Ideas For Celebrating 420 From Dip Devices!

Ideas For Celebrating 420 From Dip Devices!

Ideas For Celebrating 420 From Dip Devices!

As we’ve explained before, on 420 we love giving cool gifts to our close friends and family who enjoy cannabis. It’s our day to bring the cannabis community together, celebrate how this wonderful plant helps us, and enjoy cannabis in our own way. Giving and receiving 420 gifts, like the Dip Devices Lunar, Little Dipper, EVRI, or Dipper electric dab pen or nectar collector, is our favorite thing to do. If you are lucky enough to receive a Dip Devices honey straw or dab pen, then you have all day to explore your new device! Check out our Support Page if you run into any problems with your new electric honey straw or dab pen. We’ll be there to help you even on 420! 


Whether you have a 420 gift giving tradition or not, taking a personal day on 420 still gives you all day to enjoy the awesome wax pen or dab straw by Dip Devices. When we develop everything we make, we keep every budget in mind with our range, from the ultra-affordable Lunar dab pens and Little Dipper wax pens to the more robust and versatile EVRI or Dipper combination wax pens / dab straws. Don’t forget that you can always get yourself a gift from Dip Devices!


Enough talk about gifts. Here we are going to talk about all the things you can do to celebrate this year’s 420. It falls on a midweek this year, so not everyone is going to be able to spend the day celebrating. Whether you have all day or just a few hours to celebrate 420 this year, we guarantee that you’ll find something on this list that will spark an idea for you. And it doesn’t matter if you’re into cannabis concentrates or not, we’ve got some good ideas for different ways for everyone to spend their 420.


Get Outside with Dip Devices

It’s halfway through April, you don’t have an excuse to sit on your butt inside anymore unless you live above the Arctic Circle. Take a few nice rips from your favorite Dip Devices electric honey straw or dab pen, and get out there! Go for a nice walk on the beach if you’re lucky enough to live near one, take a nature walk or a hike, play some disc golf, go for a jog, goof around on the tennis court or the basketball court, or even hit the driving range and start shaking the rust off your swing. There are endless possibilities, as you can see. It’s a blast to get the blood flowing on 420 after you enjoy a little cannabis concentrate with your favorite Dip Devices electric dab straw or nectar collector. Tag us on instagram @dipdevices and show us your 420 adventures this year! We might even feature you in one of our posts here!

And you don’t need to get your heart pumping if you don’t want to. A pleasant walk after some cannabis concentrate is always a nice thing. Try taking it up a notch for 420 this year- look up some local spots in your area. You never know what monuments, parks, nature reserves, and hiking trails you might find. It’s worth a few minutes searching on the internet to find a hidden gem to enjoy on your little 420 excursion! Just make sure to check the weather first, we’ve all made that mistake before a concert or festival.


Or Stay Inside With Dip Devices!

If it’s still a bit chilly outside where you live, there’s nothing wrong with just staying inside and getting cozy for 420. In fact, there’s a lot of fun things you can do to celebrate 420. Of course, enjoying your Dip Devices dab straw or wax pen is the first priority! Whether you have a Lunar, Little Dipper, EVRI, or Dipper, enjoy it to the fullest with your favorite cannabis concentrate on 420. And there’s a lot to do celebrating 420 with friends: play some board games (scrabble is our personal favorite), have a cannabis concentrate tasting party, the possibilities go on and on. If you’re stuck alone, you can still have a cannabis concentrate tasting party, just be sure to take it easy! Settling down with one of your favorite movies and taking a nice hit from your Dip Devices honey straw or dab straw is a great way to relax on 420. 


Satisfy Your Munchies

After spending some time with Dip Devices’ dab straws and dab pens on 420, it’ll be time for munchies. There’s two ways you can go here: The standard corner store or gas station pick up, or something a little bit crazy. Some people have a combo that they have been going with for years, and we won’t blame you for grabbing that pint of ice cream or candy bar. But there’s another option: try something new! If you’re in the mood for an adventure, use your Dip Devices electric honey straw or wax pen, then check out a restaurant or food truck that you’ve never tried before. You’re taking a gamble and don’t blame us if you lose the gamble, but you know what they say: Nothing ventured, nothing gained! You might find a new spot that you really enjoy. Never done Thai food before? Why not give it a shot on 420? Did a new food truck just come to town? Enjoy some cannabis concentrate with your Dip Devices nectar collector or dab pen and grab some food that you’ve never tried before. Who knows? You might fall in love and have a new favorite spot to go next time you’re feeling hungry!

