How to Modify Your Bong for Torchless Dabs and Flower

How to Modify Your Bong for Torchless Dabs and Flower

Upgrading your bong or dab rig to an e-rig is one of the best ways to get more out of your cannabis, but it’s not always easy to do. New pieces can get expensive, take up a lot of space, and at the end of the day, it’s just one more thing for you to clean. 

If you’re looking for something smaller, easier to use, and more affordable that will still take your smoke sessions to the next level and let you ditch the torch, Dip Devices has you covered. 

Can You Use a Dab Rig as a Bong?

Technically, you can use a dab rig for flower if you have the right attachments. In most cases, you’ll simply need to swap out your banger or nail for a bowl in the right size. 

Can You Make a Regular Bong Into a Dab Rig?

Yes, the same is true in reverse — taking dabs from a bong is possible if you have the right attachments and accessories. However, it’s not ideal since bongs typically have slightly different setups, and unless your bong is freshly cleaned, you’ll taste resin instead of terpenes. 

You'll need a torch and a banger or nail if you want to go the complicated, imprecise route. If you want to take precise, simple dabs without worrying about dealing with red-hot glass, you’ll need an e-nail attachment. 

Can You Use a Normal Bowl for Dabs?

You can't take dabs from a regular bowl. Although it is possible to put wax on top of a bowl of flower and smoke it that way, you won’t get the most from your concentrate. 

If you want to swap back and forth between wax and flower without having to change up your rig, your best bet is to get an electric attachment that’s compatible with multiple types of cannabis products, like Dip Devices’ EVRI. This tiny accessory works with wax, flower, and carts. You can attach it directly to your favorite glass piece, and it’s made to be taken on the go, too. 

Can You Use the Same Bong for Dabs and Flower?

Yes! You can use the same piece for wax and flower with the right attachments. You may need to clean your bong more often, but a clean piece is always a good thing

It is worth mentioning that if you’re trying to switch back and forth between a bowl and a banger, you won’t get peak performance out of either of them. The best way to have a single piece you use for wax and flower is to upgrade to an electric rig with attachments from Dip Devices. 

How Do You Upgrade Your Bong?

If you ask us at Dip Devices, the number one way to upgrade your bong or rig is to make it torchless. E-nails and tabletop vaporizers can be expensive and hard to use, but who says that’s the only way to get an electric cannabis consumption experience?

Dip Devices carries several pieces you can attach to your favorite dab rig to turn it into an e-rig for a fraction of the price of a new piece. Plus, all of our devices are made to be portable, simple to use, and easy to clean—in addition to being compatible with your favorite glass. With an e-rig attachment from Dip Devices, you’ll get two (or more) pieces in one.

We also carry a few other standalone accessories to improve your dabbing experience, like our 510-threaded hot knife attachment that makes serving dabs easier than ever.  

The Best Attachments to Turn Your Bong into an E Rig

Dip Devices allows you to customize your bong or dab rig to get the exact experience you’re looking for. 

Vape Flower With Your Bong

Want the clean flavor, precise potency, and convenience of vaping flower without the price tag of a tabletop vaporizer? Dip Devices has you covered. 

We designed our new Aster flower vaporizer to compete with top-of-the-line portable flower vapes, at half the price. This tiny but mighty vape features precise temperature control, quick preheating, and a sleek profile — and it’s compatible with your favorite bong. Turning your bong into a tabletop vape is as easy as switching out your bowl for the Aster. When your sesh is done, you can take the Aster wherever you go next.  

Pair A Honey Dipper With Your Rig to Turn it Into an E Rig

If dabs are more your speed, you can also attach Dip Devices’ signature Dipper honey straw to your favorite dab rig to instantly turn it into an e-rig. Honey straws use the same technology as e-nails, just in a more affordable, versatile, and easier-to-use package. The Dip Whip lets you easily pair your Dipper with a dab rig for a torchless electric dabbing experience. 

Switch Between Wax, Flower, and Carts

No worries if you can’t decide on your favorite way to consume cannabis. Dip Devices has even the most indecisive cannabis connoisseurs covered with the EVRI. This powerhouse piece can be used as a honey dipper, wax pen, flower vape, and 510 battery for cartridges. 

It’s also compatible with bongs and dab rigs for the ultimate versatile electric cannabis consumption experience. Just attach the EVRI to your glass piece and swap out attachments using the convenient magnetic system whenever you decide to switch things up. 

Like all of Dip Devices’ attachments, the EVRI is also fully functional as a standalone vape, which means it works just as well on the go as it does when hooked up to your rig.

Shop Dip Devices for All the Bong Accessories You Need

Whether you want to heat your concentrate to the perfect temperature, taste every subtlety in your favorite flower strain, or just want to toss your torch and never have to worry about finding your lighter again, Dip Devices has a solution for you. Browse our products and upgrade your bong or dab rig to an electric piece today.

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