Dabbing Best Practices for Rigs and Electric Nails

Dabbing Best Practices for Rigs and Electric Nails

For experienced cannabis connoisseurs, dabbing is one of the best ways to enjoy the flavors and effects of cannabis extracts. For the uninitiated, though, it’s no secret that dabbing can be daunting. What dabbing etiquette do you need to know before your next smoke sesh? How do you use all those dabbing accessories? And what’s the deal with electric dab rigs?

It doesn’t have to be so intimidating. Dip Devices is here with a guide to taking dabs — and a few tools that make your dabbing experience easier than ever. 

How Do You Take the Perfect Dab on a Rig?

Compared to smoking a joint or hitting a bong, there are many variables you’ll need to keep in mind when you’re trying to take a good dab. 


How to Prepare for a Dab

Before you take a dab on any kind of rig, whether conventional or an electric rig, you must ensure you’ve filled it with the right amount of water. Typically, you’ll want to submerge the last inch or two of the downstem. 


You should also organize all the necessary tools and accessories before dabbing. Ensure your wax, dab pearls, and carb cap are all within reach before you fire up your dab torch or switch on your e-nail. Having a drink on hand isn’t a bad idea, either — dab sweats are real!


How Much to Dab

Your dab dose will depend on your tolerance and the experience you seek. Take as big (or small) a dab as you’re comfortable with, within reason—you don’t want to overload your banger or nail and end up wasting wax. 

Start with a small dab, especially if you have little experience with concentrates. Most people recommend starting with a ball of wax about half the size of a grain of rice or a BB pellet. 


What Temperature to Dab At

The perfect dabbing temperature largely depends on personal preference. The average temperature for a dab is around 525°F, but you can adjust that based on the experience you’re looking for and the cannabinoid you are dabbing. Lower-temperature dabs produce more subtle effects and let you taste more terpenes, while higher-temperature dabs produce more intense effects. 


How to Take Care of Your Dab Rig

It’s easier to take great dabs out of a well-maintained dab rig. You should replace the water every time you dab and clean your rig regularly. You can clean the inside with rubbing alcohol and kosher salt and the banger or nail with rubbing alcohol or a torch. You should also clean your e-nail or electric dab rig attachment regularly.  

Finally, when done dabbing, you should store your dab rig and electric nail carefully. Never leave water inside the rig, and put it away somewhere safe where it won’t accidentally get knocked over. 

How to Hit a Dab Rig With a Torch

When most people think of dab rigs, they picture a butane torch and a blazing hot piece of glass. This is the classic way to take dabs, but it isn’t the only way — and it’s definitely not our favorite method. 

With that said, to dab with a torch, you’ll need to heat your banger or nail until it’s extremely hot. Be careful not to burn yourself or anything else during this process. Let the piece cool until it’s at approximately your desired temperature. Figuring out this timing will take some practice, and even the most experienced dabbers can’t get the temperature as precise with a torch as an e-rig. 

Once your nail is at about the right temperature, add your concentrate. If you’re using a carb cap, pop it on top and inhale. 

How to Dab With an E-Rig

Dabbing with an electric nail is a piece of cake, especially compared to dabbing with a torch. 

If you’re using an e-rig, you’ll need to turn on your e-nail or e-rig attachment, put it on your desired setting, and wait a moment for it to heat up. Once your e-nail is turned on and warmed up, you’re good to add the wax or, if you’re using a honey straw attachment, suck your concentrate up directly. 

Are Electric Dab Rigs Better?

We think e-nails are better — yes! They are safer since there’s no hot glass, and you don’t have to use an exposed flame. 

E-nails are also much more precise. You can get them to the exact temperature you’re looking for in minutes — within just a few degrees. 

Electric dab rigs are also much more convenient than conventional dab rigs. You can fire them up in a matter of moments, and if you’re using an e-rig attachment from Dip Devices, you can even take it on the go. 

Take the Perfect Dabs With an E-Rig Conversion Kit

Electric nails and e-rigs can be expensive, but there is an affordable alternative for safe, precise, and convenient electric dabs. Dip Devices offers several dab pens and portable electric dabbers that you can attach directly to your favorite bong or conventional rig. Ditch the torch today and take the best dabs ever with Dip Devices. 

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