Can I Serve Dabs and Weed at My Party or Event?

Can I Serve Dabs and Weed at My Party or Event?

If you’re anything like us here at Dip Devices, you believe that a little bit of cannabis can make any event better. While discretion can still be necessary sometimes, serving weed or dabs at events is becoming more commonplace as more states legalize cannabis and more people embrace the benefits the plant can offer.


Where Are You Allowed to Smoke Weed? 

Generally speaking, you can smoke weed or serve cannabis at events hosted in states where cannabis is legal. Though the specifics of where, exactly, you can consume cannabis in those states vary a little bit, all states with regulated cannabis markets allow for cannabis consumption on private property and in licensed establishments. 

If you’re hosting your event at a friend’s house in a legal state, you can serve as much cannabis as you want in any form that you want. If you’re hosting your party at an event space, you’ll need to check with the owners beforehand about whether they’re comfortable with cannabis consumption on their property and what forms of cannabis they will allow.

We also have to mention that while, technically, you should only consume cannabis where it is legal to do so, you can get away with getting stoned just about anywhere if you use a discreet method like a portable vape pen.  


Can You Smoke Weed at Pool Parties?

If your pool is on private property in a legal state, you can serve cannabis at a pool party. Make sure to adhere to both cannabis safety guidelines and pool safety guidelines, though — don’t bring a glass piece onto the pool deck. If you want to dab poolside, you’re better off with a sturdy e-rig or vape that won’t shatter and doesn’t require a torch. We love the Lunar from Dip Devices since it’s glass-free and easy to use.

Can You Serve Weed at a Work Event?

Yes, if it’s appropriate for the type of event, you can serve cannabis at professional gatherings. Plenty of professional mixers, parties, and other get-togethers serve alcohol. If you live in a state where cannabis is legal, why not serve weed, too?


Can Employers Serve Employees Weed?

Employers can serve cannabis at employee events as long as all parties are of legal age and the event is hosted on private property in a legal state. 

Can You Have Weed at a Wedding?

If you’re hosting your wedding on private property or at a cannabis-friendly venue, you can absolutely serve weed at your reception. Mobile budtenders like Cannabis Bar Services report that wedding bookings have gone up dramatically in the past few years. Services like these are a great way to provide cannabis to your guests and ensure everyone has a great experience. 

What’s the Cleanest Way to Share Weed?

Besides legality, one of the most important things to consider when serving cannabis at an event is how to keep it safe and sanitary for each consumer. The best way to ensure that your guests share good vibes, not germs, is to opt for a piece that smokers can disinfect between each hit, like a small electric dab rig. We love Dip Devices’ Rover for parties and events since it has a long battery life, delivers a high-quality vapor experience, and is easy to disinfect between uses. 

Even though you’ll be cleaning the mouthpiece and chamber throughout the night, you should also deep-clean your vape or e-rig when the night is over. A party full of people using the same rig to take dabs will lead to a lot of resin buildup! Make sure to choose a device that’s easy to take apart and clean.


How to Sanitize Your Dab Rig

At events, you should sanitize the mouthpiece of your piece between each person. You can spritz the mouthpiece with undiluted isopropyl alcohol or use alcohol wipes, whichever is more convenient. Make sure to use at least 70% isopropyl alcohol, and use enough that it stays wet for at least 30 seconds to a minute. 

You can also use alcohol and a soft brush to clean the inside of the vape. A straw brush or pipe cleaner works great to get into all the nooks and crannies. Many Dip Devices products also come equipped with replacement parts if your vape is subject to heavy use at the event and it’s time for a new chamber, mouthpiece, or coil. 

Know Your Weed Etiquette for Cannabis Events

Consuming cannabis in a group comes with norms and customs. No worries — the basics are simpler than you might think. 

  • Be kind to your budtender and fellow guests. This one goes without saying. Treat the person serving you cannabis and the other eventgoers the way you want to be treated. 

  • Know your tolerance. Remember that events are about connecting with others and having fun, not trying to impress other guests by taking the biggest possible rip.

  • Share! If you’ve been invited to an event where everyone is bringing their own weed, make sure you bring enough to share with other partygoers — and don’t hog the vape.

  • Be respectful and discreet. Even if everyone at your event is consuming cannabis, nobody likes having smoke blown in their face. Dab pens are a great way to keep your cannabis consumption discreet and respectful of other guests since they don’t produce as much smoke or smell as flower. 

    Where to Get the Best Discreet Dab Rigs for Your Next Event

    Dip Devices has everything you need to serve cannabis at your next event. From high-end e-rigs to portable dab pens, we’ve got you covered. Browse our products today and have a great time at your next party. 

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