Help Save The Bees With Dip Devices

Help Save The Bees With Dip Devices

Help Save The Bees With Dip Devices

There is a saying that goes: “Remove the bee from the earth and at the same stroke you remove at least one hundred thousand plants that will not survive.” Honey bees play an integral role in our ecosystem and have a massive impact on the world’s food production. With honey bee populations on the decline worldwide, Dip Devices is dedicated to making a difference by donating to  Operation Honey Bee. Operation Honey Bee is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization devoted to saving the bees. Their mission is to connect communities of the world, spread awareness, educate, and lead the sustainable movement that will preserve bees and other pollinators for future generations. As you know, Dip Devices doesn’t just sell dab pens and dab straws. Dip Devices strives to be an example citizen in the cannabis community. Dip devices truly believes in the mission of Operation Honey Bee, and with each yellow  Little Dipper electric nectar collector sold, Dip Devices will donate 1% to bee preservation through Operation Honey Bee. 

The impact of bees on our daily lives cannot be understated. Bee pollination is responsible for over $15 billion of worldwide food production every year according to  Operation Honey Bee. And think about this for a minute: one in every three mouthfuls of food that people around the world eat is directly or indirectly related to honey bee pollination. As the human race, we depend so much on honey bees for our food production. And at the same time humans are actively destroying the honey bee population. Everything from pesticides to electromagnetic radiation is hurting the honey bees. 


Celebrate World Honey Bee Day with Dip Devices!

August 20 is World Honey Bee Day, and as you’ll soon find out, honey bees need our help now more than ever. And to honor World Honey Bee Day, Dip Devices is going to donate 10% of Yellow  Little Dipper sales to  Operation Honey Bee, our favorite bee-dedicated charity.  Operation Honey Bee promotes and advocates for sustainable practices in food production that don’t harm our bee population. Remember, no bees, no food! 

On August 20, 2022 to celebrate World Honey Bee Day, Dip Devices is offering  10% OFF  the Yellow  Little Dipper. All you need to do is  click on this link to automatically apply your discount!

Dip Devices will also be celebrating World Honey Bee Day on Instagram (@dipdevices) starting soon, so keep an eye on your Instagram feed for some cool stuff- maybe even some giveaways- to celebrate World Honey Bee Day with Dip Devices.

What Makes Honey Bees So Special?

Most edible plants rely on bees and other pollinator insects to pollinate and produce (fun fact: cannabis, an ancient plant, relies solely on wind to pollinate). Here “most edible plants” means approximately one-third of human food is dependent on the bee and insect pollination of fruits, nuts, and vegetables. That’s a huge amount of food that depends entirely on bees and insects to produce. If the bees are ever gone, the food they produce leaves this earth as well. 

Over 3,000 species of bees currently live in the United States. Recently, for the first time ever, the United States declared a bumblebee species endangered. The “Rusty Patched Bumblebee,” a pollinator, has been designated as an endangered species after its population dropped roughly 90% since 1990. It took a legal battle to have this bee listed as an endangered species. 

Another thing that makes bees so special is that they are so beneficial to our ecosystem and food supply, yet there exist powerful industries with no regard for bees and the future impact of harming bee populations.  Operation Honey Bee believes that together we can change the world. At Dip Devices, we share the same philosophy. So we are doing our part in saving the bees: for every yellow  Little Dipper nectar collector sold, Dip Devices will donate 1% to Operation Honey Bee. 

What Can I Do To Help The Bees?

Simply purchase a yellow  Little Dipper dab straw and Dip Devices will donate 1% to Operation Honey Bee. After your purchase, take to social media and spread awareness online! Another easy step you can take is to purchase local, raw, unfiltered honey that is organic, fair trade, and non-GMO certified. A good way to start is to protest with your wallet and only buy honey the way Mother Nature intended. Raising social awareness is a good strategy to bring this crisis to peoples’ attention. In your next social media post about honey or Dip Devices, toss in the hashtags #operationhoneybee and #beethechange to help spread awareness of the bee crisis. 

Don’t forget to tag @dipdevices and spread the #tossthetorch hashtag as well! We want to connect with our customers as much as possible. 

Anyway, there is a dire need for honey bee preservation in the United States. There have been losses of large colonies in the past several years. The causes range from disease, climate change, and even poor handling by beekeepers. The list goes on and on, but the bottom line is that the bee population in the United States desperately needs help, and you can be an activist in this cause. Dip Devices is an activist in our own way through donating portions of our dab straws and dab pens:  Operation Honey Bee also has their own donations page if you are feeling generous or would like to buy some really, really good honey. 

Become an amateur beekeeper!