Speaking of Munchies… Cook it up!

Some people love to make edibles for 420 as a special occasion. We love edibles too, but baking cannabis baked goods or making THC gummies can be seriously time-consuming. Instead, here at Dip Devices, we like to take a nice hit of our favorite electric dab straw or wax pen, and get cooking for ourselves, no cannabis involved. You and your friends can come up with cool dishes to make and share with each other while you enjoy your cannabis concentrate with your Dip Devices Lunar, Little Dipper, EVRI, or Dipper wax pens and dab straws.



The Dip Devices 420 Secret Recipe: “I forgot an Ingredient” Chicken Nuggets

Here’s a secret 420 recipe from us at Dip Devices, they’re called the “Oh no we forgot the breading” style chicken nuggets. With Dip Devices having the best electric nectar collector and dab pen, sometimes we forget things at the grocery store. It happens to the best of us! But one time, a mistake turned into a wonderful accident while some of us were doing some old-fashioned home-made chicken nuggets for 420. Who doesn’t want some chicken nuggets (or a vegan/vegetarian option) on 420?:

So here’s how it goes:

  1. Prepare a chicken breast into nuggets
  2. In a deep pan, use grapeseed, olive, or canola oil and fill it one-third of the way. Heat medium-low.
  3. Coat the chicken pieces in flour
  4. Dip the chicken pieces in egg
  5. Say to yourself and everyone around you: “Oh No! We forgot the breading!
  6. Find some chips from around the house- we have found that Crispy Cheetos were the best and Wheat Thins and Sun Chips were especially good too. Goldfish and Triscuits were a tad disappointing. 
  7. Grind those chips up with whatever you can find- a meat tenderizing hammer, a mortar & pestle, a few seconds in a coffee grinder, or just work at it with a spoon and a bowl.
  8. Then dip the egg-soaked chicken in the breading that you just made on the fly because you’re a genius. 
  9. Drop your nuggets in the hot oil and be careful! Flip the nuggets after a couple minutes until golden brown on both sides. 
  10. BOOM, now you’ve got some 420-style chicken nuggets

That’s just one of our personal favorites that arose from a situation where someone dropped the ball at the grocery store. Have fun in your kitchen this 420! Make something funky out of whatever’s in the cabinet, or go crazy and feed those munchies. Enjoying a nice rip from a Dip Devices dab pen or honey straw is a must while you wait for these chicken nuggets to cool. Enjoy yourself- 420 only comes around once a year!


Participate in Cannabis Activism on 420

420 is the de-facto national cannabis holiday, so what better time than to bring awareness and do your part in pro-cannabis activism? We aren’t talking armchair activism here, we are talking about getting out there and trying to make a difference. Odds are, if you look in your local social media, there’s a 420 rally being held somewhere near you. We are NOT suggesting civil disobedience! Don’t go on the DC Capitol steps and start using your Dip Devices electric dab straw or wax pen “in protest.” There are plenty of marches and rallies you can attend that will help you show your solidarity with other cannabis users. Bringing attention to State & Federal cannabis laws is a pressing matter. We encourage you to consider using this year’s 420 to try and make a positive cannabis-related impact in your community.


Check out Some Live Music

420 is a great time to go out and check out some live music. Lots of outdoor venues have opened their doors, which is a major plus too. But we’ve all missed live music in these past couple years, and we are all itching to get back into finally enjoying a live show again. There are tons of concerts capitalizing on the 420 holiday, so you get to take your pick no matter what your taste in music might be. Hopefully you can get to an outdoor venue, so you can celebrate 420 by finally being able to get outside. Don’t forget to bring your Dip Devices electric nectar collector or wax pen! The Dip Devices Lunar dab pens are an excellent pack-and-go solution that will allow you to enjoy tasty cannabis concentrate while you rock out.


So From Us to You: Have a Great 420!

There aren’t many days left until 420, so if you don’t do the gift-giving thing, then we hope we gave you some cool ideas on how to spend your 420 this year. We certainly hope that you can enjoy your Dip Devices Lunar, Little Dipper, EVRI, or Dipper electric honey straw or dab pen. It’s a bit of a bummer that this 420 falls in the middle of the week, but hopefully this post can help you come up with ways to celebrate 420 even if you’re tight on time. If you planned ahead and took a “personal day” at work, then enjoy yourself and relax to your heart’s content. No matter your situation on 420, we hope you have fun and stay safe. And don’t forget: Tag us on Instagram when you celebrate 420 with your favorite Dip Devices wax pen or nectar collector at @dipdevices.

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