Happy Pride Month From Dip Devices!

Happy Pride Month From Dip Devices!

Happy Pride Month From Dip Devices!

June is here and Dip Devices wishes you a happy Pride Month! Dip Devices supports the LGBTQIA+ community through donations to The Trevor Project. For every rainbow Dipper 2-in-1 dab pen & dab straw that we sell, we donate 5% to The Trevor Project. The Dipper wax pen and electric nectar collector is also still on sale- we are offering The Dipper for under $100 with an additional 15% off when you use the discount code PRIDE15! We want to set an example in the cannabis space. We think that giving back is part of being a successful business. We owe the people who support us so much that we want to give back and offer support to those who need it when we can. Since we want to give to the communities that support us, we want to donate to causes that champion the rights of LGBTQIA+ people. We do this year-round since it’s a cause we believe in. But since it’s Pride Month, we wanted to dedicate a post to talking about The Trevor Project. We are also going to talk about Pride Month along with our Dipper electric dab pen and electric dab straw. 

About Pride Month

Pride Month is about celebrating one’s freedom to be themselves. Everyone is invited to celebrate Pride Month regardless of their gender identity or sexuality. The entire message of Pride Month is about inclusiveness and tolerance. It’s also about remembering the difficult journey the country has taken to get this far, while still recognizing the work that we all have left to do for the LGBTQIA+ community. If you’re thinking about Pride Month right now, you’re probably thinking about colorful parades, floats, music, and the celebration of individuality. But Pride Month is rooted in serious on-the-ground activism and protest. 

The Stonewall Uprising

Pride month is celebrated every June because of the Stonewall Uprising in Greenwich Village, New York City, which started on June 28th, 1969. The Stonewall Uprising lasted two weeks- it’s the name used for a series of demonstrations and protests by the gay community in response to a police raid on a bar called the Stonewall Inn, a bar frequented by the gay and lesbian community in Greenwich Village. Police raids for the purpose of harassing gay bars were routine in the 1960’s. But this evening in 1969 was different. 

As the police entered the bar and declared they were raiding the place under the pretense of a lack of a liquor license, many people who were never in the situation before were confused and tried to run. The police blocked the doors and made everyone line up. If someone didn’t have identification, they were arrested. If a man was wearing women’s clothing, he was arrested. And if a woman was not wearing at least three pieces of “feminine clothing,” she was arrested as well. 

The people that were released by the police didn’t disperse as usual that night, and a crowd gathered as handcuffed bar patrons were forced to wait outside the bar for police wagons and the police seized the liquor from the bar. Tensions were already high. The accounts vary, but many people say that the bystanders turned against the police when a woman was roughly thrown into the back of a police wagon and shouted, “Why don’t you guys do something?” 

The crowd started to do something- they turned against the police, trying to flip over the wagon. The wagon and two police cars drove off, leaving officers facing 500-600 people. Ten officers barricaded themselves inside the Stonewall Inn along with some handcuffed patrons as beer bottles and bricks began to fly. 

People protested for two weeks after that night. There were many clashes with police. In the aftermath, people decided to organize more boldly than before. People formed organizations like the Gay Liberation Front and Gay Activists Alliance. The first gay pride marches in America took place a year later on June 28th, 1970. That marked a year since the police raid and the resulting events- an important moment in LGBTQIA+ history. 

Pride Month began as Gay Pride Day, celebrated the last Sunday of each June. As people embraced their sexual identity and became more accepting of others, Gay Pride Day has become Pride Month, a celebration of individuality and freedom in gender identity and sexuality. Dip Devices is happy to support the LGBTQIA+ community through donations to The Trevor Project for every rainbow Dipper 2-in-1 dab pen & dab straw sold. We are passionate about supporting every individual’s freedom in gender identity and sexuality. 

About The Trevor Project

The Trevor Project is the world’s biggest suicide prevention and crisis intervention organization for LGBTQIA+ youth. They offer crisis support to young people, and also engage in advocacy, research, and education. Through their crisis support, The Trevor Project offers trained counselors to answer calls, chats, or texts from LGBTQIA+ young people who reach out. Their services are free, confidential, and available 24/7. These counselors help with issues like coming out, identity, and more. 

