The Dip Devices 420 Gift Guide

The Dip Devices 420 Gift Guide

The Dip Devices 420 Gift Guide

It's almost that time of year again… April 20th, 420, the classic cannabis holiday. Here at Dip Devices we wanted to have a little fun with this post and tell you about some of our favorite 420 gift ideas. If you’re hanging around this site, odds are you have some friends or loved ones who enjoy cannabis and cannabis concentrates. These gift ideas are great to commemorate this year's 420! 

Something From Dip Devices!

The first thing that pops into our minds here at dip devices when it comes to a great 420 gift is to introduce a friend to cannabis concentrates with something like the Dip Devices Lunar dab pen or Little Dipper dab straw. These are the best dab straws and dab pens when it comes to user-friendliness, so they are great for beginners. And at their price point, it’s not going to break the bank to give one to a friend to celebrate 420. 


How About The Dip Devices Lunar or Little Dipper?

If you have friends who are already fans of cannabis concentrate, then you can also try introducing them to the Dip Devices Lunar wax pen and Little Dipper electric nectar collector to celebrate 420. But if they’re serious about concentrates, then show them the Dip Devices Dipper! This electric dab straw and wax pen combo is all business, letting you choose how you want to hit your favorite concentrates. 

Giving a friend, or at least letting them use your Dip Devices Lunar, Little Dipper, or Dipper electric dab pen or nectar collector, will show them how flavorful direct dabbing can be. Whether it’s using our Quartz Crystal Atomizer or our Vapor tip, getting a nice hit directly from your cannabis concentrate lets you experience all the flavor that your concentrate has to offer. With Dip Devices, there’s nothing between you and your cannabis concentrate except our technologically-advanced heating element. And that means you get the best-tasting, most flavorful hits every time. People who are used to using dab rigs will be surprised at how tasty the hits are with something from Dip Devices. Who knows, this 420 you might convince someone to #tossthetorch at last!


Got a Friend Who Uses Carts? Maybe an EVRI

We all have some friends who just want to keep cannabis concentrates simple. No mess, no fuss, just straight to the point of consuming their concentrate. Those are our friends who simply use 510 cartridges or Pods. This 420, try introducing that friend who only uses carts and pods to the Dip Devices EVRI. This 3-in-1 device can use 510/Pod attachments, and it’ll quickly become your friend’s favorite device due to its excellent battery life. The great part is that you can get attachments to turn it into a honey straw with the Vapor Tip Attachment or an electric dab pen with the Quartz Crystal Attachment. So if you give your buddy an  EVRI for this 420, they can enjoy their concentrates however they usually do, but the door is always open for them to step it up and get awesome flavor and potency by turning their EVRI into an electric dab straw or dab pen with some simple, affordable attachments.


Special Someone?

If you have someone special in your life who enjoys cannabis concentrates, giving them a  Dipper is a great 420 gift choice. It’s Dip Devices’ flagship model and that means its price point is a bit higher than our other offerings. With robust construction and incredible battery life, this electric honey straw and dab pen combination gives you the best flavor and potency, no matter how you decide to use it. And as we mentioned earlier, the Dipper also gives you that direct-dab experience. There’s nothing between you and your favorite cannabis concentrate, so you get the absolute best experience when it comes to both potency and flavor. What an awesome gift for your special someone or close friend this 420!




Got a Friend Who Makes Edibles? Get Some Ghee!

Ghee is a highly refined version of butter. Ghee goes through a refining process that takes out a lot of the elements that make butter a food that that lactose intolerant or lactose-sensitive people can’t enjoy. Aside from that, Ghee’s super-high fat content makes it one of the best choices for cooking with cannabis. Here at Dip Devices, it’s our go-to for cooking with cannabis if we are ever in the mood, like when celebrating 420 for instance! Ghee even works with the magical butter machine with no problem. If you’ve got a friend who likes making cannabis edibles, definitely give them a jar of Ghee for 420 this year.  


