Summer is For Portable Vaping & Dabbing

Summer is For Portable Vaping & Dabbing

Summer is For Portable Vaping & Dabbing

Summer is in full swing, and Dip Devices wants to remind you that the Summer is for getting outdoors and enjoying your portable dab vape pen or dab straw! Dip Devices offers everything you can ask for in a dab pen or dab straw with our  Lunar,  Little Dipper,  EVRI, and  Dipper. No matter how you enjoy your cannabis concentrate, Dip Devices has the wax pen or electric nectar collector that will suit your exact needs for some fun, relaxing summertime sessions, no matter where you are! Enjoying cannabis concentrate shouldn’t just be an indoor activity- especially in the Summer, when there’s just so much to do outside! Whether you just like to take your dog for a walk, play some disc golf, or hang by the beach, our  Lunar,  Little Dipper,  EVRI,  and  Dipper dab pens and dab straws can enhance the experience with a touch of cannabis concentrate. Just remember to check and make sure it’s legal! 


The Lunar Dab Pen

The Dip Devices  Lunar  is our super affordable dab pen offering. This sleek little device packs just over 0.25g of cannabis concentrate into its patented chamber, so that you can take your dabs anywhere you want to go. The Dip Devices  Lunar  dab vape pen uses a long-lasting 650 mAh battery for all-day use, and has patented airflow tech along with a quartz-crystal atomizer to give you clean, potent hits. Just remember to clean your quartz-crystal atomizer bucket! Simply unscrew, pop the o-rings off, and drop the bucket in isopropyl alcohol. Remember that you need to treat your Dip Devices  Lunar  electric dab pen nicely if you want it to work well! However, sometimes they need replacing. Make sure you grab some replacement  Quartz Crystal Atomizers  so that your  Lunar  wax pen is always functioning as well as possible. 

You can pack the  Lunar  dab pen in a bag or a pocket for on-the-go hits of cannabis concentrate. A long walk on the beach, a nice hike, a camping trip, kayaking… heck even a walk around the block with your dog is more fun with the  Lunar  dab vape pen. The weather is nice and everyone has been enjoying summer, so get outside and enjoy yourself too- with your  Lunar  wax pen. As we have said before, check your local laws! 

The Little Dipper Dab Straw

Dip Devices  Little Dipper  is our equally affordable dab straw. The great thing about this little guy is that it can pack a punch that’s as big or as small as you’d like. The Dip Devices  Little Dipper  electric dab straw is, as the name implies, a straw that allows you to take hits of cannabis concentrate. And those hits can be as HUGE or as small as you’d like them! The idea behind the dab straw, sometimes called an electric nectar collector or honey straw, is that a heated tip vaporizes cannabis concentrate and allows the user to inhale the vapor, basically through a straw between the heating element and the mouthpiece. Simple, right? In theory, yes, but in practice, no! 

The first issue with the electric dab straw is the heating element. Too often, cheap dab straws have a simple metal coil that will simply toast and char the cannabis concentrate. That’s not vaping, that’s combusting! These cheap electric dab straws waste precious cannabis concentrate by toasting it into oblivion. On top of that, imposters of the Dip Devices  Little Dipper  don’t have heating elements that offer the same taste as the  Little Dipper  dab straw. The Dip Devices  Little Dipper  went through many design and testing phases until it was decided that a nickel-chrome and ceramic combination tip would be the ticket. Why? Because the NiChrome & ceramic tip offers consistent temperature, even heating, easy cleaning, and above all else, excellent taste and potency. The next time you’re hitting the road and want to do some portable dabbing, take a  Dip Container  with your favorite concentrate along with your  Little Dipper  dab straw. Enjoy yourself this Summer with Dip Devices and the  Little Dipper

Another problem with dab straws is that they can clog easily with residue- that’s taken care of with the Dip Devices  Little Dipper  dab straw since you can easily unscrew the NiChrome & Ceramic tip and simply clean it in isopropyl alcohol. It’s hot out- don’t get your  Little Dipper  become goopy and nasty with residue. Having some spare  Little Dipper Vapor Tips  is also a good idea to keep around, just in case.  

