How Do I Bring a Dab Pen or Honey Straw to a Music Festival?

How Do I Bring a Dab Pen or Honey Straw to a Music Festival?

From Tomorrowland to the Eras Tour, people are out enjoying their favorite music at festivals and live shows this summer and want to bring their dab pens along. For many, music and Mary Jane go hand in hand. Since smoking flower is not permitted at all venues, especially indoor venues, dabbing or vaping can be a great alternative to smoking cannabis flower. 

Purchasing a discreet dab pen that is for your live music experience is crucial to enjoying the cannabis product of your choice and the show without risking your pen getting confiscated at the door or bothering your fellow concertgoers. Read on to learn more about the best methods and devices for dabbing stageside.

Choosing the Best Dab Pen for Festival Season

The size, color, price, and product quality are all important considerations when choosing a dab pen or device to bring this festival season. Opt for smaller, more neutral or dark-colored devices that are not as eye-catching and can fit in your pocket when choosing the dab device for your concert-going summer plans. 

Are Dab Pens Expensive?

One of the many considerations people have when purchasing a dab pen is price. Dab pens don’t have to be expensive. Of course, when buying a vape pen or dab device, you’ll want to prioritize the quality of the device to ensure you’re getting the most out of your product and not endangering your health by using a shoddy or ineffective dab pen or straw. 

Some dab pens can be quite affordable without skimping on quality. Two great, affordable dab device options for the festival season are the Little Dipper dab straw and the Lunar dab pen. Both of these products ring in at just under $30. 

What’s the Best Small Dab Straw for Music Festivals and Concerts?

If you want to take your dab pen or dab straw to a music festival or concert this year, then the size of your device is another important factor. Having a smaller pen that can slip easily in your pocket instead of one with a bulky, oversized battery is preferable when getting your device into the venue. Opting for a small dab straw, like the Little Dipper, is your best bet. Dab pens and straws with large batteries that produce a lot of vapor can draw unwanted attention.

What Dab Pen Will Fit in My Pocket?

Most dab pens and straws are small enough to fit in your pocket, depending on the size of your pockets and the battery size. It’s best to choose a small multifunction dab pen like the EVRI multipurpose dab pen vape if you also use nicotine, so you won’t have to carry multiple devices around. Having one vape pen that can do it all is ideal, and you’re more likely to get it through security since e-cigs are allowed to be carried on your person and are less likely to be confiscated. 

Dab Pens for Public Use: 4 Tips to Dab Discreetly at Your Next Concert

Dabbing in public can seem tricky, but it's relatively straightforward to consume your product in peace if you’re smart and remain aware of your surroundings. Remember these four tips. 

  1. If you’re at a show or concert with kids in attendance, it would be advisable to move away from them to avoid disgruntled parents reporting you to security. 
  2. When choosing your dab pen, opt for black or another neutral color to blend into the crowd and not attract security scrutiny when entering the venue initially. 
  3. Immerse yourself in the crowd at your concert near others vaping and dabbing. Or, depending on the situation and environment, it might be best to find a more secluded place on the outskirts of the crowd or off to the side of the stage to dab. 
  4. It’s important to assess your surroundings and make a judgment call based on your circumstances. Do your best to avoid excessive coughing, and if possible, set your vape to a temperature that will produce less vapor, as this can attract attention.   

Festivals and Dab Pens: A Match Made in Music Heaven

Next time you enjoy live music at a concert or music festival, you’ll be prepared to bring your dab pen and enjoy the show with your favorite cannabis concentrate. Enlist one of Dip Devices discreet honey straws to ensure your show is as enjoyable as possible by shopping the dab pen collection here. Happy concert-going!

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