How to Get the Most Out of Your Dab Pen

How to Get the Most Out of Your Dab Pen

How To Get The Most of Your Dab Pen

We want to make sure that you get the most out of your Dip Devices  Lunar,  Little Dipper,  EVRI, and  Dipper. We have designed our dab pens and dab straws for ease of use, while offering the best flavor and potency from your concentrate and oil. We also have designed different functions into the  EVRI, and  Dipper, expanding the ways that you can enjoy your extracts. Recently, we asked around the company and also asked our fans about how they get the most out of their  Lunar,  Little Dipper,  EVRI,  and  Dipper. We know that everyone likes to dip differently, but when it comes to Dip Devices there are some things you can do in order to guarantee that you get the most from your dab pen. We want to share some of these tips with you, so that you can #tossthetorch and never look back! 

Start Slow!

One thing we hear a lot is that our  Lunar,  Little Dipper,  EVRI, and  Dipper are big hitters that can easily hang with big glass rigs. So we always tell people to start off slow, especially if you are relatively new to oil and concentrate. With a wax pen or honey straw from Dip Devices, you can easily take a hit that’s a little bit too big. So we always recommend that people start out slow with the  Lunar,  Little Dipper,  EVRI, and  Dipper. With the  Little Dipper, along with the  EVRI, and  Dipper in electric dab straw configuration, you can easily tailor your hits by dipping your Vapor Tip in a dish of your favorite concentrate. When you’re starting off, take a little dip and inhale slowly- you’ll get the most out of your stash this way and avoid wasting any previous oil. You’ll find that you can get a ton of vapor from a small amount of cannabis concentrate. 

When using the  Lunar, along with our  EVRI and  Dipper in electric dab pen configuration, holding down the button and taking the biggest hit possible isn’t always the best idea! Although our Quartz Crystal Atomizer bucket will shut off automatically, be careful to start slow with smaller hits. As you get comfortable with your electric dab pen, you will learn how long to hold the button down to get a hit that suits your preferences. It’s an easy learning curve, and you will be the master of your Dip Device in no time. Whether you’re an experienced dabber or just getting into concentrates, take it easy at first with your  Lunar,  Little Dipper,  EVRI, or  Dipper. You can always keep dipping if you’re looking to enjoy more.

The Best Dabbing Temperature

With just three clicks of the button on the  Lunar,  Little Dipper,  EVRI, and  Dipper, you can change temperature settings. Each setting offers a different portable dabbing experience- blue/green for the lowest temperature, yellow for medium, and red for the highest. Depending on the type of extract you’re using, you might need different temperature settings to get a nice, thick vapor. You might like your dabs at a higher or lower temperature as well, so you can change the temperature setting in your  Lunar,  Little Dipper,  EVRI, and  Dipper to suit your preference. The best dabbing temperature for your Dip Devices electric dab straw or electric dab pen is not set in stone- it’s really the temperature that you enjoy the most, and the temperature that’s best suited to the concentrate that you are enjoying. If you’re an experienced dabber, you might use a timer for your quartz bucket. You may or may not know that over time, many quartz buckets end up not being able to retain heat very well, which means they need replacing on a regular basis. If you’re just starting out with extracts, you might not be too excited about the prospect of using a butane torch in your home. Experienced or not, it’s easy to #tossthetorch and find the perfect temperature for your dabs with Dip Devices 

Keep It Clean

Whatever you choose, the  Lunar,  Little Dipper,  EVRI, or  Dipper, you should always make sure that you keep your Vapor Tip and Quartz Crystal Atomizer clean. When you start to notice that there is residue building up on your Vapor Tip or Quartz Crystal Atomizer, it’s time to clean it up. If you don’t clean your Dip Devices dab pen or dab straw regularly, you’ll end up with bad tasting vapor, or even clogging in your device due to residue buildup. It’s easy to clean both the Vapor Tip and the Quartz Crystal Atomizer- just unscrew from your Dip Devices  Lunar,  Little Dipper,  EVRI, or  Dipper, and soak in isopropyl alcohol for at least thirty minutes. Then simply dry and re-attach. If your Dip Device starts blinking after re-attaching your Vapor Tip or Quartz Crystal Atomizer, try unscrewing and cleaning the threads, then attaching again. We also like to take a q-tip soaked in isopropyl alcohol to any other parts of the dab pen or dab straw that might have residue. Remember that the cleaner you keep your Dip Devices electric dab pen or electric dab straw, the cleaner every hit will taste. It’s worth the effort for the best experience possible.

