpensive as well as pricier devices.

Battery and Power Settings

The quality and power of your battery can be the difference between big rips with massive clouds and your device petering before the night is over. Some models heat concentrates using underpowered batteries that generate 200-250 mAh. They don’t last long or generate enough heat to vaporize thick concentrates such as crumble or shatter due to their densities.

Do you want to enjoy your dabs while on the go without having to worry about your vaporizer’s battery life? You won't regret purchasing a portable concentrate vaporizer powered by a 650 or 900 mAh battery. More hits between charges are certainly convenient, but the biggest benefit is the experience of enjoying any type of concentrate and getting a true dab rig experience whenever and wherever you like.

You will also want to purchase a device with precise temperature control so you can customize your cannabis concentrate experience. On all Dip Devices vaporizers, you are able to experience the full flavor of the terpenes and effect of the cannabinoids on a lower setting. If you are enjoying thicker concentrates or looking to blow some serious clouds, then crank up the setting to high. Medium provides the best balance for most dab sessions.

Cleaning and Replacement Tips

When investing in a quality device you’ll want it to deliver the freshest hits for the long haul. This requires that the device is cleaned regularly to remove excess concentrate and reclaim. In addition, the atomizer will become worn over time and need to be replaced to continue to deliver the best experience.

Select a device that is easy to clean like the Dipper or Little Dipper from Dip Devices. Just toss the atomizer into some 90+% isopropyl alcohol for 30 minutes or overnight and rinse with soapy water to remove any excess concentrate. In addition, the Dipper atomizer is easy and inexpensive to replace once it becomes worn. Just unscrew and replace with a new atomizer. It is recommended that you clean your device after you consume a gram of concentrate and replace the atomizer about every 10 grams of concentrate consumed or 6-8 weeks depending on how frequently you use it. EVRI by Dip Devices has attachments that connect to a universal battery with a magnet. Attachments for EVRI are easy and inexpensive to replace, similar to a disposable razor blade.


Multi-Use vs. Single-Use Vaporizers

One of the first things to consider when shopping for a portable vaporizer is how you’ll be using the device. The most common single use devices are vape pens also known as 510 or cart batteries. These batteries can only be used with

pre-filled cannabis oil cartridges. While convenient and inexpensive, they are generally underpowered with low wattage, provide inconsistent temperature control, and don’t last very long. If you are beginning to explore cannabis concentrates with pre-filled oil cartridges, consider EVRI by Dip Devices. EVRI offers an option for 510 cartridges and pods as well as a dab straw Vapor Tip Attachment and a pack-and-go Quartz Crystal Attachment. This provides the most options if you are newly exploring cannabis concentrates or if you are an experienced dabber looking for the most versatile option.

If you are looking for a more durable device with a very powerful battery, consider the Dipper by Dip Devices. It is perfect for camping trips or anytime you might not have immediate access to power. The Dipper has a powerful 900 mAh battery and lets you switch between a dab straw and a pack-and-go quartz bucket in one device.

If you are looking for a powerful yet inexpensive device, the Little Dipper by Dip Devices offers a single use dab straw for $29.99 with the features you would expect from a more expensive device including a 650 mAh battery, three power settings and replaceable tips.

Get Your Portable Dab Vaporizer Today!

Whether you’re looking for a durable device with lots of power like the Dipper, a versatile device that enables you to go from 510/Pods to Vapor Tip dab straw to pack-and-go like EVRI, or a well-designed yet inexpensive single-use device like the Little Dipper, Dip Devices has a device that will meet your needs today and into the future.

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