Comparing Dip Devices & E-Nails

Comparing Dip Devices & E-Nails

Comparing Dip Devices & E-Nails

If you enjoy cannabis concentrate and don’t want to handle a torch, then you have more choices now than ever when it comes to torch-free dabs. The biggest and first choice to make is between a dab pen / dab straw, like the  Dip Devices Lunar, Little DipperEVRI, or  Dipper, and a traditional dab rig with an E-nail. Today we are going to compare the Dip Devices wax pens and dab straws in a few different categories, and we will see who comes out on top. 


The Price

Price is an important consideration when it comes to choosing how you want to consume cannabis concentrate. Why? For one, concentrate is expensive! Most of us would rather spend our money on a nice gram of cannabis concentrate instead of replacing a toasted nail or bucket on our dab rig. With the Lunar dab pen & Little Dipper electric nectar collector, you have two unique ways of enjoying cannabis concentrate for under $30. The Lunar wax pen utilizes a bucket with a quartz-crystal atomizer inside a tiny dab pen package. The Little Dipper nectar collector uses a ceramic-nichrome tip to vaporize cannabis concentrate purely at the user’s pace. Both of these devices are made to let you enjoy as much or as little cannabis concentrate. You can get big clouds from either of these, or take a dainty little drag to lift you up. The choice is up to you with Dip Devices.

With an E-nail and dab rig, or even with a portable E-nail rig, you’re definitely going to spend over a hundred dollars. You’ll probably spend close to $300+ for just a bottom-rung quality setup. You can easily spend over a thousand dollars on an E-nail, a compatible bucket/nail, and dab rig. In our minds, all this money is better spent on some concentrates! And we really don’t like the fact that this high price of entry is preventing people from tossing the torch and going electric when it’s time to enjoy cannabis concentrates. 

Some companies make enail & rig combo devices, but you can just imagine how terrible those things must be to clean. Water & electronics don’t play nice! It seems like a great idea, but in practice it’s an expensive mistake. And a combo device is your only portable solution, since the majority of commercial E-nails are going to take up half a desk. So you’ll either need to increase your budget or compromise if you want a portable dabbing experience with an E-nail and rig. At Dip Devices, we aren’t a fan of compromise. We don’t compromise with any of our wax pens or dab straws. Our price point is better because of our patented designs that came from serious research & development. The concentrate experience and our customer’s wallet are our top priorities. 

Even our cannabis concentrate electric dab straw and electric dab pen combo devices, the EVRI, and the Dipper, are under $100 - for now at least. So if you don’t want to choose between an electric honey straw and a wax pen, you can get the EVRI or Dipper that will function as both! That’s a win-win: you can dab how you like and you save money over an expensive E-nail and dab rig.   


Ease of Use      

Even with an E-nail, dabbing is a complicated dance: You need to heat it up, wait, make sure you’re at the correct temp, prepare your concentrate, dab, then grab your carb cap and pop it on super quick, and inhale. Having an E-nail doesn’t make things any simpler-it just gets rid of the need for a torch. We’ll say that an E-nail has better ease of use over a traditional dab rig, simply because it doesn’t involve the need for a butane torch. Dabbing with an E-nail is still a pretty intimidating thing- and the nail is still hot enough to seriously burn you.

With a Dip Devices electric dab straw or electric dab pen, the steps are almost painfully simple: First, prepare your concentrate by either loading up your Quartz-Crystal Atomizer bucket for your wax pen or putting some cannabis concentrate in a container that will handle the heat of the Ceramic & NiChrome Vapor Tip of your electric nectar collector. Second, turn on your Dip Devices dab pen or dab straw. Third, hold down the button and inhale. You really only need to remember this: Three clicks of the button to change temperature, and five clicks to turn the wax pen or dab straw off. 

With a Dip Devices honey straw or dab pen, using cannabis concentrate is easy and simple. We understand that some people really enjoy the “ritual” of dabbing- it takes so many steps that it becomes part of peoples’ cannabis concentrate ritual or routine. But you know what? How about you spend more time enjoying your concentrates! Change your routine with a dab pen or dab straw by Dip Devices. No more preparation- just inhale and enjoy. 



Some companies out there offer electric nail & rig combination devices. Nearly all of them use water, like a traditional dab rig. While we think this is a good idea in theory, in practice it’s not all it’s cracked up to be. Integrating an E-nail and a dab rig into a single device means two things: First, when something breaks, it’s all broken and unusable- unlike the replaceable vapor tip and quartz-crystal atomizer buckets of our dab pens and dab straws. Second, cleaning is going to be a nightmare. Isopropyl Alcohol might not clean well with certain plastics, and having water so close to electronics sends a shiver down our collective spine. Although a rig & E-nail combination seems like a good idea, it presents so many possible problems that it’s not a dependable way to dab. And if you want something portable, you need something you can depend on. As long as you keep your Dip Devices wax pen or electric nectar collector charged, you can keep a dependable way to enjoy cannabis concentrates in your pocket! When it comes to portability, the Dip Devices Lunar, Little Dipper, EVRI, and Dipper all outclass rig/E-nail combos.           


The Experience

It seems like ever since humans discovered cannabis, they have felt the need to filter smoke & vapor through water. We understand why people insist on using a bong or bubbler with regard to smoking, since smoke is so harsh. But when it comes to using cannabis concentrates, is it really the best idea to filter through water? At Dip Devices, we have done the research and from our experience, we believe that you don’t need to filter concentrate vapor through water. Why? It’s mostly because you’re inhaling vapor and you aren’t combusting any plant matter. If you have access to the best, then you can buy THC concentrate that contains over 90% THC. Most quality concentrates are at least 75% THC. With such a high THC content for its mass, you don’t want to lose any THC. And that’s what happens with water filtration: you lose vapor, meaning you waste THC. Not just THC, but also terpenes, which give concentrate vapor its flavor.

Why else would residue build up if a rig wasn’t capturing some of the vapor? The proof is right there if you look at a dirty dab rig (we all have that one friend who never cleans his glass). If you use a Dip Devices electric honey straw or electric dab pen, you get what you might call a “direct dab.” This means that the vapor is going straight to you, no filtration. We don’t want to filter through water because we believe the benefit of cooling down the vapor a little is not worth losing THC. We offer temperature settings on every nectar collector and wax pen we make, so that you can keep your vapor at the temperature you like. That way, you can control the temperature of the vapor as much as possible while still vaporizing as much concentrate as possible. Maximum potency and control over your temperature- that’s the best of both worlds in our opinion.   


The Winner Is…

In a comparison between a Dip Devices wax pen or electric nectar collector and an E-nail combo rig or traditional rig, Dip Devices wins every category. Price-wise, our dab pens and dab straws are far cheaper than an E-nail and a rig, giving you more money to spend on concentrate. With regard to ease of use, Dip devices offers electric wax pens and dab straws that are simple to use compared to the complex steps of dabbing. The Lunar, Little Dipper, EVRI, and Dipper are all pocket-portable devices, so it’s no contest when it comes to portability. And finally, we truly think that skipping the water filtration allows you to get the most THC and terpenes out of your cannabis concentrates. That means a great taste and potency too. When you compare a Dip Devices wax pen or honey straw to an E-nail rig, it’s obvious that our Lunar, Little Dipper, EVRI, and Dipper are all better options than getting a rig and an E-nail. Give one of our wax pens or dab straws a chance before you go crazy spending hundreds on glass and an E-nail. You’ll find that one of our solutions gives you everything you want in an E-nail rig, and more. 

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