How to Dab Without a Torch With Dip Devices

How to Dab Without a Torch With Dip Devices

How to Dab Without a Torch

For people who enjoy cannabis, dabbing can be quite intimidating. Lots of cannabis fans are used to intricate glass, but torches are new territory. Taking a torch and heating up a nail might not be a big deal for some cannabis concentrate fans, but it’s intimidating to a lot of people when they first see it. And not to mention, dabbing with a torch can always be dangerous. Lots of torches these days can be locked in the “on” position, so the flame won’t go out when the user lets go of the trigger. A hole burned into the floor is the best case scenario when someone drops one of those torches! 

Even some experienced fans of cannabis concentrate don’t want to deal with torches. First, using a torch can get pretty tiresome. It’s not as simple and easy as flicking a lighter- torches need to be held up to a bucket or nail for a while. It can take several minutes just for a single hit. That gets old pretty quickly. Second, using torches gets expensive! If you’re a big fan of cannabis concentrate, you might find yourself needing to buy butane for your torch pretty often. Needing to refill your torch all the time can get annoying and a little expensive. We need to save that money to buy cannabis concentrate!

The best way to dab without a torch is with the Dip Devices  Lunar,  Little Dipper,  EVRI,  or  Dipper  wax pens and dab straws. Our dab pens and dab straws take the torch out of the equation- one of our mottos is #tossthetorch. Not only that, they are easy to use and affordable. Just a few clicks of a button and you’re ready to enjoy cannabis concentrate. No heating up a nail or bucket, no open flames. In fact, we offer several different ways of dabbing without a torch, so take a look down below and see what suits you best. 

Dab Pens

One of the best ways to dab without a torch is with a dab pen, especially the Dip Devices  Lunar electric dab pen. With a dab pen, there is a bucket-style chamber that heats cannabis concentrate. As you inhale, the vapor of the heated concentrate is mixed with outside air, giving you a hit of cannabis concentrate vapor. Not all dab pens are created the same, though. The Dip Devices  Lunar is the result of a long development process. We tested many different airflow paths and chamber designs before arriving at the final design of the Dip Devices  Lunar. Our goal was to give the user a potent, smooth hit first and foremost. In order to do that, first we needed to make sure that our dab pen could store enough cannabis concentrate. Then we needed to evaluate exactly what we would need for a heating element. So we designed the  Lunar to easily hold 0.25 grams of concentrate. You can pack it with enough concentrate to last you a while, and you will always get clean, tasty vapor. Finally, we needed to construct the Dip Devices  Lunar wax pen for optimal airflow. 

The result of our designing and testing was the patented design of the Dip Devices  Lunar wax pen. We use a quartz crystal atomizer to evenly heat and vaporize your cannabis concentrate, while our airflow design gives you super potent and excellent-tasting hits. We’ve also programmed three temperature settings to suit different tastes. The Dip Devices  Lunar is also super compact, and easily fits in your pocket. With the Dip Devices  Lunar you can dab without a torch on the go! 

Dab Straws

Another way to #tossthetorch and dab without a torch is to use a dab straw- the Dip Devices  Little Dipper to be specific. With a dab straw, also called an electric nectar collector, the tip of the device heats up and is dipped directly on the concentrate to produce vapor that’s easily inhaled. The principle operates just like a straw. But in practice, it’s a whole lot more complicated than a straw. Just like with our  Lunar dab pen, we have gone through serious development and testing in order to make the best dab straw possible. We use a nickel-chromium and ceramic tip on our  Little Dipper dab straw to give you the cleanest tasting cannabis concentrate possible. Our technology also allows you to vaporize concentrate at three different temperatures as well. This lets you dab torchless according to your own tastes. Just turn it on and dip away! The  Little  Dipper electric nectar collector is one of our favorite ways to dab without a torch. You can tailor your hits perfectly by dipping the  Little Dipper into your concentrate container. It’s a great way to dab torchless and to make sure you don’t waste any of your cannabis concentrate. 

