Portable E-Rig vs. Dab Pen: Which Is Right For You?

Portable E-Rig vs. Dab Pen: Which Is Right For You?

Everyone loves dabs, but sometimes you want to ditch the torch because you’re looking for a discreet dabbing experience, want to take dabs on the go, or just don’t feel like fooling around with an open flame and red-hot piece. With so many options, deciding on a portable dabber can be tricky. Luckily for you, Dip Devices has all the information you need to help make the decision — and we’ve got products to fit every preference. 

What is the Difference Between a Dab Rig and an Electric Dab Rig?

First, we should clarify what we mean by “e-rig.” An e-rig or electric dab rig is just what it sounds like — a dab rig powered by electricity. Electric rigs are more portable, easier to use, and offer a more controlled experience than your traditional dab rig. These high-tech pieces are becoming increasingly popular. 

E-Rig vs. E-Nail

Though they sound similar and are both powered by electricity, an e-rig and an e-nail refer to two different things. E-rigs are full dab rigs, complete with a heating element, a chamber, a mouthpiece, etc. 

E-nails, on the other hand, only refer to a healing element. You can add e-nails to most conventional dab rigs and bongs; however, they are not portable like e-rigs. 

What is a Dab Pen?

Dab pens serve essentially the same purpose as dab rigs and electric dab rigs: they’re smoking devices intended for use with cannabis concentrates like dabs and wax

Is There a Difference Between Dab Pens and Wax Pens?

Most people use “wax pen” and “dab pen” interchangeably. While some will point out the subtle differences in these terms, generally speaking, they both refer to compact devices consumers fill with cannabis extracts to vaporize the concentrates. 

Comparing Electric Dab Rigs and Dab Pens

Now that we’re all on the same page, we can get into the nitty-gritty and help you decide whether a portable electric dab rig or a small dab pen is better for you. 

Which is Smaller: a Dab Pen or an E-Rig?

Though dab pens and portable dab rigs can both have small profiles, dab pens are smaller. Dab pens can range from a few inches long and a couple of inches in diameter, like Dip Devices’ Dipper, to about the size of a blunt. If you want a dabbing device that will fit into your pocket and is small enough to conceal in your hand, you’ll probably want a dab pen. 

Are Dab Pens or Electric Dab Rigs More Powerful?

These days, there are some mighty dab pens on the market. Portable electric dab rigs will win out every time if you want to maximize battery life, efficiency, and overall power.  

How to Use Dab Pens and Portable Dab Rigs

There are a few different types of electric dab rigs and dab pens, each used slightly differently. You’ll need to experiment to find which method is easiest for you. 

  • Honey Dippers, like the Little Dipper from Dip Devices, are also known as dab straws or honey straws because they are meant to be dipped directly into cannabis concentrate so that you can suck up the vapor, just like a straw. 
  • “Pack and Go” Devices like Dip Devices’ Lunar are among the easiest to use since you load the piece up with concentrate beforehand, so it’s ready to go whenever you are. 
  • Versatile, Multifunction Dab Pens are compatible with multiple different smoking and vaping methods. Dip Devices’ EVRI, for example, is compatible with flower, concentrates, and cartridges, so there are several different ways to use it. 

Is a Dab Pen or Portable Dab Rig Better?

Mostly, it comes down to personal preference, but e-rigs and dab pens are better suited for different situations. 

If you want something tiny, discreet, and easy to use, you’ll probably want to go with a dab pen. The Lunar by Dip Devices is an incredible all-around dab pen; the battery charges quickly and lasts through multiple seshes, it has excellent airflow (just like all of Dip Devices’ products), and features simple replacement parts for extra assurance when you’re bringing your new dab pen on the go. 

If you want to take your portable dabbing experience to the next level with more power, smoother rips, and a more customizable experience, an e-rig is right for you. The Rover dab rig by Dip Devices isn’t much bigger than a dab pen, but it delivers a premium dab rig experience despite its demure size. With built-in terp pearls, a 900mAh battery, vacuum-based airflow, and an all-quartz chamber, the Rover delivers a top-tier dabbing experience in a surprisingly small package.

Dip Devices Has Your Next Portable Piece

Whether you’ve decided on a portable electric dab rig or a compact dab pen (or want to try both), Dip Devices has the piece for you. Check out our next-level dabbing devices and accessories — and since this is Dip Devices, no matter what you pick, you won’t need a torch. 

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