May 31, 2022 7 min read

The Flavor Saver: Dip Devices Gives You The Best Tasting Dabs

One of the best parts about enjoying cannabis concentrate is the flavor. Tasting all those wonderful terpenes without your hits being tainted by any plant matter is a serious treat. For cannabis concentrate connoisseurs and beginners alike, Dip Devices has prioritized flavor and potency since pen first came to paper while designing ourLunar,Little Dipper,EVRI, andDipper wax pens and dab straws.

What Gives Dip Devices The Edge in Taste?

Since a big focus of ours is tosavor the vapor, we’ve engineered every electric dab straw and electric dab pen we make with the goal to get the cannabis concentrate vapor straight to you as quickly as possible, without any obstructions. This direct-dab technology in our dab pens and electric nectar collector devices make sure that nothing gets between you and your cannabis concentrate vapor. That allows you to get the best bang for your buck with your concentrates as well. That residue caked up inside a conventional dab rig is money wasted! 

Vaporizing your cannabis concentrate with aLunar,Little Dipper,EVRI, andDipper dab pen or honey straw is the best way to enjoy the flavor of your cannabis concentrate. The patented technology in every electric honey straw or dab pen we make ensures proper airflow to maximize enjoyment. Nobody wants to get stuck with a burnt throat, so you can rest assured that the technology in these dab pens and dab straws are proven: You name it, and a Dip Devices wax pen or dab straw has been there! Maybe not Mount Everest, but you get the idea. Dip Devices makes such great dab straws and wax pens, it’s like the portability is a bonus. 

Airflow is Key

One of the biggest factors that gives the Dip DevicesLunar,Little Dipper,EVRI, andDipper wax pens and electric nectar collector such an edge is the patented airflow technology. When a dab straw or wax pen vaporizes cannabis concentrate, the route and rate of airflow are both huge factors in determining whether you get a nice hit or not. 

Quick tip! Don’t inhale too strongly or quickly with any Dip Devices dab pen or dab straw. You don’t want to draw air past the concentrate too quickly. Pulling too hard or too quickly on a Dip Devices electric dab straw or electric dab pen can force the cannabis concentrate to cool down and stop vaporizing. And that’s just a bad time for everyone, isn’t it? On the other hand, even if the concentrate continues vaporizing, pulling too hard won’t allow you to get a proper hit, since you’ll be inhaling so much more air than vapor. When you are enjoying cannabis concentrate with the Dip DevicesLunar,Little Dipper,EVRI, andDipper nectar collector or electric dab pen, inhale slowly while the concentrate vaporizes- you’ll end up with a fantastic hit, rivaling any glass rig out there.

Temperature is King

When it comes to vaporizing concentrates with a Dip DevicesLunar,Little Dipper,EVRI, andDipper dab pen or electric dab straw, the temperature setting is where you want to start in order to get the best taste possible. Different styles of cannabis concentrate might need different temperatures in order to vaporize effectively. So there can be a bit of trial & error while you make sure that you get the tastiest, most potent hits possible from your Dip Devices dab pen or dab straw.

Start with a small amount of cannabis concentrate, and use the lowest temperature setting on yourLunar,Little Dipper,EVRI, andDipper honey straw or electric dab pen. Here’s a quick breakdown so you can make sure that you have your temperature settings at their lowest:

Finding the Best Temperature For The Dipper

TheDipper is our premier dab straw & dab pen combination device. Whether you want to hang out and use theDipper as a casual wax pen, it works like a charm in its dab pen configuration. But change a few pieces around, and theDipper becomes a serious electric nectar collector. We made this our flagship because we want to give our customers the choice for how they enjoy their cannabis concentrate. But at the same time, we wanted to make sure that our customers got the best taste and potency possible. That means educating our customers on how much airflow can affect vaporizing cannabis concentrate, as well as educating our customers about the different heat settings for the Dip DevicesLunar,Little Dipper,EVRI, andDipper dab pens and dab straws.

For TheDipper dab straw & dab pen combo device, click the button three times to adjust the temperature setting:

  • Blue = Low heat 
  • Green = Medium heat   
  • Red = High heat 

Now since airflow matters so much, the temperatures will range from 450-650 F depending on how hard you are inhaling. So once you find a suitable temperature for your Dipper, you can experiment further to find the best flavor by adjusting how gently you inhale.