Another Idea For Culinary Buddies: A Cannabis Cookbook

At this point there are dozens of cannabis cookbooks out there, and it’s tough to pick the best. Since this is a gift for 420, think of what foods your friend likes to cook, and we can practically guarantee there’s a recipe book with cannabis-infused dishes that fit your friend’s cooking style. It’s not just brownies and cookies anymore. In these books we’ve seen recipes for cannabis carbonara, cannabis infused salad dressing, cannabis smoothies, and the list goes on. This year’s 420, give your cannabis-enjoying and culinary-minded friend a cannabis cookbook. You might even get to be a taste-tester!  



CBD-Infused Bath Soak or Bath Bomb

No matter who you are, a nice bath can be one of the most relaxing things to do on this beautiful planet. These days several companies make CBD-infused bath soaks and bath bombs that can help you relax even more while taking a bath. Who can really say whether you absorb any CBD through your skin- we aren’t scientists here- but a nice, fragrant soak is a wonderful thing nonetheless. Whether it’s just to unwind after a long day, or to soothe sore muscles after exercise, taking a bath is great- and why not take a CBD-infused bath? Try giving a friend one of several CBD-infused bath soaks and bath bombs out there as a gift this 420. Just make sure they use their Dip Devices dab pen or dab straw BEFORE they get in the tub.



Cannabis Concentrate Case For Home

Most people already have a travel case for enjoying their concentrates on the go- you should grab a Welcome Pack Carrying Case for your Dip Devices wax pen or nectar collector. But what a lot of people don’t have is a nice box or case to keep all their cannabis concentrate gear in one place at home. That’s where you come in with an awesome 420 gift! This is a great low-budget 420 gift idea since you can do it on the cheap with a low-end cigar box. Or maybe you can DIY with something you have sitting around your home, like an old lunch box or fishing tackle box. If you are looking for something more high-end, you can also look into boxes made for storing cannabis concentrate and cannabis alike. High-end companies even make special cannabis storage boxes with fine woods and materials. Some brands even make boxes that allow you to keep your Dip Devices electric honey straw or wax pen, along with your concentrate collection, under lock and key.



Cool Coffee Table Books


It’s a lot of fun to take a few hits from their Dip Devices honey straw or wax pen and just relax with a fun coffee table book. We won’t lie, some of us here at Dip Devices just like the pictures! There are even coffee table books made for stoners these days. Whether you have a friend who’s into psychedelia, music, painting, sculpture, nature, photography, or nearly anything, there’s a cool coffee table book you can give them for 420. One of our favorite coffee table books is all about the late visionary designer/collaborator Virgil Abloh, and another one that we love is an entertaining manual all about how to maintain old air-cooled VW Beetles. We’ve got an eclectic taste in coffee table books here. But bottom line- no matter what your friend is into, a coffee table book is a great gift for 420. We are sure that your friend will appreciate it. And everyone knows that having a cool coffee table book at your house/apartment makes you look smarter. 


On a Budget? Tie-Dye Some Stuff For Your Friends!

If you’re on a budget, then giving some cool gifts to your friends for 420 isn’t out of the picture. For just a few dollars, you can pick up some dye, and for a few more bucks you can get some white t-shirts from your closest Goodwill, Salvation Army, or Thrift Store. You can even tie-dye smaller, cheaper stuff to give to your friends for 420, like socks. After grabbing supplies you can hit youtube and watch a few tutorials, and you’re off to the races! Making tie-dyes on your own is a blast, and it gives you a feeling of accomplishment at the end of the process when you can sit back, look at a one-of-a-kind piece of wearable art, and say “I made that.” And your friends will definitely appreciate a handmade 420 gift.


The Best 420 Gift is Good Company

Whether you’re into gift-giving to celebrate 420 or not, the real part of 420 is gathering with other people to enjoy cannabis and cannabis concentrates together. 420 is about getting together with friends and having some fun, don’t feel pressured into giving a gift. But if it’s part of your tradition, we’ve got some great ideas here. Just remember to stop, take a hit of your Dip Devices dab pen or electric nectar collector, and think about it before you buy an expensive gift. It’s about love, not the price tag! We hope you have an excellent and safe 420, and keep the good vibes going all season long!  

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