When and How to Clean Your Dab Pen

When and How to Clean Your Dab Pen

When To Clean Your Dab Pen

Keeping your dabbing and vaping apparatus clean can be a serious chore. If you have a glass rig that you enjoy dabs with, cleaning can be a particular pain. Have you caught yourself shaking a piece full of isopropyl alcohol for what seems like an eternity, just to get rid of one tiny spot of residue? We’ve done it more times than we’d like to count. Cleaning glass is such a pain that an entire industry has developed around solutions that specifically clean glass pieces. At Dip Devices, not only is our mission to eliminate the need for a torch to enjoy your dabs, we also want to streamline the entire dabbing process. And that includes cleaning your wax pen or honey straw after some heavy use. We have put together a guide here to show you when and how to clean your Dip Devices  Lunar,  Little Dipper,  EVRI, and  Dipper. That way there is no guesswork and you can know exactly when and how to clean your  Lunar,  Little Dipper,  EVRI, or  Dipper

You always want to keep your Dip Devices  Lunar,  Little Dipper,  EVRI,  or Dipper  clean in order to get the best experience possible from your favorite concentrates. If you let too much residue build up, you will end up with bad-tasting vapor since you’re reheating old residue again and again. What’s worse, not cleaning your  Lunar,  Little Dipper,  EVRI, or  Dipper might result in some clogging. Not being able to use your favorite dab pen or dab straw when it’s time to take a hit is a worst-case scenario! A few minutes of extra care will go a long way in helping you avoid getting stuck somewhere without a dab.

As a quick aside, if you find that your Vapor Tip is getting clogged quickly, turn your Dip Devices dab straw to the highest heat setting and hold it on for a few seconds. Sometimes you can accidentally clog the Vapor Tip with concentrate, and doing this will melt it out and clear the obstruction. 

Cleaning The Dipper

The  Dipper is a dual-function electric dab pen and dab straw, so if you are using it for double-duty, make sure that you clean both the Vapor Tip and the Quartz Crystal Atomizer. Cleaning it is easy: First, unscrew the Vapor Tip or Quartz Crystal Atomizer and the mouthpiece. If you’ve waited a really long time to clean your  Dipper, the mouthpiece might be difficult to remove. Don’t force it too much- if it’s stuck, take a Q-tip soaked in isopropyl alcohol and clean around the mouthpiece first. Then put the Vapor Tip, Quartz Crystal Atomizer, and reclaim chamber in a small cup of 90% or higher isopropyl alcohol. Let them soak for a half an hour while you use a Q-tip soaked in alcohol to clean the air passage and the socket for the Quartz Crystal Atomizer and Vapor Tip. Don’t soak the main unit- it has the battery! You can carefully wipe it down with an alcohol wipe if necessary. After thirty minutes has passed, rinse the Vapor Tip, Quartz Crystal Atomizer, and reclaim chamber. Allow them to completely dry before you reattach the reclaim chamber, mouthpiece, and atomizer or tip.

If your  Dipper cycles colors or blinks blue after you clean it, make sure that there is no residue left on the contact points. The  Dipper blinking blue usually means that the Quartz Crystal Atomizer or Vapor Tip is attached too loosely or too tightly. Try tightening and loosening the atomizer or tip, then turn your  Dipper off and on again. That should solve the problem. If your  Dipper keeps flashing blue, try a different Quartz Crystal Atomizer or Vapor Tip. If a different atomizer or tip doesn’t solve the issue, try fully charging the  Dipper. One of these solutions should solve the issue if you have problems with your  Dipper after cleaning it. If you’re still running into problems after trying these fixes, visit our  Support Page and we will do our best to help you out.    

Cleaning Your EVRI

With our newly released accessories, the  EVRI now has FIVE functions: It can function as an electric dab straw,  510/Pod cartridge vape,  electric dab pen,  Nectar Collector Tip,  and it can replace your rig’s bucket or nail with the  Glass Attachment. With all those different functions, you might be wondering when you should clean your  EVRI, and how to clean it. We have you covered!