Keep It Charged

Always remember to keep your  Lunar,  Little Dipper,  EVRI, or  Dipper charged up! The best part about our wax pens and honey straws is the fact that they are portable. And not “pack in a pelican case” portable, but “put it in your pocket” portable. Dabbing with a Dip Devices dab pen is so much easier than heating up an old style glass rig, so lots of people like to use them at home. A lot of dab fans also use the   Dip Whip, the  Little Dipper Glass Attachment, or the  EVRI Glass Attachment at home to combine the ease of an electric dab straw with nearly any glass piece. Of course, this means that forgetting to charge your Dip Devices dab straw or dab pen when you bring it out with you is an easy thing to do. Don’t get left stranded! Always keep your Dip Devices  Lunar,  Little Dipper,  EVRI, or  Dipper charged. 

Don’t Forget To Accessorize

As we mentioned, the  Dip Whip, the  Little Dipper Glass Attachment, and the  EVRI Glass Attachment allow you to use your favorite Dip Devices electric dab straw with nearly any glass piece in your collection. As long as it has a glass-on-glass connection, you can find a fit. This is great for relaxing at home, when you don’t need to dab on the go. You can simply attach your Dip Devices dab straw to your favorite rig, bong, etc. and enjoy. There’s no need to put away your glass forever! You can still enjoy your functional glass pieces with Dip Devices, you just don’t need to deal with a bucket and a torch anymore. 

If you love water filtration and still want to dab on the go, we have a treat for you. We have teamed up with Nectar Collector to develop the  EVRI Nectar Collector Attachment. This is a serious piece of technology- the precision temperature control of the  EVRI is combined with exquisitely designed USA-made glass. With over a decade of development, Nectar Collector has never stopped refining their design. The  EVRI Nectar Collector Attachment is a spill-proof water filtration solution that fits in the palm of your hand. Simply fill the attachment halfway up the filter, shake it to make sure there’s no excess water, and you’re ready to attach it to your  EVRI. Just screw the attachment onto your  EVRI and you have a water-filtered electric dab straw that can go just about anywhere! 

Speaking of the  EVRI, it’s got a new trick up its sleeve. In addition to functioning as a dab straw and cartridge vape out of the box, or a dab pen with its  Quartz Crystal Atomizer Attachment, the  EVRI now has another function: flower vape. For everyone who wants to use their  EVRI to enjoy flower, the  EVRI Flower Attachment is here. Here at Dip Devices, we know that not everyone wants to enjoy extracts all the time. Some people want a break from concentrates and want to enjoy flower every once in a while, and we embrace that. There’s nothing wrong with mixing it up a bit! So to make sure we cater to every taste and include everyone in the Dip Devices Family, we decided to develop a  Flower Attachment for the EVRI. With our accessories, you can customize the functionality of the Dip Devices dab straws and dab pens any way you choose. Need water filtration? We have you covered. Enjoy cartridges? Want to vape flower? We have you covered there as well. With Dip Devices you can #tossthetorch and dab however you want. 

510 Cartridge Battery


Lots of people, experienced and novice, enjoy 510 cartridges. At Dip Devices we want to make sure that people who like 510 cartridges can get a quality experience from their battery. Many people don’t know it, but not all batteries are created equal. Batteries of inferior quality might discharge irregularly or have a limited lifespan. That’s why Dip Devices created our own  510 Batteries, in both  350 mAh and  650 mAh capacity. Unlike nearly every other 510 battery out there, the  Dip Devices 510 Batteries have three separate temperature settings. This allows you to fine-tune the temperature of your 510 cartridge to fit your taste. That’s a serious advantage, since different concentrates are always going to vaporize at different temperatures- even in a 510 cartridge. So if you’re a fan of 510 cartridges, pick up a  Dip Devices Battery to make sure you have the best experience possible.   

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