Marine Conservation and Dip Devices

Marine Conservation and Dip Devices

Our oceans are possibly the greatest resource that our planet has to offer. At least half of the Earth’s oxygen comes from photosynthetic plankton living near the surface of the ocean. More importantly, our ocean needs protecting right now. At Dip Devices, cannabis activism is central to our company mission. But that doesn’t mean we only advocate for cannabis. We want to promote positive change not just on the cannabis front, but we are thinking globally too. We have the opportunity to help environmental initiatives in addition to social initiatives, so we embrace that chance. That’s what led us to donate to causes that promote marine conservation with any blue dab straw purchase. Remember, #EVRIDIPCOUNTS 

Dip Devices and Marine Conservation

For the Blue Dipper electric dab pens, 5% of these dab pen purchases will be donated toward marine life conservation efforts. Simply select blue as your color, and Dip Devices will donate 5% of your Dipper electric honey straw purchase to the cause automatically.

When you purchase an EVRI electric dab straw, Little Dipper electric dab pen, or the new Lunar dab pen, 1% of purchases automatically go toward drug reform. Another 1% of each EVRI dab straw, Little Dipper electric dab pen, or Lunar dab pen will be donated to the cause of your choosing. Again, just choose blue as your color and Dip Devices will support your cause.

Whether it’s the Dipper, Little Dipper, EVRI, or the new Lunar, you can make a difference. - in this case your blue dab straw purchase will go toward marine conservation efforts.

Why Dip Devices Has Made a Commitment to Marine Conservation

Marine conservation is the idea of limiting and repairing human-caused damage to our Earth’s marine ecosystems. What do dab pens have to do with that? Well, a huge part of marine conservation is waste elimination. With all of Dip Device products, we are proud to use quality, reliable batteries that don’t degrade quickly or lose their charge after several uses.

Ocean waste is out of control. Encouraging people to dip, not dab, helps eliminate millions of butane cans from entering the worldwide waste system, and keeps butane out of our atmosphere. 

Our EVRI has the capability of using 510 cartridges, but the attachments for the EVRI are interchangeable and replaceable to keep up with the latest trends in concentrate technology. Not to mention the high quality of the EVRI battery, so it won’t need replacing as technology keeps advancing. We recognize that 510 batteries aren’t a permanent solution- so we don’t use them. And although we understand the convenience, we always love to see more dippers, since some 510 cartridges have certainly ended up in the ocean after being used.

At Dip Devices, our dab pens are made for longevity and re-usability. Follow our easy directions and your dab tip and dab pen is clean! We truly want our electric dab straws to last. Pick blue and your positive impact won’t just be the 5% that goes to the oceans. You’ll also avoid creating waste that could end up in our oceans someday. A Dip Devices electric dab straw is the choice to make if you’re a fan of concentrates and you want to keep waste out of our oceans. #TOSSTHETORCH

Dipper Dab

A Brief History of Marine Conservation

Believe us, this is relevant to electric dab pens! Around the 1960’s and 1970’s, people gained awareness of their impact on the environment, and this coincided with the famed Jacques Cousteau bringing the world of the ocean to people through television. SCUBA diving took off as its technology improved and people ventured under the sea. Even whalesong recordings became popular (if that gives you any hint of the spirit of the 1960’s and 1970’s) and actually helped gain momentum behind enacting whaling bans.

That led to a string of laws being enacted by the United States. These laws made an effort to protect marine mammals, attempt to prevent overfishing, protect endangered species, and establish a Marine Sanctuary, among other things. This was a major victory for marine and nature activists on Capitol Hill. But as we have seen, legislation is not enough to preserve our oceans. We need to take action. 

So at Dip Devices, we took things into our own hands as much as we could with our passion for marine conservation. We partnered with a number of independent organizations in order to deliver resources to these organizations so that they can truly get the work done. And purchasing a blue Electric Honey Straw from Dip Devices will get some resources to these independent organizations that desperately need money to help do the work that our legislation won’t.

What Are Marine Conservation Challenges and Victories Going Into 2022

“Marine Conservation” is a broad term. But here at Dip Devices, all the blue dab straws that we sell donate to different causes fighting for marine conservation. Here are some of the causes that we are actively helping with each one of your blue dab straw purchases and check out some positive results that we have helped achieve!

The Ocean Conservancy also has a great list of  5 Ocean Victories for 2021!

That’s a lot of causes to support! The ocean is vast, and we aren’t about to pigeon hole ourselves to a single cause or charity when you purchase our blue electric honey straw. There are so many issues with the ocean today, to be frank we couldn’t decide on a single cause. So we decided to donate some of your purchase of a Dip Devices dab pen to the marine conservation causes that we think are important. 

Marine Conservation and Dip Devices

Dip Devices Has An Obligation As A Global Citizen

The fact is that, as a company, we have an obligation as a global citizen to make sure that our dab straws don’t end up floating in the giant pacific garbage patch. We know, it’s a grim image to think about, but it could be a reality. And it’s a reality we want to fight. The problems with the ocean need to be addressed before it’s too late to go back. We are optimists at Dip Devices. We truly believe that by directing resources to the correct people with the right mission, we can make a big change in the health of our ocean. That’s why we dedicate part of our proceeds from every device we make- no matter what the cause. Because we are global citizens, if we are in the position to make the world a little bit better, we will try our very hardest. So while 5% of your electric dab straw might not seem like a lot to you, the charities are grateful for it and it makes a real difference in helping to save our oceans.

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