Dip Devices and Drug Policy Reform

Dip Devices and Drug Policy Reform

Cannabis drug policy reform has come a long way in the past few decades. Nationwide, cannabis drug policy needs a serious overhaul. It’s clear that the “War on Drugs'' has a disproportionate effect on people of color, and we are committed to fighting for racial justice through organizations like NDICA. In a broader sense, Dip Devices is also committed to fighting for sensible, realistic drug policy reform, particularly in the realm of cannabis. If you think the fight is over, think about this: As of June 2020, Forbes estimated that there were 40,000 people still in prison for cannabis-related offenses. 

Criminal Justice Reform

What Dip Devices is Doing to Help

Dip Devices is a company that will not stand by and allow these injustices to keep happening. There are too many people sitting in jail for a plant that has been deemed legal in a number of states. The number of states legalizing cannabis is only growing as time goes on. At Dip Devices, we believe in the medical and recreational value of cannabis. And we put our money where our mouth is. Dip Devices donates 1% of all EVRI dab pen (no matter the color) and 1% of all Charcoal and Chrome Dipper dab pen / nectar collector sales to support the organizations  Marijuana Policy Project and Students for Sensible Drug Policy. When you purchase one of these electric dab straws, you are also making a contribution to help advance drug policy reform in the United States of America and end harmful cannabis prohibition.


Helping The Right Organizations

The two organizations that Dip Devices decided to donate to are Marijuana Policy Project and Students for Sensible Drug Policy. These two non-profit organizations have initiatives which line up with Dip Device’s own goals, and teaming up with these organizations has been a great match. Dip Devices wants to make a real difference in the world of cannabis. On the legislative side, that’s an uphill battle to say the least. So we think that teaming up with like-minded people who know how legislation and lobbying works is the path to success in the legal battle for cannabis. For us, it’s not all about selling dab pens. It’s equally about undoing the harm of cannabis prohibition, ending cannabis prohibition, and creating a future where people can enjoy cannabis medically and recreationally without fear of legal consequences. 

Marijuana Policy Project

The Marijuana Policy Project (MPP) is a nationwide organization dedicated to ending the prohibition of cannabis, with a strategic focus on state laws. Through changing laws and helping to create lasting policy solutions, Marijuana Policy Project’s mission is to empower individuals, improve their quality of life, and promote social equity. Marijuana Policy Project was founded in 1995 and it is the largest organization in the United States that focuses purely on enacting humane cannabis laws. One of the founders of Dip Devices is on the Board of Directors at Marijuana Policy Project- we are true believers in what they are doing to change unjust legislation. 

Marijuana Policy Project’s overall mission is to change the federal laws so that states can determine their own cannabis policies without any federal interference. Ideally, this will allow the medical cannabis use in all 50 states and the regulation of cannabis like alcohol. That’s a tall order to fill at the federal level, but Marijuana Policy Project has resources to get things done at the state level. Marijuana Policy Project had led a helping hand in the reformation of state cannabis laws dating back to 2000. Marijuana Policy Project had a large part in the voter initiatives that legalized cannabis in Colorado, California, Alaska, Massachusetts, Maine, Michigan, Montana, and Nevada. MPP also led the campaign to legalize cannabis legislatively in Vermont and Illinois in 2018 and 2019. Both of those campaigns succeeded and those are the first two states to legalize cannabis legislatively.

Current Campaigns

Needless to say, Marijuana Policy Project has a great track record fighting for cannabis on the legal front. To show you how they are constantly working for positive change, here are some of MPP’s current campaigns: 

  • Regulate Rhode Island: A coalition of organizations, community leaders, and residents who support replacing the illicit marijuana market with a fully regulated system that protects public health and safety. Their mission is to educate lawmakers and the general public about the societal costs of marijuana prohibition and the benefits of regulating and taxing marijuana similarly to alcohol.

  • Delaware Cannabis Policy Coalition: An initiative to support change in local policies. The campaign has four goals: First, replace the dangerous underground market with a system of licensed businesses that only sell marijuana to adults. Second, bolster the state economy by creating new tax revenue and jobs. Third, improve public health by ensuring proper testing, packaging, and labeling. Fourth and finally, disburden officials to allow law enforcement to spend more of their time and resources addressing serious crime instead of enforcing failed prohibition policies.

