What Are Terp Balls, Dab Beads and Terp Pearls?

What Are Terp Balls, Dab Beads and Terp Pearls?

Terp Balls, Dab Beads and Terp Pearls Elevate Your Dabbing Experience

The world of cannabis concentrates is ever-evolving, and dab enthusiasts continuously seek innovative ways to enhance their concentrate consumption experience. Terp pearls — also known as banger beads, terp balls, or dab beads — are a  small but powerful addition to your accessory arsenal. 

Consumers love banger beads because they give a more flavorful hit and help to avoid wasting any concentrate. Some portable dab devices, like the innovative Rover vape pen, even include terp balls directly in the device. So, what are dab pearls, and what are the best practices for adding them to your dabbing routine? Read on for the answers to these questions and more. 

What are Terp Balls, Dab Beads and Terp Pearls?

Terp balls, dab beads, and terp pearls are different names for the same object. They are all accessories used with dab rigs to enhance the dabbing experience by manipulating the vaporization process and improving flavor and aroma. See the above image of Dip Device’s new Rover dab pen vaporizer for a peek at what terp pearls within a handheld unit look like.

Are Terp Pearls, Banger Beads, Terp Balls, and Dab Beads the Same Thing?

Yes, terp balls, banger beads, terp pearls, etc., are different names for the same object — a small spherical or elongated pill-shaped object placed at the bottom of your dab nail or quartz banger. They come in different sizes and shapes, and are made of different materials but function similarly. 

How do Terp Balls, Dab Beads and Terp Pearls Work?

Dab beads help retain and redistribute heat and vaporize more oil at the same starting temperature, enabling you to dab at more consistent temperatures. As the beads move, they distribute the heat of the surface they’re rolling on and diffuse the oil, vaporizing the product more thoroughly. 

What are Terp Balls, Dab Beads and Terp Pearls Made of?

Terp pearls are made from various materials, including borosilicate, ceramic, sapphire, ruby, silicon carbide, and shinju.

As you may have guessed, banger beads vary in price, how easy they are to clean and maintain, and how likely they are to build up chaz (i.e., the burn-out resin that accumulates from dabbing), which diminishes the quality of your bangers and the effectiveness of your cannabis product. 

Borosilicate (i.e., clear glass), ceramic, and quartz are the most affordable terp pearl options, with quartz least likely to break due to thermal shock or chaz. However, there’s much debate over what is “the best” terp pearl material; ultimately, it’s a personal preference. 

Why Do People Use Terp Balls, Dab Beads and Terp Pearls?

Temperature control is super important when dabbing for both effectiveness and flavor. Terp pearls are an easy solution to temperature control issues and will help you get the most flavorful dab and prevent you from wasting product. 

How Do You Use Terp Balls, Dab Beads and Terp Pearls Safely?

The number one dab rig safety tip is never to heat your nail or banger with terp pearls inside. Add your terp pearls after you’ve heated your nail — especially if you’re using dab beads made of quartz, borosilicate, or ceramic — to help prevent damage to the terp balls. Skip remembering the proper order and still get that smooth, puffable hit with the Dip Devices Rover.

What’s the Easiest Way to Use Terp Balls, Dab Beads and Terp Pearls?

Invest in a high-quality material terp pearl like shinju, silicon carbide, or, at the very least, quartz. This will make your life easier in the long run. These materials are easier to clean and not prone to breakage or melting. Of course, opting for a Rover dab vape with terp pearls is the easiest consumer option.


How Do You Clean Terp Balls, Dab Beads and Terp Pearls?

Certain terp balls are easier to clean than others. For example, the easiest terp pearls to clean are made of shinju and silicon carbide (i.e., SIC). You can clean silicon carbide dab beads with your dab torch,  isopropyl alcohol, or any other method you would typically use to clean your dab tools. 

You should carefully clean dab pearls made from gemstone terp pearls, ceramic, or borosilicate since they can melt or break under prolonged exposure to high heat. You can clean quartz terp pearls after they’ve cooled with alcohol or a cleaning solution.

Where To Buy a Dab Vape with Banger Beads

As a good rule of thumb, always invest in high-quality terp pearls or dab devices that include them to ensure both safety and efficacy. 


If you want to add to your dab accessories and support a company with an ethical mission, consider increasing your cannabis activism and buying your next dab device from Dip Devices. Dip Devices donates proceeds to various important charities with each purchase, and Dip’s new Rover not only has terp pearls but doesn’t require a torch to get started. 

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