Determining The Best Temperature For The Lunar

TheLunar electric dab pen is our latest product here at Dip Devices. It’s a super-compact electric dab pen that lets you enjoy cannabis concentrates anywhere, anytime. If you can carry around a pen, you can carry around aLunar! The Lunar has a patented airflow system that allows its Quartz Crystal Atomizer to take in outside air, mix it with cannabis concentrate vapor, and give you a fantastic-tasting and potent hit. But the last thing you want to do is under-heat or overheat your concentrate. That’s where theLunar’s temperature settings come in. Just like all Dip Devices dab straws and dab pens, to adjust the temperature all you need to do is give the button three quick clicks.

  • Green = Low heat 
  • Yellow = Medium heat   
  • Red = High heat 

The temperatures range from 400-600 F, so how hard and how quickly you inhale while using yourLunar dab pen. Medium heat seems to work best in our experience, but you can spend some time finding your favorite temperature while you can inhale comfortably. And if flavor isn’t a concern, potency is kind with theLunar. Just load up a quarter gram, crank it up to high heat, and you’ll get massive hits. But we digress, this is a post about flavor!

Finding the Best Temperature for Dabs With The Little Dipper

TheLittle Dipper dab straw is a great way to measure out your cannabis concentrate. Whether you want just a little puff, or you want to blow some massive clouds, theLittle Dipper electric dab straw does it all. No only does the direct dab technology make sure that you get every bit of terpenes and THC in your concentrate, but the design of theLittle Dipper dab straw makes it super easy to adjust the temperature of the high-tech ceramic & nichromeVapor Tip

And as always, it’s a piece of cake to adjust the temperature on theLittle Dipper honey straw. Simply click the button three times once it’s on, and that’s it! Here’s a quick guide to the temperature settings:

  • Green = Low heat 
  • Yellow = Medium heat   
  • Red = High heat 

From the lowest setting to the highest setting, the temperature of theVapor Tip will vary between 40-600 F. But remember, that’s not going to be 100% accurate, because when you inhale through yourLittle Dipper electric honey straw, the air passing over the heating element and cannabis concentrate will lower the temperature somewhat. What’s great about theLittle Dipper nectar collector is that you can just dip it in your concentrate, take a quick sample puff, and decide if the taste and temperature is right for you. It’s fun to experiment, trying different heat settings. Before long, you’ll find a setting that gives you the best taste your cannabis concentrate can offer.

Discovering The Best Temperature for The EVRI

Dip Devices’EVRI, a 3-in-1 nectar collector, wax pen, and cartridge vape, is no exception to the rule that flavor is a primary concern for Dip Devices. Now the 510/Pod cartridges that theEVRI uses can’t really be fine-tuned. However, theEVRI becomes a top-notch dab straw with itsVapor Tip Attachment. TheEVRI can also become a dab pen with itsQuartz Crystal Atomizer Attachment. TheEVRI is like the transformer of the cannabis concentrate world! It can become three different devices. For both the dab pen and dab straw configuration of theEVRI, temperature is a huge factor in getting the best tasting hits possible. Here’s a quick guide on the settings- and remember to push the button three times to change the setting! 

  • Blue = Low heat 
  • Green = Medium heat   
  • Red = High heat 

We recommend starting at medium heat and seeing where it takes you. TheEVRI is interesting because it’s a wax pen and a dab straw at once. So one temperature might work well with the dab straw configuration, while another temperature might be better when you use theEVRI as a wax pen. It’s important to always experiment!

Dip Devices Dab Pens and Dab Straws Bring The Flavor! 

We know that we just laid a ton of information out for you- but have no fear! Dip Devices ready to help you out with any issues you run into. Remember that it’ll take some trial-and-error to find the right temperature to get the best tasting dabs. And then, you’ll need to work on how you inhand to make sure you’re getting the best hits possible. It might sound like work, but it’s actually quite intuitive after a few tries. The Dip DevicesLunar,Little Dipper,EVRI, andDipper dab straws and dab pens offer unbeatable adjustability, which experienced and novice concentrate users can both appreciate. Pick one up today and see what you have been missing out on. You’ll never get a more flavorful hit.