Can Terp Pearls be Made From Rubies or Gems?

Can Terp Pearls be Made From Rubies or Gems?

At Dip Devices, we’re huge fans of terp pearls, also known as banger beads, dab pearls, and several other names. They’re essential to our dabbing routine, but these dab rig accessories don’t have to be strictly utilitarian. In this blog, find a bit of background on terp pearls and a crash course on the most opulent materials they can be made from. 

What are the Benefits of Using Terp Pearls and Banger Beads?

Terp pearls are tiny orbs you put in your banger when you dab concentrates. 

These dabbing accessories make for smoother, more flavorful hits because they help control the temperature of your piece. By keeping your piece at the perfect temperature for longer, terp pearls allow you to unlock all of the powerful cannabinoids and delicious terpenes that your concentrate of choice has to offer. 

Terp balls also help you use your cannabis concentrate more efficiently. As they spin in the banger or e-rig chamber, they agitate the dab, exposing it to more surface area and vaporizing every last drop of wax.


Can You Use a Dab Rig Without Terp Beads?

It’s possible to dab without dab beads. Your dab rig will still work without these accessories, but you won’t be getting the best possible cannabis concentrate experience


Without dab pearls, your hits won’t taste as good, keeping your banger at the right temperature will be harder, and you will likely end up wasting wax. Feel free to use your rig without dab balls if you're okay with that. If not, read on for a guide to dab pearl materials. 

What Should Dab Balls Be Made Of?

Glass dab rigs are made from borosilicate glass. Bangers and high-quality vapes are usually made from quartz. When it comes to terp pearls, though, you have several choices for materials. 

Terp pearls are often made from quartz or borosilicate glass but can also be made from precious gemstones. Each material conducts heat well, but gemstones are among the most effective and aesthetically pleasing. 

What Gemstones Are Safe to Use as Terp Balls?

Contrary to what the name suggests, you can’t use genuine pearls as terp pearls. They are too fragile and don’t stand up to high temperatures. 


Synthetic opals and lab-grade rubies, emeralds, and sapphires are the most commonly used gems for terp pearls. These gems are strong enough to withstand the high temperatures required for dabbing and naturally come in rich shades of red, green, and deep blue. 


Can I Use Jewelry Cut Gemstones like Rubies as Terp Pearls?

It can be tempting to visit your local crystal shop if you’re looking for gemstone terp beads, but this isn’t a great idea. You should always use lab-grown gems as terp beads since lab-grown stones are more consistent than natural stones. Gemstones like opals, rubies, sapphires, and emeralds won’t have as many imperfections that make them more prone to breakage when grown in a lab. You should always purchase gemstone terp balls from trusted retailers to ensure you get high-quality and consistently sized products.

Additionally, classic diamond-shaped gems aren’t the best shape for use in a dab rig. Spheres and other rounded shapes are far more effective. If you want the aesthetic of the gems, though, you can find terp pearls in a wide variety of shapes at smoke shops and dab supply stores. 

How to Use and Care For Ruby and Gem Terp Beads

Using gemstone terp balls in your dab rig or e-rig requires slightly different practices than glass or quartz terp pearls. The gemstones used to make terp beads are sturdy, conduct heat well, and won’t break down over time, but you’ll still need to be careful to keep them in top condition. 

First and foremost, you should never place gemstone terp balls into a hot banger. Always heat them slowly. Gemstone terp beads are a great choice if you like cold start dabs or prefer an e-rig with built-in terp balls, like Dip Devices’ Rover

Keeping every part of your dab rig or vape clean is essential, and cleaning gemstone terp balls differs from cleaning quartz or glass dab beads. Never use solvents like rubbing alcohol to clean gem banger beads, as this can damage them. Always use gentle heat and a cotton swab or soft cloth to clean gemstone terp balls. 

Take Terp Pearls On the Go With a Dab E Rig

Gem terp beads are great at conducting heat, work well with cold start dabs, and look great spinning around in your dab rig. Because of this, they’re excellent for use with portable electric dab rigs, like the Rover from Dip Devices. The Rover uses a quartz chamber and enclosed dab beads to deliver a luxurious dab rig experience in a portable, discrete, and affordable package. 

Pick up the Rover from Dip Devices today to pair with your new gemstone dab pearls for a smooth, flavorful, and aesthetically pleasing dabbing experience. 


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