What's the Best Affordable 510 Electric Hot Knife Attachment for Dabs?

What's the Best Affordable 510 Electric Hot Knife Attachment for Dabs?

At Dip Devices, we’re always looking for new and exciting ways to enjoy cannabis concentrates — without using a torch. We’re excited to introduce our new, affordable 510-threaded electronic hot knife tip attachment, an upgraded version of an old-school vaping method. 

What is a Hot Knife for Dabs?

A dab knife, or hot knife for dabs, can refer to a couple of different things. 

When we talk about a hot knife, knife tip, or dabbing knife, we’re talking about an attachment that screws onto your 510-threaded battery and is primarily used to assist in the mess-free loading of a concentrate chamber

Traditionally, however, a hot knife for smoking or dabbing refers to just that: a butter knife that’s been heated to a high enough temperature to vaporize cannabis extracts. 


What Are Knife Hits?

Knife hits, spots, knife hits, and knife tokes refer to the practice of heating a kitchen knife, placing cannabis concentrates on the hot metal, and inhaling the vapor. 

Hot knives have been a popular way to vaporize cannabis without a dedicated vaporizer for decades; however, as vapes have become more widely available and affordable, knife hits seem to have gotten less popular. 

Are Hot Knives Bad For You?

Despite their nostalgic appeal and the fact that they don’t require any specialized equipment besides a knife and a stovetop, there are some risks to traditional knife hits. 

First and foremost, the material that you dab off of is important. Dab rigs use safe and stable materials like quartz, ceramic, glass, and certain metals. Not all kitchen knives are made of heat-safe metals, though; heating some metals hot enough to vaporize concentrate can be dangerous. 

It’s also difficult to control the temperature of traditional knife hits. It’s important to use the right temperature while dabbing; vaping at too low of a temperature means you might be leaving wax behind, and vaping at too high of a temperature can release foul-tasting and potentially damaging chemicals. 

It’s also very easy to burn yourself when trying to take a knife hit. Metal conducts heat well, and the red-hot tip of a knife can do a lot of damage if it touches anything other than your cannabis concentrate. 

What Can You Use Instead of a Hot Knife?

Still want the hot knife experience without the risk of dangerous metals, poor temperature control, and severe burns? Dip Devices has you covered with a game-changing upgrade for your next smoke sesh. 

Dab Knife Attachments for E Rigs

Today, you can buy knife tip attachments for vapes and electronic dab rigs. These electric hot knives attach directly to a battery and have become more popular recently for good reason.

What is the Best Budget Hot Knife?

With Dip Devices, getting the right equipment for safe, high-quality knife hits directly from your vape battery doesn’t have to be expensive.

Dip Devices’ hot knife tip is only $15 and screws onto 510 threaded batteries. We also carry compatible batteries starting at $10, so you can have your own safe, high-quality, and easy-to-use hot knife setup for about $30. 


Is a Hot Knife for Dabs Worth it?

Yes, hot knife tips are worth it! Hot knife tip attachments for vapes are a fun way to enjoy concentrates. With a knife tip for your vape battery, you can even bring the hot knife experience on the go, with no stovetop (or torch) required.

Knife tips have a small enough surface area to be precise to place dabs onto carbs or into chambers but a large enough area to be still easy to use. Dip Devices’ hot knife tip is made from high-quality ceramic that preserves the flavor and quality of your concentrates. With our 510 batteries, you can easily heat it to the ideal temperature for your wax. 

When your electric hot knife is as affordable as Dip Devices’ hot knife tip, especially, they’re well worth it. 

How to Use an Electric Hot Knife

Hot knife attachments for vape batteries are extremely easy to use and assist in mess-free dabbing. Whether you’re vaping CBD or THC, all you have to do is screw the electric hot knife top attachment onto your battery, turn it on, and you’re ready to begin. To start dabbing, just load the concentrate directly onto the knife attachment before warming it. Then, press the heating button on your 510-threaded battery to warm the electric hot knife and drop the concentrate into a waiting dab chamber or to load a vape. 

Other Electronic Dab Tools and Accessories

If the exciting hot knife attachment has got you thinking about other add-ons for your electronic vape, Dip Devices has you covered there, too. 

Quartz Atomizers to Take Your Honey Dipper on the Go

Dip Devices’ quartz atomizer attachments are compatible with our best-selling Dipper vape. This attachment turns your dab straw into a pack-and-go vape pen, so you can load it up, put it in your pocket or bag, and have it ready whenever you are. The quartz chamber ensures even heating for high–quality, flavorful rips. 



Get the Best of Both Worlds With a Glass Connector For Your Vape

Dip Devices also carries glass attachments that let you connect your Dipper or Little Dipper to your favorite glass piece. Dip’s glass attachments let you take bigger, smoother rips and give you an instant dab rig, whether you’re hooking it up to a mini beaker bong or a multi-perc monster. Best of all, you won’t need a torch for your new electric dab rig.


Where to Get the Best Affordable Hot Knife Attachment

Dip Devices is your source for the best budget knife tip to attach to your favorite vape battery, and we carry a ton of other fun and functional accessories to help you enjoy your favorite cannabis concentrates. Electric hot knives are just the latest in our innovative product line. Keep up with our latest innovations here

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