The Benefits of Dabbing CBD

The Benefits of Dabbing CBD

Dabbing CBD Benefits 

Even if you’re new to the world of cannabis concentrate and dabs, you’ve probably heard people throw around the term “CBD (cannabidiol) dabs.” This can easily confuse a newcomer. And if you’re not super experienced with dabs and concentrates, all this new terminology about different types of dabs can get confusing. Dip Devices is here to break things down for the newcomer and experienced dabber alike when it comes to CBD dabs. We’ll discuss what CBD dabs are, what they are made of, the possible benefits of CBD dabs, and how to use CBD concentrate in your Dip Devices  Lunar,  Little Dipper,  EVRI,  or  Dipper  wax pen or dab straw. Stay tuned! 

Why Dab With CBD? 

There are a lot of reasons to dab CBD using your Dip Devices  Lunar,  Little Dipper,  EVRI,  or  Dipper  dab pen or dab straw. The first and foremost reason is that some people don’t want the full potency of a THC-heavy dab. Instead, some cannabis users mainly partake in order to help with health issues like appetite and chronic pain. And since standard cannabis concentrate is a lot more potent than flower, CBD concentrate is far more potent than super-low THC, super-high CBD cannabis flower.  

So there’s no doubt about it, CBD cannabis concentrate is certainly potent. Especially in your  Lunar,  Little Dipper,  EVRI,  or  Dipper dab vape pen or electric nectar collector. CBD dabs just aren’t psychoactive, so people who enjoy THC might not really “feel” anything after a CBD dab. However! That doesn’t mean that the CBD isn’t doing its job inside your body & brain. The research is just beginning, but here are just a few things that CBD concentrate might help people with:

CBD Is An Anti-Inflammatory

Your brain has its own endo-cannabinoid receptors. Endo-cannabinoids are cannabinoids produced by your own body that bind to these receptors. CBD dabbing also provides a lot of bioavailable CBD in your body, unlike edibles. With CBD edibles, a maximum of 6-20% of the CBD ingested is bioavailable. Compare that to 40-60% bioavailability for with a CBD hit from your  Lunar,  Little Dipper,  EVRI,  or  Dipper  wax pen, dab vape pen or electric nectar collector.

As a side note, some scientists have a hunch that a release of endorphins and endo-cannabinoids in your brain help spur on the “runner’s high” that many distance runners experience. This is pure conjecture, however. But we like to think it’s true!

However, it is not conjecture that CBD is a potent anti-inflammatory. When CBD binds to its select cannabinoid and serotonin receptors, it triggers anti-inflammatory and pain-killing signals in your brain. Some research has even shown that CBD can have nearly the same effect as opioids when treating issues like chronic pain. So why not try a bit of CBD with your favorite Dip Devices wax pen or electric nectar collector? Numerous studies have not only shown that CBD is a potent anti-inflammatory and pain killer. 

CBD Is An Antiemetic

CBD concentrates are widely used as an antiemetic, meaning that it eases nausea and vomiting. From cancer patients to people with gastrointestinal issues, CBD has been shown to reduce nausea and help people get the calories they need. The mechanism isn’t entirely understood yet and the research is ongoing. Still, the prevalence of people using CBD dabs for appetite and nausea shows that there is a strong link between CBD and helping people with appetite issues. 

CBD Has Neuroprotective Effects

The science isn’t there yet, but there are promising studies showing that CBD has neuroprotective effects. In other words, CBD might have the ability to slow down the degeneration of neurons in the brain. The research is still very preliminary, but CBD could end up helping Alzheimer’s patients in the future. 

Is CBD Legal ?

Down to brass tacks- you want to know if you can use CBD in your favorite Dip Devices dab straw or dab vape pen. As long as there is less than 0.3% THC contained in CBD concentrate, CBD products are federally legal. The allowable amount of THC in CBD concentrate is negligible, and it will have no psychoactive effect. So you can load up your  Lunar,  Little Dipper,  EVRI,  or  Dipper dab vape pen or dab straw with CBD and use it nearly anywhere! The portability of being able to use CBD concentrate is a lifesaver for some people who have inflammation and other health ailments. Don’t let pain hold you back- you can dab CBD with your favorite electric nectar collector or electric dab straw from Dip Devices.

