How to Clean Your Dip Devices Dipper, Little Dipper, EVRI, and Lunar

How to Clean Your Dip Devices Dipper, Little Dipper, EVRI, and Lunar

Experienced users of Dip Devices electric dab straws and electric dab pens will know that these devices need to be cleaned regularly to ensure the best-tasting, most potent hits possible. Regular cleaning of your Dip Devices Dipper,  Little  Dipper,  EVRI, and Lunar will make sure that your dab pen or dab straw of choice is operating properly as well. Cleaning up is super easy with Dip Devices, far easier than cleaning a glass dab rig. Below we will break down easy ways to clean your Dip Devices electric dab straw or dab pen so that you keep getting strong, tasty hits from your favorite cannabis concentrates. 

Cleaning Your Dipper

The Dipper, our two-in-one electric dab pen & dab straw device, is simple to clean. First, unscrew the vapor tip or quartz crystal atomizer, and remove the reclaim chamber, which is the piece under the vapor tip or atomizer. If you’ve neglected cleaning for a while, the reclaim chamber might be sticky and hard to remove from the Dipper. Then, prepare some 90% (or more, the higher percentage the better) isopropyl alcohol in a cup, and put the vapor tip and reclaim chamber into the alcohol. Let them sit for about 30 minutes. While you wait, soak a q-tip in alcohol and get rid of any residue in the air passage and surface of the Dipper so that everything is nice and clean, especially where the vapor tip screws into the Dipper. After the 30 minutes is up, remove the vapor tip and reclaim chamber from the alcohol, rinse them in water, and dry them off. Let things air-dry for several minutes if possible, we all know water and electronics don’t play nice. Once everything is clean and dry, simply re-attach the reclaim chamber and your vapor tip or QCA.

Then turn your Dipper on and heat it up once in order to make sure any alcohol residue is gone. Then you are ready to go with your nice clean Dipper! 

What About Cleaning The Quartz Crystal Atomizer? 

Don’t do it! The Quartz Crystal Atomizer, which transforms the Dipper into a top-tier wax pen, is NOT something you should clean with alcohol and water, unlike the Vapor Tip. The QCA is a part meant to last about 8 weeks for the average user, and then it should be replaced. This part is very intricate, and Dip Devices recommends replacing and not cleaning your QCA. If you’ve been around cannabis concentrates for a while, think of the QCA as a nail or bucket for a dab rig. Every once in a while, it simply needs to be replaced. But luckily you have a Dipper and the QCA is more affordable to replace than buckets and nails.      

Cleaning Your Little Dipper

Cleaning the Little Dipper, our compact electric dab straw, is super easy as well. To get ready just pop off the mouthpiece, unscrew the vapor tip, and take off the reclaim chambers, which are on each end of the Little Dipper. The vapor tip might be difficult to remove, since there could be some residue around it. If that’s the case, gently take a pair of needle-nosed pliers and grip the vapor tip to start unscrewing it. Just like with the Dipper, take the mouthpiece, vapor tip, and reclaim chamber, and put them in 90% or greater isopropyl alcohol for half an hour. While you wait, take a q-tip soaked in alcohol and clean out the air passage of the Little Dipper. After the time is up, take the pieces out and rinse them in water. Dry them off, then give them some time to air dry. After everything is dry, re-attach the mouthpiece and reclaim chamber, and screw the vapor tip back on. Then you are ready to rock with a clean Little Dipper dab straw! 

A Few Little Dipper Tips

The Little Dipper electric dab straw uses micro-USB to charge, and it’ll take around 75 minutes to get a full charge. All of our vapor tips are made of ceramic and nickel-chromium, which can be damaged if you drop your dab straw, so make sure to always use the magnetic cap when you are not using your Little Dipper. Rarely, the Little Dipper might get a bit clogged- here’s an easy trick to get rid of clogs quickly: turn the heat setting to high (press the button 3 times while the Little Dipper is on until the light turns red), and hold down the button to melt the residue on the vapor tip. Hold your Little Dipper over a concentrate container to catch any melted concentrate that might drip off the vapor tip. After holding down the button and heating the vapor tip for 15 seconds or so, try inhaling with your Little Dipper to make sure the blockage is gone. It might take a couple tries, but this will get your Little Dipper unclogged in no time.  

Cleaning Your EVRI

The EVRI, our multi-function dab straw and vape pen, cleans up quickly. Simply take the vapor tip attachment and wipe the tip with at least 90% isopropyl alcohol. It might take a few passes to clean up your vapor tip attachment. Since the vapor tip does not unscrew, your vapor tip will eventually reach the end of its useful life and you’ll need to replace the vapor tip attachment. But if you clean it frequently and avoid submerging the tip in cannabis concentrate, the vapor tip attachment will last you longer. Just like the quartz crystal atomizer for the Dipper, you should replace the QCA attachment for the EVRI after about 8 weeks of regular use. 

Tips For Your EVRI

Sometimes your EVRI will get clogged. Don’t worry! Here’s an easy way to unclog it. Turn the heat setting to high (press the button 5 times when the EVRI is on), then hold down the button for 15 seconds. That should melt any residue inside the EVRI. After you hold down the button for 15 seconds, quickly hold it down again and inhale in order to clear out the EVRI. It might take a few tries, but this trick will quickly unclog your EVRI. And if you ever have problems with your EVRI attachment not getting power from the battery, try cleaning the battery contacts with a q-tip soaked in isopropyl alcohol. Let it all air dry and reassemble. Cleaning up the contact points usually takes care of any battery problems. 

Cleaning Your Lunar

The Lunar is our newest device, a compact ultra-portable electric dab pen. The Lunar utilizes a quartz crystal atomizer (QCA) like the Dipper and the EVRI attachment, which means that you don’t need to clean it! The QCA is removable, so once you feel that your current QCA is not doing the best job anymore, you can simply unscrew it and attach a new QCA. The QCA usually lasts about 2 months, but you can extend its life by using your Lunar carefully. Never over-load the QCA bucket and always make sure there is room for air to pass through it. Also, inhale slowly when using the Lunar so that you can vaporize as much cannabis concentrate as possible, which means you’ll end up leaving less residue behind. Just these tricks will help you extend the life of your Lunar’s QCA. But remember, the quartz crystal atomizer is just like a bucket or a nail on a traditional dab rig- it’s a part that you need to regularly replace.

Some Final Thoughts

A clean hit is always better than a hit that tastes like old concentrate. But let’s face it, almost all of us slack off when it comes to cleaning our devices. So Dip Devices has gone out of our way to make it as easy as possible to clean our dab pens and dab straws. We have engineered all of our devices with ease of use in mind. No special supplies are needed for cleaning, just some q-tips, some paper towels, a cup, and isopropyl alcohol. And maybe a bit of little patience too. 

And remember- never let the electronics get wet! Only clean the parts that we’ve outlined. If you regularly clean your Dip Devices wax pen or dab straw, you can guarantee that you’ll always get the most potent and tastiest hit possible. Keeping things clean is easier when you #TOSSTHETORCH with Dip Devices.

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