  • Maryland Cannabis Policy Coalition: A coalition encouraging the regulation of cannabis. This coalition highlights that the cannabis industry will create jobs and allow those harmed by prohibition in the past to move on with their lives. This coalition also promotes public education to address public health concerns, and uses statistics to back up the notion that regulation will keep cannabis sales away from schools. Additionally, the Maryland Cannabis Policy Coalition puts forth the idea that cannabis is safer than Alcohol- a proposition backed up by the Institute of Medicine. Bottom line, the Maryland Cannabis Policy Coalition promotes the idea that adults should be able to make the safe choice when it comes to consuming cannabis.

Past Campaigns

Marijuana Policy Project’s track record is stellar, and that’s why Dip Devices teamed up with them to advance drug policy reform through the sale of some of our nectar collectors and dab pens. Just take a look at some of the campaigns that Marijuana Policy Project has worked on in the past, and you’ll see why Dip Devices is proud to donate:

  • Coalition to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol Michigan: The campaign committee led by Marijuana Policy Project resulted in the passage of Prop 1, which legalizes and regulates cannabis for adults over 21 in Michigan. MPP was central to the campaign from inception to finish. MPP worked for two years to make Michigan the first state in the midwest to legalize cannabis

  • Yes on Question 1: Marijuana Policy Project’s campaign committee, the Campaign to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol, helped lead a successful effort to pass Question 1, which legalized and regulates cannabis for adults over 21 in Maine.

  • Minnesotans for Compassionate Care: Marijuana Policy Project was part of a coalition of organizations, medical professionals, patients, and citizens who were all working toward the goal of protecting people with illnesses from the legal consequences of using medical cannabis with a physician's advice. On May 29, 2014, the Governor of Minnesota made Minnesota the 22nd medical marijuana state. There is still work to do in Minnesota, but MPP helped legal cannabis get the foot in the door. And that’s the most important step. 

As you can see, Marijuana Policy Project is a serious mover in cannabis legalization. That’s why Dip Devices donates 1% of all EVRI electric nectar collector sales and 1% of all Charcoal and Chrome Dipper electric dab pen sales to Marijuana Policy Project and Students for Sensible Drug Policy, who we’ll discuss below.

Evri Dipper Drug Policy Reform

Students for Sensible Drug Policy

Students for Sensible Drug Policy has over 5,000 active members from 300 schools around the world. Their broad goal is to end the war on drugs and institute policies rooted in compassion and human rights. Students for Sensible Drug Policy (SSDP) has its own cannabis campaign. The message of their campaign is that prohibition harms lives and damages communities. 

Students for Sensible Drug Policy adopts a bodily autonomy argument: They neither condone nor condemn drug use, but they respect the right of individuals to make decisions about their own health and well-being. But aside from drug use itself, Students for Sensible Drug Policy wants to highlight how prohibition has disproportionately affected generations of entire communities for color, and drug policy reform in the United States needs to stop being used as a tool to target and oppress specific populations.

Dip Devices agrees with Students for Sensible Drug Policy that cannabis prohibition has failed after roughly 80 years. Dip Devices donates to Students for Sensible Drug Policy because we both believe that cannabis prohibition needs to be dismantled and the damage that’s been done needs to be addressed. 

When it comes to Students for Sensible Drug Policy, the action happens on campus. The students today are the legislators, lobbyists, and community activists of tomorrow. Students for Sensible Drug Policy has a distinctly grassroots approach which we love. There is nothing more effective than getting people mobilized in the real world to fight for a cause. Students for Sensible Drug Policy even has campaign tool kits that you can use to help make an impact at your own campus. There’s nothing stopping you!

Advancing Drug Policy Reform - The Legislators of Now & The Future

You might have figured out why Dip Devices chose Marijuana Policy Project and Students for Sensible Drug Policy as the non-profit organizations receiving 1% of all EVRI nectar collector sales and 1% of all Charcoal and Chrome Dipper dab pen sales. It’s because we are looking at what’s happening today and also what’s going to happen in the future. We want to do whatever we can right now with Marijuana Policy Project. They are at the forefront of the legalization fight in America. 

At the same time, we also look toward the future. That’s why we want to help mobilize students on campuses nationwide through Students for Sensible Drug Policy. Those students are going to be making laws in the future, and Dip Devices wants to make sure that people don’t stigmatize cannabis use at colleges and universities. We are proud of our two-pronged donation strategy for advancing drug reform in America. Dip Devices wants to help make cannabis legal however we can. Through our donations, Dip Devices helps these organizations focus on the battle for cannabis legal reform today and in the future. #EVRIDIPCOUNTS

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