How to Dab With CBD

The process of dabbing with CBD is nearly identical to dabbing with a THC. The one difference is that you aren’t going to be coughing your head off after a big hit of CBD! That’s mainly because CBD acts on other pathways in the brain, not on the two main cannabinoid receptors that THC binds to. 

Personally, we like to enjoy CBD relaxing at home, so we are big fans of the  EVRI dab straw with  Glass Attachment. The triple-function dab straw, dab pen, and 510/Pod cartridge dab vape is a handy way to enjoy THC and CBD dabs. But if you use CBD to deal with pain or inflammation, the  Lunar,  Little Dipper,  or  Dipper wax pens and dab straws are an awesome way to enjoy CBD while you’re on the go. Even if you just enjoy the flavor or a nice terpene-infused CBD dab, the  Lunar,  Little Dipper,  or  Dipper dab straws and dab pens are a great way to enjoy CBD.

At the end of the day, the routine for dabbing with CBD is the same as with THC. However, there is one thing to watch out for, and that is temperature. The last thing you want to to is burn up your CBD dabs. That’s because CBD dabs often are loaded with tasty terpenes! And you don’t want to let those terpenes get   burned up by a vapor tip or quartz crystal atomizers from your Lunar, Little Dipper,   EVRI,  or  Dipper  wax pen or dab straw! So when you are using your Dip Devices wax pen or electric nectar collector, start vaporizing your CBD at the lowest temperature setting. Remember, you aren’t after potency, so it’s fine to leave a bit more residue than normal to get the full taste of those wonderful terpenes. Just don’t forget to clean your Dip Devices wax pen or electric nectar collector afterwards! 

Best CBD For Dabbing

Just like with THC-based cannabis concentrate, there are different types of CBD concentrate on the market. It’s a good idea to know what exactly you’re putting in your Dip Devices electric dab straw or electric dab pen. So let’s do a quick rundown of the most popular CBD concentrates:

CBD Isolate

CBD Isolate is the cream of the crop, coming in at up to 99% cannabidiol content. Since CBD Isolate is nearly pure CBD, it’s usually found in a powdered form. CBD Isolate isn’t super popular since it’s not easy to handle. CBD Isolate also doesn’t contain many (if any) terpenes, so it’s primarily used for pain and inflammation relief only. If you don’t care about flavor and you are looking for the benefits of dabbing CBD, then Isolate might be a good choice for you.

CBD Live Resin

Live Resin has become very popular in the cannabis concentrate world, mainly because the use of fresh frozen plants streamline the process and give great taste from fresh terpenes. CBD live resin is becoming super popular as well, and for the same reasons. Since it’s fresh plant matter, the extract is full of tasty terpenes. Obviously, the THC is separated out during the extraction process, but the resulting product of CBD and fresh terpenes is one of the best types of CBD dabs available. 

CBD Shatter

CBD Shatter is usually cannabidiol stripped from the cannabis plant, with terpenes added back into the final product. This produces a nice, tasty hit in addition to allowing you to enjoy the benefits of cannabidiol. CBD shatter is also called CBD budder or CBD sauce, depending on the consistency. The terpene content and extraction method have a big influence on the consistency of CBD shatter- so it might not always have that hard candy “snap” like typical old-school shatter has. 


This is the lowest-quality CBD extract that you can find. It’s affordable, but the extraction process leaves some significant room for error. CBD oil is extracted with alcohol, and it takes a lot of purging to get pure CBD oil as a final product. CBD oil usually has a runny consistency, making it a bit difficult to load into the  Lunar or  Dipper wax pens. One benefit to CBD oil, aside from its cost, is the fact that it’s a full-spectrum extract. No terpenes are stripped out when manufacturing CBD Oil. Still, always make sure you trust the extraction! 

The Final Word on CBD Dabs

CBD Concentrates are a great way for people to enjoy the benefits of CBD without any of the effects of THC. It’s a nice way for people to try cannabis concentrates for the first time as well. And for lots of people, the only way that they can obtain the benefits of CBD is with large doses from CBD concentrate. We tend to think that the breakthrough starts there when it comes to CBD dabs. So if you think that you can benefit from CBD at all, we encourage you to load up your  Lunar,  Little Dipper,  EVRI,  or  Dipper wax pen or dab straw with some CBD concentrate and start experimenting! 

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