The Trevor Project also works in the advocacy space. They advocate for the LGBTQIA+ community, especially young people, through legislation, litigation, and education. By partnering with mental health organizations, youth organizations, student clubs, communities of faith, and educational institutions, The Trevor project promotes true and lasting change in policy. 

Research is an important part of advocating for change, and The Trevor Project also conducts innovative research. Their missions is to bring knowledge and data for mental health research among LGTBQIA+ young people, with a focus on the serious issue of suicide. 

Armed with knowledge and experience, The Trevor Project has trained over 20,000 educators to create safer and more accepting spaces in schools around America. They were the first LGBTQIA+ advocacy organization to partner with the NY Department of Education as well. They offer incredible educational tools for professionals who interact with youths and young people.

Our way of supporting The Trevor Project is through donations. For every rainbow Dipper wax pen and electric nectar collector combination device sold, we donate 5% to the Trevor Project. You can help The Trevor Project, too, through donations or volunteering your time. Research has shown that acceptance from a single adult can decrease the risk of LGBTQIA+ youth suicide attempts by 40%. A single volunteer can help be that adult for a young person who wouldn’t be able to find the support otherwise. You can make a real difference in someone’s life

Not Just Dab Straws & Dab Pens - Activism Too

As a company that makes wax pens and dab straws for cannabis concentrate, we understand that we owe our business to legalization of cannabis in some states. The cannabis legalization movement took decades to achieve legislation. And there are still many roadblocks in place for people in some parts of America who want to use cannabis medically or recreationally. The fight is not over on behalf of cannabis. Since we make the Lunar, Little Dipper, EVRI, and Dipper wax pens and dab straws, we are acutely aware of how important it is for social attitudes to shift toward accepting cannabis. 

Likewise, we recognize that it was years and years before the LGBTQIA+ community was able to achieve the rights to simply express themselves in public. Legalization of same-sex marriage was a milestone, but America still has a ways to go with regard to acceptance of peoples’ sexuality and gender identities. Social attitudes are shifting in the correct direction, but there is still a lot of work left to do here in America. That’s why Dip Devices engages in our own brand of activism, with donations to organizations that can have a real effect on people. Every time someone purchases a rainbow Dipper electric nectar collector and dab pen, we donate 5% to The Trevor Project.

The Dipper, Our Original

Our very first product was The Dipper dab pen and honey straw combination device. We use a powerful 900mAh battery for super long battery life- a necessity for on-the-go dabbing. When we first started developing The Dipper, we wanted to offer people the choice of a wax pen style device and a nectar collector style device. The result was the Quartz Crystal Atomizer and the Vapor Tip Attachment. These interchangeable parts allow the user to switch between electric dab pen and electric honey straw on the fly, in just a few seconds. The Dipper is our heftiest electric dab pen or electric dab straw due to its extra long battery life and dual function. Despite that, it’ll still easily fit in a pocket, purse, or handbag. It’s easy to stow away in your backpack or messenger bag too.

Dip Devices is Proud to Support the LGBTQIA+ Community

We know that we have a social obligation to help make the world a better place. Especially in the world of capitalism, there isn’t much room for social activism. But Dip Devices makes room for promoting positive social change, since it’s a core part of our mission. We don’t just sell dab pens and dab straws. We support charitable causes and non-profit organizations that we believe in through our donations. For every Lunar, Little Dipper, EVRI, and Dipper wax pen and electric dab straw we sell, we donate to different causes depending on the colors. Purchasing the rainbow Dipper electric dab pen and electric nectar collector means we will make a donation to The Trevor Project. We’ve talked about social responsibility to give back to the communities that support us. But although we feel it’s a responsibility to give back, we also feel that it’s an honor to know that every time someone buys a rainbow Dipper dab pen & dab straw, we get to help the LGBTQIA+ community. And we wouldn’t be able to do that without partnering with The Trevor Project. 

We hope that you enjoyed a little history lesson and some cool info about our premier electric dab pen and electric dab straw combination device, the Dipper. Have a happy Pride Month!  


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