Combination Dab Pens and Dab Straws!

When you want to dab without a torch, you might be asking yourself: Do I really need to choose between a dab pen or a dab straw? Luckily, the answer is “NO!” You can choose both when you have the Dip Devices  EVRI and  Dipper. It’s definitely easier to use a wax pen style device if you’re on the go, but if you end up with sticky cannabis concentrate you might want to use a dab straw instead. It all depends on the situation. The  EVRI and  Dipper let you switch between wax pen and dab straw on the fly. With the  Dipper, you can configure the device to use the quartz crystal atomizer or the nickel-chromium and ceramic vapor tip. It just takes a few seconds to switch from one function to another.  

The  EVRI adds one more functionality to the mix: 510 and Pod ability! Lots of people first experiment with cannabis concentrate by using a dab vape pen with a 510 cartridge or Pod cartridge. You might be a fan of concentrate cartridges yourself- and we can’t blame you! It makes the experience that much easier and simpler. If you are looking for a way to dab without a torch, but you don’t want to leave 510 or Pod cartridges behind just yet, the  EVRI is for you. It’s our multi-function dab vape pen and dab straw that also includes 510 cartridge and Pod functionality. The  EVRI is a dab vape pen with its atomizer chamber attachment. It’s also an electric nectar collector with its vapor tip attachment, and a 510 & Pod vape as well. It’s the Swiss-Army Knife of dabbing without a torch! 

Any way you want to dab torchless, the  EVRI and  Dipper have you covered. Some people want to enjoy cannabis concentrate with their favorite glass piece, though. Especially if you enjoy cannabis flower, you might be used to using glass. Good thing Dip Devices has that covered as well. 

Dabbing Without a Torch Using Your Glass Piece

A lot of people want to dab without a torch, but still want to use their favorite glass piece. They want the safety of going torchless, but still want to enjoy water filtration. Some people might just want to keep their favorite glass in the rotation so that they can continue to enjoy their functional art. At Dip Devices, we might not make glass but we can appreciate glass. We understand how people can be attached to their favorite pieces. So we made sure that you can use your favorite glass when you dab torchless. We have made glass attachments for the  EVRI,  Dipper,  and  Little Dipper so that you can use your favorite glass piece along with your favorite Dip Devices electric dab straw. When you have the time to enjoy cannabis concentrate while you relax at home, we don’t want you to be forced to overlook your favorite glass. We make our glass attachments in different sizes, and with male and female style joints, to make sure you can enjoy your glass and your  EVRI,  Dipper,  or  Little Dipper.

Join The Movement and #Tossthetorch

As you can see, with the Dip Devices  Lunar,  Little Dipper,  EVRI,  or  Dipper  wax pens and dab straws, there are a lot of different ways to dab without a torch. Whether you go with a dab vape pen or an electric nectar collector is up to you. And if you can’t decide, our multi-function  EVRI  and  Dipper  let you switch functionality whenever you want. The fact is, it’s actually a whole lot easier and simpler to dab without a torch. All you need to do is grab your concentrate, your dab pen or dab straw, and get started! 

There are even more ways to dab torchless when our glass attachments enter the picture. Lots of us prefer water filtration when we are hanging out at home. If you’re looking to dab torchless at the end of a long day, and you still want to use your favorite glass, Dip Devices has you covered. Our glass attachments let you enjoy nearly any piece of glass along with our  Little Dipper,  EVRI,  or  Dipper  dab straws.

The bottom line is that you don’t need to get a torch and deal with an unsafe open flame if you want to enjoy cannabis concentrate. And even better, you don’t need to ditch your favorite glass or water filtration when you want to venture into the wonderful world of cannabis concentrates. The best way to dab without a torch is to pick up a Dip Devices  Lunar,  Little Dipper,  EVRI,  or  Dipper

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