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Don’t Forget to Pack Your Dab Straw

Last summer was one for the history books, but not in the way anyone expected. Now in 2021, summer is in full swing and you have a chance to make up for your lost time. And to make summer exponentially better, you’ll want to bring your cannabis along.  

With legalization of both recreational and medical cannabis throughout many states, innovation has taken hold and given us so many ways to consume. Rigs, rolls, and bowls will always have their place--that’s a given. But the number of options has grown wildly, from vape pens, to delicious edibles, to solvent-free extracts, and beyond. A little dab here and a little toke there can enhance your experience. When you’re traveling or going out, you really can’t bring a rig and a torch with you, and the not-at-all discreet rolls and bowls can make it difficult to indulge whenever and wherever. A portable dab device is a game-changer, because not only is it discreet and simple to use, but you also don’t need to pack your flower and lighter. Portability is key, and that’s why dab pens, dab straws, or any electric nectar collector are a must-have for your summer adventure.

Listen, when you’re out and about enjoying your make-up summer, the Little Dipper, or any of the other dab pens Dip Devices has to offer, would be sick additions to any summer gear. You’ve gotta consider storage, first of all, but it’s also so nice to have something a lot more discreet, something that just fits in your pocket, snug but always ready for action. It’s always a struggle when you go out expecting to enjoy your cannabis but your battery dies way too quickly, or your cartridge just isn’t getting you the right kind of hit. The Little Dipper is the go-to device for any occasion. You can also pick up a variety of concentrates, from wax to budder to resin and beyond to deliver the right experience when you want.  Whether hiking the trail or chilling at the campfire at night, there is always a strain that is just right for that occasion.


Having a portable device that can easily fit in your pocket is a win all on its own, but having a device that carries a much lower risk of causing wildfires is a big plus. As Smokey would say, we have to do our part, and taking a torch or lighting up when you’re hiking, camping and enjoying the wilderness carries a risk of starting a fire. With climate change causing more droughts and priming areas for wildfires, you don’t want to be the reason one starts. Taking the much safer electric dab pen option is common sense, but it’s also so much easier. It’s hard enough lighting up when it’s windy or wet, and many parks have banned open flames all together. Dab pens can be used even when it’s windy and wet and when there are flame restrictions.


Beach Dabbing Dip Devices Dipper Cannabis Concentrate extracts

Speaking of the great outdoors, there are a lot of cannabis-friendly options to meet your adventuring needs. More places allow you to partake in the ritual of cannabis pretty easily. Several hotels and resorts are also friendly toward such folks. There are many cannabis friendly Airbnbs. Some even provide a cannabis welcome kit!  

Part of the fun of traveling is checking out the selection from local dispensaries. Just like a local brewer, check out some of the local growers and extractors and sample their selections. Perhaps an energizing sativa wax for your hike or a chill live resin indica for the campfire.  If you’re flying, remember that it’s perfectly acceptable to travel with your dab device hardware as long as it’s clean and in your carry on bag. The TSA is more concerned about finding dangerous items than your dab pen. Make sure to finish up or gift your remaining concentrates before you head out though!

Whether staying local or heading on a big adventure, get out there, enjoy your summer, and don't forget your cannabis.  

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