Dancing Dabbers! The Best 2024 and 2025 Festivals for Weed Smokers

Dancing Dabbers! The Best 2024 and 2025 Festivals for Weed Smokers

As warmer weather approaches, countless festival fans start planning their summer schedules. If you’re a cannabis lover, you’ll probably factor that into the festivals you choose, too.

Whether you’re looking for cannabis-friendly festivals or are in the market for a discreet smoking device that will let you get stoned anytime, anywhere, Dip Devices has you covered. 

Can You Smoke Weed at a Festival?

Whether or not you can smoke weed at a festival technically comes down to each state’s — and individual festival’s — rules and regulations. Festivals hosted in states with progressive cannabis laws are more likely to allow for cannabis consumption on-site, but some festivals have tighter rules than others. 

Generally speaking, though, it’s pretty easy to discreetly smoke weed at festivals — especially if you use a vape or dab pen. 

On top of that, more and more festivals are embracing cannabis culture and allowing for cannabis consumption on the festival grounds. Some festivals even have cannabis products in their vendor lineups these days. 


What is the Best Weed for Music Festivals?

We typically go for an energizing strain for smoking weed at concerts and music festivals. Uplifting sativa-dominant cultivars will help you feel ready to dance and socialize with fellow festivalgoers until the last band leaves the stage for the night. 

Concentrates, as opposed to flower, are also great for music festivals. Dabs are easier to transport and consume discreetly, and if you have an easy-to-use dab pen from Dip Devices, they’re more straightforward to operate, too — all you’ll have to do is press a button. 

The Best Festivals for Weed Smokers

No matter what music you’re into or what kind of stoner vibe you want, there’s a music festival for you. 

The National Cannabis Festival

This one has it in the name — the National Cannabis Festival hosted in Washington, D.C., celebrates all things cannabis. With exciting vendors, delicious food, fun exhibits, and incredible musical guests, the National Cannabis Festival is a must-attend for anyone who likes music festivals, loves weed, and wants to celebrate it. Plus, it’s hosted on 4/20 weekend.

Northern Nights

Hosted in idyllic Northern California, near Humboldt and Mendocino Counties, Northern Nights is an EDM music festival with cannabis culture baked right in. The festival offers on-site cannabis sales and comfortable consumption lounges to complete a summer weekend of scenic nature and enthralling electronic dance music. 

Outside Lands

California is known as a major center of United States cannabis culture, so it’s no surprise that several of the festivals on this list are hosted in the Golden State. Outside Lands, held in Golden Gate Park at the heart of San Francisco, is no exception. The festival is home to Grass Lands, a specific area dedicated to cannabis sales, experiences, and consumption. It’s an excellent festival for folks who love weed just as much as they love music. 

Florida Groves

For cannabis connoisseurs on the East Coast, Florida Groves in Orlando, Florida, is a must-visit. The festival brings together music, art, and culture — including cannabis culture — for a chill environment where every concertgoer can feel free to be themself.  


One of the more well-known music festivals in the U.S., Lollapalooza, is located in Chicago, IL. Though there aren’t any cannabis vendors on-site, Illinois legalized adult-use cannabis in 2020, so past festivalgoers report that it’s pretty simple to consume cannabis during your favorite artist’s sets, as long as you’re discreet. 

Governor’s Ball

New York City is home to vibrant music, food, and culture. Governor’s Ball brings that all together for a weekend-long music festival at the start of the summer. Similar to Lollapalooza, Gov Ball doesn’t have any cannabis vendors on-site, but New York legalized adult-use cannabis in 2021.

Reggae on the River

For the last entry on our list of great music festivals for dabbers, we're bringing it back to California. Reggae on the River is an outdoor music festival in Humboldt County that celebrates the rich genre of reggae music. California nature and laid-back reggae music pair perfectly with your favorite discreet dab rig from Dip Devices.

How to Smoke Weed at a Music Festival

Whether you choose one of the big-name music festivals that sell cannabis on-site or opt for a local festival that celebrates your favorite niche genre of music, there are a few guidelines you should follow to consume cannabis safely and respectfully in a live music environment. 


Opt For Dabs When Headed for a Music Festival

Dabs are our favorite way to get lifted at concerts and music festivals. Wax is compact, potent, and doesn’t smell as much as flower, so it’s a great choice when discretion counts. Ensure you have an easy way to consume those dabs, too — we love the Rover, a portable dab rig that delivers the same smooth vapor and big rips as a high-quality traditional glass rig. 


Ditch The Torch at Concerts

You don’t want to tote around a butane torch and glass piece when trying to dab on the go at a music festival. Ideally, the piece you bring to a music festival will be portable and electric, so you only have to worry about pressing the button and letting it heat up for a few moments. The Dipper is a great choice when discretion and ease of use are essential. It’s a portable honey dipper that you can use to dab directly out of a concentrate container — no loading required. 

Bring a Versatile Piece to your Next Festival

Though we always opt for dabs when we go to music festivals, preparing for anything that might happen is essential. A versatile device that’s compatible with multiple types of cannabis products will serve you well if you meet a new festival friend who has some top-shelf flower to share or if you run out of wax and need to switch to a cartridge. The EVRI is compatible with flower, wax, and carts, and it’s small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, so it’s an excellent choice for music festivals. 

Get Ready for Summer Music Festivals With Dip Devices

There are many things you’ll need to keep in mind when getting ready for a music festival. If you’re like us and cannabis is an essential item on your packing list, too, then you’re in the right place. Dip Devices has all the dab pens, tools, and accessories you need to stay lifted discreetly at all of your summer music events.


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