Commemorating Juneteenth With Dip Devices

Commemorating Juneteenth With Dip Devices

Dip Devices sends our best wishes to you and yours on this Juneteenth. Despite Juneteenth becoming a Federal holiday only last year, this holiday means a great deal to many Americans. From its roots in Galveston, Texas in 1865, Juneteenth has become a nationwide celebration of ending slavery. Juneteenth has also become a symbol of the struggle that African Americans have endured in the fight for equality in America. Dip Devices recognizes that the fight for equality in America is still ongoing. So we have partnered with NDICA,  a non-profit organization, to promote equality within the cannabis space. NDICA has a mission to create an ethical and equitable cannabis industry. Their main efforts are to reduce the barriers that contribute to the lack of representation in the cannabis industry. This includes people of color and other marginalized community members. Dip Devices wants to make the cannabis industry a more inclusive and welcoming space for people of color. Our partnership with NDICA was a great match for that reason and many more. For every black Dip Devices Lunar, Little Dipper and EVRI dab pen and dab straw sold, Dip Devices is donating 1% of proceeds to NDICA.  

A Bit About NDICA 

While we are discussing Juneteenth and Racial Justice, we want to tell you a bit about what NDICA does and why we have partnered with them. We don’t want to just make dab straws and wax pens- we want to make a difference in the cannabis community. We know we can accomplish that by partnering with NDICA. They are a non-profit organization that holds workshops, seminars, and much more. The goal is to educate people of color and marginalized community members to help them enter the cannabis industry. NDICA brings together government agencies, intellectuals, industry leaders, and more. With these resources they offer training, create think tanks, and foster an online community. NDICA makes every effort to help people cultivate the expertise necessary to succeed in the cannabis industry. NDICA is also the only cannabis organization that is funded by the Governor’s office of the State of California and the Governor’s office of the state of Illinois. NDICA has chapters in Los Angeles, Chicago, Fresno, Columbus, and is set to launch a chapter in Oklahoma City. One of the biggest reasons that Dip Devices has committed to donating to NDICA from the sales of our dab pens and dab straws is due to their work in expunging criminal records. In many states where cannabis is now legal, people with past cannabis crime convictions can have their criminal records expunged. But not everyone knows how to do this work! Expunging criminal records can be complicated, and most people need to consult an attorney to at least find out the process. That’s where NDICA comes in- they hold expungement workshops and assistance across the country. NDICA is responsible for helping thousands of people expunge cannabis offenses from their criminal records. That opens the door to opportunities that people with criminal records might not otherwise receive. NDICA is proud of their work, and rightly so. Likewise, Dip Devices is proud to donate to NDICA for every black Dip Devices Lunar, Little Dipper and EVRI dab pen and dab straw that we sell. 

Why We Celebrate Juneteenth

Get out your Lunar, Little Dipper, EVRI, or Dipper dab pen or dab straw, take a puff, and learn a bit of Juneteenth history with us!

Juneteenth is a commemoration of the end of slavery in the United States. Today, Juneteenth celebrates and symbolizes African American freedom. The growth of Juneteenth in recent years shows that America is changing and becoming sensitive to the impact of slavery on America. In many ways, Juneteenth is a time to acknowledge a period in America’s history and understand how the past continues to shape our society. On another level, Juneteenth is an effort to sensitize people to the experiences of other Americans, mainly African Americans. When we are sensitive to the experiences of other people, we can begin to understand and make improvements in society.

Juneteenth has its roots in the Civil War. After the war ended in Spring 1865, Union General Gordon Granger arrived in Galveston, Texas that same June. It had been over two months since the Confederates surrendered to Union General Ulysses S. Grant in Virginia, ending the war. But many slave owners in Texas still did not free their slaves after the surrender. General Granger had an important task- to read General Order Number 3 to the people of Texas. The most important part of that order was this: “The people of Texas are informed that in accordance with a Proclamation from the Executive of the United States, all slaves are free. This involves an absolute equality of rights and rights of property between former masters and slaves, and the connection heretofore existing between them becomes that between employer and hired laborer.”

It took some time for all of Texas to be freed, but the celebrations that followed Granger’s reading of Order Number 3 began for many people right then, on June 19, 1865. The next year, free people in Texas organized “Jubilee Day” on June 19th. From then, the annual tradition of Juneteenth took shape. Texas became the first state to make Juneteenth an official holiday in 1979. However, Juneteenth was only recognized as a Federal holiday in 2021. 

Support Racial Justice With Dip Devices

The United States went through some serious growing pains after the Civil War, and even today this country still bears the scars of racial injustice. That’s one of the big reasons why Dip Devices has been committed to helping achieve racial equality. Another big reason is the failed war on drugs has had a disproportionate impact on African Americans and people of color. As a business in the cannabis industry, we not only have an obligation to help those who have been unfairly impacted by the war on drugs, we also feel that it’s simply the right thing to do.

Since our inception, Dip Devices has been committed to advancing social justice. Through our collaboration with NDICA, we are able to directly advance racial justice initiatives by donating a portion of the proceeds for every black Lunar, Little Dipper and EVRI dab vape pen or electric nectar collector that we sell. We want to help fundamentally change the landscape of the cannabis industry through partnering with NDICA. The cannabis industry needs to be more inclusive, and donating from our sales of dab pens and dab straws is only the beginning. At Dip Devices, we hope to further our partnership with NDICA and make a real impact on the grassroots level. One of the recent initiatives that we are proud to support NDICA with assisting in the release of people imprisoned for cannabis-related offenses and also assisting with their reentry transition after imprisonment. In the context of celebrating Juneteenth, we couldn’t be happier to have a partner like NDICA in our mission of advancing racial equality in America. 

New Product Spotlight: Little Dipper Glass Attachment

While you celebrate Juneteenth with your favorite Dip Devices electric dab straw or electric dab pen, keep in mind that we just released the Little Dipper Glass Attachment. For less than $20 you can turn your Little Dipper dab straw into a heat source for your favorite dab rig. Available in popular sizes, this attachment lets you #TossTheTorch for at-home dabs. We have already developed these attachments for some of our other wax pens and dab straws. After listening to our customers, we wanted to let people keep the dab rig experience, but with a Dip Devices twist. If you’ve got a rig, try out the  Little Dipper dab straw and the Little Dipper Glass Attachment. You’ll end up getting rid of your torch for good! 

Celebrate Juneteenth In Your Own Way

Dip Devices encourages you to celebrate Juneteenth in your own way. If you want to lend NDICA a hand in their work, you can pick up a black Lunar, Little Dipper and EVRI dab vape pen or electric dab straw. Or you can go a step further and volunteer some of your own time to furthering the cause of racial justice. You can make a difference in your own community if you truly want to. Try getting in touch with NDICA or a local non-profit and see if you can be a resource. Odds are that non-profits and charitable organizations will be happy to get some help in any way they can. However you celebrate this year, everyone at Dip Devices wishes you a safe and happy Juneteenth. 

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