Why Use a Dab Pen?

Why Use a Dab Pen?

Why Use a Dab Pen? 

Both beginners and experts on cannabis concentrate often have the same question: Why use a dab pen? Or, why use a dab straw? These are perfectly valid questions when you see lots of people buying expensive glass rigs with a bunch of tools and trinkets in order to enjoy cannabis concentrate. When the whole kit for enjoying cannabis concentrate can cost so much money, lots of cannabis concentrate fans will be wondering if they get a quality experience with our reasonably-priced  LunarLittle DipperEVRI, and  Dipper dab pens and dab straws. 

The answer to that is a resounding YES! The Dip Devices  LunarLittle DipperEVRI,  and  Dipper  all offer the best cannabis concentrate experience possible, delivering potent, great tasting hits that can’t be beat.Through the entire development process for every one of our wax pens and dab straws, the experience is our number one priority. Offering a high-quality concentrate experience is just the beginning, though. Our Dip Devices lineup offers super portable and adaptable ways to enjoy cannabis concentrate. We’re going to tell you a few more reasons why you should try the Dip Devices  LunarLittle DipperEVRI,  and  Dipper  to enjoy cannabis concentrates. 

Dab Pens Are Easy To Use

First thing first, dab pens or dab straws are a whole lot easier to use than dealing with a torch and nail / bucket. When a torch comes into the equation, things get a bit dangerous, too. The Dip Devices  LunarLittle DipperEVRI,  and  Dipper  are all electronic, so there’s no open flame to worry about when you want to enjoy your cannabis concentrate. We think ease of use is an important part of the cannabis concentrate experience. We also think lots of people are willing to try cannabis concentrate, but don’t want to deal with using a torch. We know for sure that lots of experienced cannabis concentrate fans get a bit tired of using a torch and constantly wasting money on butane gas refills. Part of our philosophy is that ease of use isn’t just for beginners! The  LunarLittle DipperEVRI,  and  Dipper  all have adjustable temperature settings, allowing more experienced fans of cannabis concentrate to fine-tune their experience according to their personal preference.

Dab Pens Can Go Anywhere

One of the great parts about the Dip Devices  LunarLittle DipperEVRI,  and  Dipper  is the fact that they are so portable. You can pop one of our electric dab pens or dab straws into your pocket for some easy on-the-go dabbing. It’s tough to haul around a glass piece, torch, nail, carb cap, and everything else you need for conventional dabs. That’s inconvenient to say the least- actually a bit ridiculous when you think of all the gear that you need for dabbing conventionally. When it comes to portable dabbing, comparing conventional dabbing with Dip Devices is no contest. The  LunarLittle DipperEVRI,  and  Dipper can all easily slip into a handbag, backpack, pocket, etc. and can have you vaporizing your favorite cannabis concentrate in seconds. Dabbing electronically with Dip Devices is the way to go if you want to dab on the go. Dabbing on the go is one of the many reasons we at dip Devices like to say #TossTheTorch!

Lunar, Our Single-Function Dab Pen

If you’re looking for an affordable electric dab pen, the  Lunar  is where your choice should land. The  Lunar  is fine-tuned for optimal airflow, making sure your hits are tasty and potent. We also engineered its quartz-crystal atomizer chamber to vaporize cannabis concentrates efficiently and precisely, with excellent battery life and three different temperature settings. It’s also super easy and simple to clean- just unscrew the atomizer chamber, take the o-rings off, and drop the chamber in some isopropyl alcohol for ten minutes. If you are just going to dip your toes into the world of cannabis concentrates and you don’t want to spend too much, the  Lunar  is the best choice for a dab pen.  

Dab Straws Are Fun Too! 

You might be wondering what the difference is between a dab pen and a dab straw. It’s simple enough: A dab pen has a chamber that is loaded with cannabis concentrate, and a dab straw has a tip that vaporizes concentrate while the user inhales through the other end. The Dip Devices  Little Dipper  is our tried and true single-function dab straw. We have developed a tip made of nickel-chromium and ceramic to give you consistent temperatures for big, tasty hits of your favorite concentrates. And just like the rest of our lineup, the  Little Dipper offers three different temperature settings, so that you can dab exactly to your own taste. You can easily unscrew the tips and clean them in isopropyl alcohol as well. We recommend using the Little Dipper  especially with concentrates that are runny or sappy and might be difficult to load into a dab straw chamber. Since you’re just dipping the tip of your  Little Dipper  directly on the concentrate, you can avoid making any mess. 

You Can Have The Best of Both Worlds

Some people can’t decide between dab pens and dab straws. In fact, we can’t either sometimes, so we made the  EVRI  and the  Dipper  multi-function electric dab pen / electric dab straws. The  Dipper  can easily switch between wax pen and honey straw on the fly. Not only that, the  Dipper  uses the same patented technology as the  Lunar  and the  Little Dipper,  utilizing our quartz-crystal atomizer chamber and our nickel-chromium & ceramic tip. The Dipper also has three temperature settings so that you can dab at the temperature that you want. If you’re looking for something to work as both an electric dab straw and a dab pen, the  Dipper  is for you. 

The  EVRI  is also multi-function, and its modular design has allowed us at Dip Devices to develop new attachments and add functionality to the  EVRI.  Not only does the  EVRI  use our  Vapor Tip  and  Quartz-Crystal Atomizer,  it also has a  510/Pod Attachment  and a  Flower Attachment.  A lot of people enjoy using 510 cartridges or Pod cartridges because they are so easy and simple to use. At Dip Devices, we embrace anything that’s easy and simple to use! Making things easier to use is part of our philosophy. So we’ve made a  510/Pod Attachment to let cartridge fans enjoy cannabis concentrate with the  EVRI

We know that a lot of people out there still want to enjoy cannabis flower alongside concentrates too, so we developed our  Flower Attachment  to show some love to the people who want to vape cannabis flower as well as concentrate. We are proud of the tech that we’ve brought into the vape world with our multi-function  EVRI  and the  Flower Attachment.  The  EVRI  now has four functions, so it’s an awesome choice for someone who wants to have the ultimate in choice when it comes to enjoying cannabis concentrate and cannabis flower. 

Introducing The Dip Devices 510 Batteries

Dip Devices is now offering  510 Batteries  as well! If you stick to 510 cartridges for your cannabis concentrate enjoyment, you can now vape in style with our  510 Batteries.  We offer a  350 mAh  capacity 510 battery and a  650 mAh  capacity 510 battery. Our  510 Batteries  are also adjustable, with three different power settings. That sets our  510 Batteries  apart from most others, and gives you the chance to adjust the heat level in your 510 cartridge. Dip Devices wants to let you dab to your taste, even with 510 cartridges! Our  510 Batteries  are offered in different colors, each corresponding to a  different cause.  Just like the rest of our lineup, we donate a portion of the proceeds from every one of our  510 Batteries  to a good cause- the cause depends on the color of the battery. 

Check out our  Social Impact  page to learn more about the different causes we donate to for our different colored  510 Batteries.  We donate to Marine Conservation, LGTQ+ causes, Drug Policy Reform programs, Racial Justice organizations, Blood Donation Activism charities, Reforestation and Land Conservation charities, Bee Preservation causes, and causes helping to fight Food Insecurity. Dip Devices wants to set an example for the rest of the cannabis world by giving back to causes that we personally care about. We think that giving back is part of being responsible, and we recognize that we owe a lot to the people who have been affected by unfair cannabis prohibition. We also owe a lot to those who fought, and are still fighting unfair cannabis legislation around the United States. It depends on the color you choose, but no matter which one of our  510 Batteries  you go with, part of your purchase will go to helping make the world a better place.       

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