The EVRI Wax Pen, Dab Straw, AND Cartridge Dab Vape Pen

Are you just dipping your toes into the waters of Cannabis Concentrates? If you are just starting out, then you might still enjoy Pod or 510 cartridges. This Summer Dip Devices has you covered there as well, with our multi-function  EVRI dab pen, dab straw, and dab vape pen for 510/Pod cartridges. The  EVRI does it all, so if you aren’t sure what you’re in the mood for when you’re going out on a nice summer day, pack your  EVRI dab pen / dab straw and be ready for whatever strikes your fancy.

Product Spotlight: EVRI Flower Attachment

The  EVRI is a modular device- the main component is the battery, and it comes with several attachments. So far, Dip Devices has developed three functionalities for the  EVRI: A wax pen, a dab straw, and a 510/Pod dab vape pen. However, we want the  EVRI to appeal to everyone, regardless of how you choose to consume cannabis. So we have developed a  Flower Attachment for the EVRI!  So if you still want the portable cannabis experience of the EVRI but you still want to enjoy your flower, grab the  EVRI  and the all-new  Flower Attachment!  

Dipper Dab Pen and Dab Straw

Dip Devices’ flagship model, the  Dipper  dab pen and dab straw, is the best of both worlds when it comes to outdoor Summertime dabbing. The great part about the  Dipper  is that it’s both a wax pen and a nectar collector, and you can switch functionality in mere seconds. In its dab pen configuration, the  Dipper  uses the same style quartz-crystal atomizer to evenly vaporize cannabis concentrate, giving crisp, taste, potent hits. In just a few seconds, you can have a world-class electric nectar collector as well! As a dab straw, the  Dipper  uses the very same style NiChrome & ceramic tips in order to vaporize cannabis concentrate. As you are well aware, Dip Devices tested countless configurations and materials before we decided that these were the best methods of vaporizing cannabis concentrate in dab pens and dab straws. With a power-packed 900 mAh battery, the  Dipper  wax pen and dab straw will keep you satisfied all day long while you spend the rest of the Summer adventuring outdoors. The  Dipper  is the culmination of all our research and development, offering two functions and the tastiest, most potent dabs around. Don’t believe that the  Dipper  is the best multi-function dab pen and dab straw on the market? Give it a try! It’s even on sale right now!

August is Black Business Month

Black Business Month was created in 2004. Created by an engineer, Frederick E. Jordan Sr., and a historian, John William Templeton, Black Business Month brings attention to the needs of black-owned businesses across America. This is a time for American individuals to recognize the contributions that black-owned businesses have made to the fabric of American society. Black Business Month calls on everyone from local leaders to big businesses and venture capitalists to create opportunities for black-owned businesses to grow and serve their communities. Systemic racism has locked black business owners out of opportunities for a very long time, and although the tide might seem to be turning, it’s slow going. Black Business Month reminds people that there is still a lot of work to be done in order to create a level playing field for black business owners.  Miami-Dade County  is one the biggest proponents of Black Business month, since they have a flourishing black-owned business community.

Black Business Month is also a time to show appreciation for black-owned businesses. So while you’re going outdoors for some sun this Summer, shop at a black-owned business. It’s a small way that you can recognize the contribution that black businesses have made to America. And if the heat is too much, try shopping online at black-owned businesses throughout August- and the rest of the year too for that matter! 

So Get Outside - It’s Summer!

So get outside already and get moving! Summertime is for portable dabs, and the Dip Devices  Lunar,  Little Dipper,  EVRI, or  Dipper  dab vape pen and electric nectar collector give you a perfect opportunity for some fresh air, discrete dabbing while you’re outdoors. Try taking your  Lunar dab pen next time you take your dog for a walk. Or grab your  Little Dipper dab straw on your next trip to the beach to take a dip. The possibilities for fun with Dip Devices and cannabis concentrate are endless!


Summertime is for having fun with friends, visiting the beach, barbequing, going on hikes, bike rides, walks, enjoying the sunset… And that’s just a few things that we can think of that make us love the Summertime. We hope that you can find some time this Summer to find some time, get outside, and enjoy yourself to the fullest. And it’s all more fun when you have a little cannabis concentrate and your Dip Devices  Lunar,  Little Dipper,  EVRI,  or Dipper  by your side! Just remember- follow your local laws!  

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