How to Increase Your Cannabis Activism

How to Increase Your Cannabis Activism

How to Increase Your Cannabis Activism

At Dip Devices, we don’t just make the best dab straws and dab pens. We are a company with a social mission to advance social justice, human rights, and to protect our environment. Dip Devices donates to a variety of causes with every sale of an electric dab straw or electric dab pen- activism is a cornerstone of our business. The causes we support are some of the biggest causes that our customers believe in as well. We are going to dive a little deeper, but you can find even more information on our Social Impact Page about how we support different causes with every sale of our Lunar, Little Dipper, EVRI, and Dipper wax pens, dab pens, and dab straws.

The Causes We Support - Our Brand of Cannabis Activism

Here at Dip Devices, we support several causes, and we donate to different causes based on the color of the dab pen or electric nectar collector that you purchase. We think this is a fun and easy way for our customers to choose the charitable causes that Dip Devices donates to. Dip Devices has also chosen a variety of different causes- people who love our wax pens and dab straws will be able to find something they believe in on our Social Impact Page. If you can’t find a cause you support, then let us know!

Promoting Marine Conservation

For every blue Lunar, Little Dipper, EVRI, and Dipper dab pen or dab straw purchased from Dip Devices, we donate to Marine Conservation charities. At Dip Devices, we understand just how precious our ocean is to every single person on earth. But we still pollute our waters with plastic, chemical waste, and more. Coral bleaching has become a serious issue, and entire populations of animals are at risk. Peoples’ food supplies and livelihoods are being stripped from them as fish populations dwindle. The oceans are already damaged on a global scale, and we are all obligated to do our part in cleaning up the oceans. 

Supporting The LGBTQIA+ Community

With each rainbow Dipper electric dab straw & nectar collector that’s purchased from Dip Devices, we donate to The Trevor Project, the world’s largest suicide prevention and crisis intervention organization for LGBTQIA+ young people. We stand behind The Trevor Project in advocating for nonprofits providing crisis intervention and community outreach for the LGBTQIA+ population. Dip Devices also joins The Trevor Project in advocating for policy change at the state and federal level.

Helping Effect Drug Policy Reform

As of the date this is being published, cannabis remains federally illegal. As a company in the cannabis industry, we at Dip Devices believe that we have a duty to help right the wrongs of cannabis prohibition. That’s why we donate a percentage of every sale of the EVRI 3-in-1 cartridge vape, electric dab pen & dab straw to the Marijuana Policy Project and Students For Sensible Drug Policy. We also donate a percentage of every chrome and every charcoal Dipper wax pen & honey straw combo to the Marijuana Policy Project and Students For Sensible Drug Policy. The simple fact that there are people still imprisoned for possession of a plant that is now legal in some states is disturbing. The patently unjust laws that still exist need to be fought, and since this is America, the fight needs to be taken to the legislatures. As a company that supports safe cannabis consumption, we share a mission with these nonprofit organizations in supporting legislation that helps to expand cannabis use, promoting ballot initiatives, and supporting lobbying in Congress to promote ethical drug policy reform. 


Advancing Racial Justice

The disproportionate effect that cannabis laws have had on minority populations cannot be denied. This is a wrong by the justice system that needs to be corrected, and Dip Devices supports advocating for racial justice through community-based initiatives. So for each black EVRI 3-in-1 cartridge vape, wax pen & electric nectar collector and Little Dipper dab straw, we are donating to The National Diversity & Inclusion Cannabis Alliance (NDICA). We share a goal to promote equitable employment and ownership opportunities in the cannabis industry, and also to help communities and people marginalized by the “War on Drugs.” It’s a long road to correcting the wrongs of the past, but we have a duty to help as a business operating in the cannabis space. 

Promoting Blood Donations

The country is still facing a blood shortage as we make an effort to rebound from the worst of the global pandemic. Donations are down, but the need remains. That’s why we at Dip Devices support The Red Cross in promoting blood donations. It’s a resource that hospitals and doctors can only get from the kindness of other people. For each red EVRI 3-in-1 dab pen, dab straw & cartridge vape that we sell, Dip Devices is donating to The Red Cross. Giving blood is giving life, and it’s not hard to do. We encourage anyone who is able to donate blood, you can save a life.