Since the  EVRI has a modular design and inexpensive attachments, each attachment is a whole piece that’s meant to be replaced instead of cleaned. At Dip Devices we have engineered each attachment to last as long as possible, and the design allows for recycling the materials. Attachments are meant to be replaced after 1-2 months of use, but your dabbing habits will dictate how long an attachment will last for you.  

For the  EVRI Vapor Tip Attachment, you can clean it with a Q-tip soaked in isopropyl alcohol or an alcohol wipe. You can extend the life of your Vapor Tip Attachment by only dipping the tip into your concentrate a little bit at a time- don’t submerge it! That’s a sure way to end up with a clogged Vapor Tip. Also, make sure you check the pins on your  EVRI regularly, and make sure that they line up with your attachments to ensure that you have a good connection. 

Keeping The Little Dipper Dab Straw Clean

The Dip Devices  Little Dipper packs a serious punch in a small package. Our affordable electric dab straw, the  Little Dipper can satisfy even the most experienced dabbers. But remember- if you want great tasting, potent hits, you need to make sure you keep your  Little Dipper clean. Here’s how:

First, unscrew the Vapor Tip, mouthpiece, and the reclaim chambers. Then place them in a cup of 90+% isopropyl alcohol. Don’t soak the battery! Let those piece soak for thirty minutes while you take a Q-tip soaked in alcohol and clean the Vapor Tip connection point and the air passage. After a half an hour has elapsed, rinse the pieces with warm soapy water and let them air dry completely. Reassemble and you are good to get dipping again! When reattaching the reclaim chambers, make sure that the piece with the larger hole goes on the Vapor Tip end of the  Little Dipper.

As a general guideline, we recommend that you clean your  Little Dipper Vapor Tip after each gram of concentrate that you enjoy with it. After using the  Little Dipper to vaporize about 10 grams, we suggest replacing the Vapor Tip.       

Making Sure Your Lunar Dab Pen Is Clean 

The  Lunar is our super affordable dab pen that can hit harder than your favorite rig. Since the  Lunar is so tiny and portable, it’s the perfect solution if you are looking to enjoy concentrates on the go. You can just load up your  Lunar and blast off, anywhere, anytime! Easy to use and packed with technology, you might catch yourself using your  Lunar all the time. If you’re like other people and you embrace the  Lunar for its ease of use and effectiveness, it might not be long until you need to clean your  Lunar dab pen. We’ve got some easy steps here:

First, take off the mouthpiece. Then take a toothpick or tweezers and pop off the two o-rings at the bottom of the Quartz Crystal Atomizer. Unscrew the Quartz Crystal Atomizer, and place it in a cup of isopropyl alcohol for 30 minutes. Take a Q-tip soaked in alcohol and clean the inside of the mouthpiece along with the atomizer connection point. After 30 minutes, rinse and allow the Quartz Crystal Atomizer to completely dry. Like the other Dip Devices dab straws and dab pens, wipe down the main unit if necessary. Then reassemble and the  Lunar is ready for blastoff again. 

Enjoy Dip Devices To The Fullest

We developed the  Lunar,  Little Dipper,  EVRI, and  Dipper to meet the needs of the modern dabber who is always on the move. With our dab pens and dab straws, you don’t need to be at home with a torch to enjoy concentrates. However, to enjoy your concentrates to the fullest with Dip Devices, you should always make sure to keep your  Lunar,  Little Dipper,  EVRI, or Dipper  nice and clean. You want the cleanest, most potent vapor possible, so you should make sure to keep your dab pen or dab straw up to the task. And although the  Lunar,  Little Dipper,  EVRI, and  Dipper utilize state-of-the-art technology, there is no substitute for regularly cleaning your concentrate gear. So always make sure that you can enjoy your Dip Devices dab pen or dab straw to the fullest with regular cleaning. And if you ever have questions, our  Support Page is a valuable resource with tons of information. Until next time, keep dipping!

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