Nectar Collector x Dip Devices

Nectar Collector x Dip Devices

The Low Down on Our New Nectar Collector Attachment

Dip Devices partnered with the glass gurus over at Nectar Collector to develop a truly remarkable electric dab attachment that takes your concentrate experience to the next level. 

View the Electric Nectar Collector Attachment Starter Pack here 

Collab for the Future of the Dab

We’ve done some fantastic collabs in the past, whether it’s to make an impact or to team up with the coolest brands for giveaways, but this one’s something special..

What makes Nectar Collector the real O.G.s in the greater dabber-sphere is that they’re world-renowned for their high-end, one-of-a-kind handmade glass pieces  — collected by experienced dabbers across the globe. 

As the originators of the electric dab straw, we here at Dip Devices are honored to join forces with glassblowing’s finest to develop the Nectar Collector Attachment. This wicked electric dab attachment takes your experience to the next level, adding spill-proof water filtration to your EVRI device.

What’s the Deal with Water Filtration?

Herbal medicine connoisseurs have long known that water filtration delivers a smoother, more flavorful experience. With each hit, the EVRI Nectar Collector Attachment cools incoming vapor. Dialing back on temperature within your electric dab pen preserves the full spectrum of a strain’s terpene profile,  resulting in hits with the freshest taste and an explosion of flavor.

Game Changing Innovation

The most common issues people run into with glass on the go is that it is delicate and can be messy. No more with this torchless dab accessory! EVRI’s Nectar Collector Attachment turns your wax pen into a mess free zone, making spill-proof water filtration infinitely easier, more portable, and more convenient. 

Handmade in the USA, the water-cooled, spill-proof dab pen attachment is small enough and durable enough to fit in your bag and go anywhere you do. Expand your horizons with the portable EVRI electric Nectar Collector pen attachment, and up your EVRI vape’s versatility when exploring extracts.

Launched in December 2020, the Dip Device EVRI Nectar Collector Attachment is currently only available in a limited run. Each dab attachment is handmade, meaning it’s personal. And personalized just for you. As always, the EVRI will keep you ahead of the vape pen curve and continue adding revolutionary dab attachments every step of the way. Ride the wave with us. 

Looking to learn more about water filtration? Check out our friends at Nectar Collector and this video. We look forward to dabbing with you soon!  



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