How To Turn Your Bong Into an Electric Dab Rig

How To Turn Your Bong Into an Electric Dab Rig

Glass can be very expensive, whether you’re just getting into cannabis concentrates or you are a concentrate connoisseur. A dab rig can easily cost hundreds, even thousands of dollars. Then you need to buy a torch, some butane, a nail or bucket, a carb cap, some q-tips to clean up… and that’s just the beginning. The supplies needed for dabbing snowballs all too quickly. And that can be intimidating to someone who is new to concentrates, or a real hassle for someone who has been around concentrates for a while and just wants to enjoy a dab. And if you don’t want to use a torch with your rig, E-nails can be incredibly expensive, unnecessarily complex, and some are not the highest quality- giving you very little, if any temperature control. 

Dip Devices has stepped up and made it easy and cheap to turn your bong or favorite water piece into a dab rig- an electric dab rig at that! Read more and find out how we do it.



The Dipper & EVRI Connect To Glass Bongs

Lots of people are interested in a dab straw or electric nectar collector, but don’t want to miss out on the smoothness that comes with using a bong or other water piece. Dip Devices has created a solution for all of those people who want the cannabis concentrate experience and the smoothness of a bong- without going out and buying another piece of glass. 

For the Dipper, our signature electric dab pen and dab straw combo device, we have created the Dip Whip. The Dip Whip lets you connect your Dipper to your bong or water piece using a whip. You can get the Dip Whip with a male or female ground glass connection in 10mm, 14mm, and 19mm, so you can fit your Dipper to nearly any glass-on-glass bong or water piece.

For those of you who are a fan of 510 cartridges but still want a great electric dab straw, you should already have an EVRI. The EVRI is our multi-function 510/Pod & dab straw device. There’s even a Quartz Crystal Attachment you can purchase separately that turns the EVRI into a portable dab pen. The EVRI is like a cannabis copncentrate swiss-army knife. But back on topic- we are talking about how to turn your bong into an electric dab rig, and the EVRI can do just that.

It’s all thanks to the Glass Attachment. The Glass Attachment utilizes the electric dab straw function of the EVRI to turn your bong into an electric dab rig. It attaches one end to your EVRI (you’ll use the vapor tip attachment), and the other end attaches to your bong or favorite water piece. This part is just like the Dip Whip, a glass-on-glass connection available in all standard sizes, in male and female styles. That way you can use your EVRI to dab with your favorite bong.

The Glass Attachment for the EVRI is so popular that Dip Devices offers a combo deal that lets you purchase an EVRI Starter Kit and the Glass Attachment together. That way you can enjoy 510 cartridges and Pods with just your EVRI, then come home and enjoy some concentrate from your bong.        

   Dipper Bong Attachment


But How Does It Work? 

It’s the same process for the Dipper with the Dip Whip, and for the EVRI with the Glass Attachment. First, attach the vapor tip to your Dipper or EVRI. Next, get out your favorite cannabis concentrate and use a container like our Dip Clam Shell Concentrate Container to get your concentrate ready for electric dab straw action. Then simply attach the glass-on-glass end to your favorite bong or water piece. Set the temperature on your Dipper or EVRI and you are now ready to dab!

Tips for How To Turn Your Bong Into an Electric Dab Rig

Here are a few tips for dabbing with your EVRI or Dipper and your bong

  • Inhale slowly so that the hot vapor tip can vaporize as much cannabis concentrate as possible. Inhaling too quickly won’t give the vapor tip enough time to make contact and vaporize the concentrate.  
  • If you’re having trouble getting enough vapor, then try turning the heat setting up on your device. Experiment with different temperature settings to see what suits you best.
  • Remember to clean your water piece before dabbing so that you can enjoy the flavor of your concentrate.
  • Ensure your glass-on-glass joint is seated correctly, and when you are finished taking a hit, just detach the whip from the glass-on-glass connection. 
  • Be mindful of how long the whip is. In other words, don’t knock anything over with the whip!

Whip Rig Attachment for Bong

Is Dabbing With a Bong This Way The Same As Using An E-Nail?

In short, yes. Both E-nails and Dip Devices products are electric of course, and the vaporizing process is nearly identical. E-nails are either titanium or ceramic and use electric induction heating to raise the temperature of the nail so that they can vaporize concentrates. When you use an EVRI or a Dipper with its vapor tip attachment to dab with your bong, your Dip Devices product is serving the same function as an E-nail, vaporizing the concentrate for you. The nickel-chrome & ceramic heating element of the Dipper & EVRI’s vapor tips gives a clean, potent, flavorful hit. The whip, of course, is unique to the Dip Devices attachments and offers a bit of flexibility when you’re using your Dipper/EVRI and your bong together. 

Not More Glass- More Options

We don’t think you need to go out and buy new glass and a slew of other things to enjoy a hit of water-filtered cannabis concentrate. We invented the Dip Whip for the Dipper and the Glass Attachment for the EVRI so that you can use the glass bong you already own to enjoy cannabis concentrates. There’s no need to spend hundreds on a whole new piece and all the accessories, all you need is a Dipper or EVRI with its attachment and you can enjoy concentrates through your bong safely, quickly, and easily. #TossTheTorch

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