Dip Devices would love it if you were truly inspired by the bee crisis and wanted to take your activism to a whole new level. Luckily for you, Operation Honey Bee’s Blog has a post with everything you need to know about  backyard beekeeping! If you embark on a journey of beekeeping yourself, Dip Devices would love to know about it. Please keep us updated by tagging us on social media and telling us about your journey. 

Cut out the toxic chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, and end up with real, pure honey. Keeping bees also encourages you to plant a beautiful garden so your bees will have a nice habitat. After the initial set-up, being a beekeeper only takes about an hour of your time per week. Not a very big price to pay for benefiting your local ecosystem and getting your own fresh honey! You might be able to make a few dollars on the side at your local farmer’s market as well.    

Where Do Donations Go?

In the words of  Operation Honey Bee, crop science and sustainable agriculture is the future of the world. At Dip Devices, we wholeheartedly agree. In order to sustain our population, agriculture must become sustainable and less harmful to the environment.

Operation Honey Bee is using a portion of the donations received from Dip Devices’ yellow  Little Dipper electric dab straw sales to create a bee-safe pesticide and herbicide that is also safe for humans. Too many pesticide and herbicide products have been found unsafe for the environment, and even unsafe for humans. So Operation Honey Bee is pouring its resources into developing bee/plant/human safe pesticides and herbicides. The idea is simple, and follows the natural course of nature: stop killing bees to allow our natural (only) pollinators to increase in population and do their jobs better. A larger bee population begins a cycle that leads to crop yield optimization. Too many people lose sight of this idea in the pursuit of short-term profits through harmful herbicides and pesticides. Operation Honey bee is doing their very best to create the very first bee-safe and human-safe product. 

Can The Bees Be Saved?

In short- yes. But it will take a lot of effort, and it’ll take a lot of people cooperating together. There are some very big signs that things are changing: The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has recently banned certain chemicals from pesticides and herbicides. Here are just a few headlines that show that the world is making progress saving bees in some areas:

So a little progress is being made in the headlines, but there is so much work to be done on the ground. This isn’t just a fight for the bees on this beautiful planet, but it’s a fight against GMO crops, harmful insecticides, and herbicides. Because those are the chemicals that are partly a culprit of the declining bee population.

There are other things to blame as well, but some of them are out of the normal person’s control. Malnutrition is an issue when beekeepers place hives too close to fields of identical crops. Viruses and fungi can infect bees and their hives. Even electromagnetic fields have an impact on bees! Bees are so sensitive that researchers have found that the electromagnetic radiation caused by a smartphone near a hive can cause bees to refuse to return to that hive!

Can I Make a Difference For The Bees?

Yes, you can make a difference. Not just by purchasing Dip Devices’ yellow  Little Dipper electric honey straw, but by taking action, getting out there and engaging with your community. You can even start at home by planting bee-friendly flowers in your yard. Make sure never to use pesticides, build a little “bug hotel” in your garden for solitary bees (not all bees make hives!), and have a water source for the bees in your area (like a birdbath).  Remember to always speak with your wallet and buy organic. And don’t forget to support your local beekeeper! But nothing compares to taking community action, like organizing fundraisers and raising awareness. We have been emphasizing community action lately because positive change can only happen with the synergy of resources and people who believe in a cause. 

Operation Honey Bee’s Principle & Purpose

The organizations that Dip Devices donates to must match the philosophy and principles of Dip Devices as a leading business in the cannabis industry. We would love to share  Operation Honey Bee’s principles and purposes with you:


  • Practice Kindness
  • Strive for Patience
  • Serve the Community
  • Live with Integrity, Truth & Values
  • Lead by Example

Purpose (the 6 C’s)

  • Connection
  • Community
  • Communication
  • Co-creation
  • Consciousness
  • Choice

Those are fantastic tenets for a non-profit like Operation Honey Bee. This organization wants nothing but to save the bees and create safe agriculture to support our ever-growing population. 

Operation Honey Bee’s Approach - There’s Hope!

Dip Devices is overjoyed to be a part of Operation Honey Bee’s efforts to save the bees. We are so happy to see 1% of each yellow  Little Dipper electric nectar collector go towards Operation Honey Bee’s multi-faceted approach to saving the bees. Advocating sustainable agriculture, sustainable lawn maintenance, beekeeping science, and more,  Operation Honey Bee is one of the leading non-profits in the fight for the survival of our earth’s bees. They are accomplishing a great deal in the public and private sector, and they show that the average person can make a difference too. Dip Devices couldn’t be happier to donate to Operation Honey Bee. 

Time to #tossthetorch and save the bees! 

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