Supporting Reforestation and Land Conservation

At Dip Devices, we are always looking for ways to reduce our carbon footprint. We are critically aware of the impact that humans have on nature. Nature benefits all humans, and we want to help preserve all the benefits that nature offers us. For every green EVRI 3-in-1 electric dab pen & electric dab straw that’s purchased from Dip Devices, we donate to Conservation International, an organization that’s been around for over 30 years promoting natural solutions to climate change and conservation of natural resources. We share a mission with Conservation International to preserve the climate, and we are doing our best to help give them the resources to promote science-driven solutions to some of the most dire issues facing our planet. 

Fighting Against Food Insecurity

We think that food is a human right, and nobody should go hungry. The global pandemic affected everyone differently, but there’s no denying that it exacerbated food insecurity among many Americans. This was a wake-up call for many people, including us at Dip Devices. So we have partnered with Feeding America to help fight food insecurity in America. For each orange EVRI 3-in-1 dab pen, electric nectar collector & cartridge vaporizer that we sell, Dip Devices is donating a percentage to Feeding America. Feeding America has a network of over 200 food banks and 60,000 food pantries and meal programs. They are equipped to help fight food insecurity in this country, and we at Dip Devices are humbled to help.

Saving The Bees

If you haven’t heard the phrase “no bees, no food,” yet, then welcome back to earth! The simple fact is that humanity relies on bees for a massive amount of our food production- nearly one-third of our food is reliant on bee pollination. And through environmental destruction, excessive pesticide use, and more, the bee population has been declining. Saving the bees means saving food production! It might not seem like a big deal at first blush, but if our planet loses bees, we are in big trouble. So for each yellow EVRI 3-in-1 wax pen, dab straw & cartridge vaporizer that we sell, we are donating a percentage to Operation Honey Bee, a nonprofit dedicated to speaking out against the threats to the bee population and advocating for sustainable agricultural practices that will help grow the declining bee population. 

So What Can You Do?

Time is everyone’s most valuable resource, and we understand that not everyone has a lot of free time these days. But that makes volunteering time that much more crucial. There’s nothing more rewarding than getting hands-on and supporting a cause you believe in. Volunteering time is hard, but try taking a Saturday or a Sunday to help out in your community. It could be something as simple as picking up some litter in a park, or as involved as contacting an organization and offering your assistance. Whatever you’re comfortable doing, go out and do it! Even if it’s just picking up litter while you go for a stroll enjoying your Dip Devices dab pen or electric honey straw. 

Tweeting from the sidelines isn’t going to change anything. The causes that people advocate need people on the ground to effect change. No amount of hashtags is going to deliver meals to the elderly or clean up a beach covered with litter. We advocate spreading awareness through social media, with our #EVRIDIPCOUNTS hashtag, but we want to encourage our customers to take action too! Nothing is more satisfying than getting out there and making a difference. 

Cannabis Activism in Your Community

If you’re interested in Cannabis activism in particular, then there are a few things to keep in mind. First, you should look in your community and find out if there are any organizations supporting cannabis activism in your area. The more people gather for a cause, the more powerful their voices become. Second, remember that the power to make changes sits with the people who write our laws. So like it or not, a big part of cannabis activism is showing our political representatives that the community they serve supports responsible cannabis use and regulation. That might not seem very glamorous, but it’s a big part of cannabis activism. When enough citizens make enough noise, things start to change. 

Some Parting Words

We hope that you consider how powerful you can be when you devote your time and effort to making a change in your community. Here at Dip Devices, we have found a variety of charitable causes that we support through the sales of our dab pens and dab straws. We also hope that we can do more in the future to further our charitable goals and to further cannabis activism. But we would also like to remind you that as an individual, you can make a real difference in your community. So whatever your cause is, get out there and donate some of your time. Not only will it be rewarding, but you’ll be making a positive impact on the world. And that’s important, no matter how small. 

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