Discreet Wax Pens for Conferences and Work Events

Discreet Wax Pens for Conferences and Work Events

From team bonding to client networking and even tackling pre-conference jitters, cannabis can be a boon to many different work events. Today, we’ve made a list of our favorite discreet dab pens for professional settings and a few tips and tricks about remaining respectful in any situation. 

Can You Dab at Professional Events?

It depends on the event. More than half of Americans live in states with regulated cannabis programs, and more people support cannabis consumption than ever before. As cannabis becomes more normalized, events are increasingly welcoming to cannabis. 

If you’re attending a cannabis-friendly event, you can definitely dab. However, even if the event isn’t cannabis-friendly, you can often still get away with dabbing by choosing a discreet wax pen as your consumption method of choice. 



Can You Bring Weed to Work Events?

Whether or not you can bring cannabis to work events will depend on your local laws and the venue’s rules regarding cannabis and consumption. However, respecting the other attendees is the most important thing to consider when bringing weed to a professional event. 


Can You Get Stoned with Coworkers?

Absolutely, as long as you’re all doing so safely. Sharing a dab with coworkers can be a great way to bond with your team, whether you’re at a professional event or a work retreat. 


Can You Smoke Weed With Your Boss?

If everyone is comfortable with it and it’s not against any company rules, there’s no reason you can’t consume cannabis with your boss. Again, this can be a great way to bond with the team.

Can You Do Dabs With Clients?

Absolutely! If it’s appropriate and everyone is on board, passing around a wax pen with clients or customers can be a great way to network and socialize. Professional events often have bars where team members buy customers a round of shots — why not do the same thing with dabs?

How to Dab At Conferences and Work Events

Before dabbing at any event, professional or otherwise, you should familiarize yourself with the event’s rules and the venue’s stance on cannabis.

Once you’ve cleared that up, find a time and place where you can consume cannabis respectfully and discreetly. Just like when you’re dabbing at a festival, concert, or other social event, nobody wants you blowing vapor in their face or taking too big of a rip and coughing during a presentation. 

You should also ensure you’re picking the right strain for the occasion. A sativa-dominant cultivar can help keep you energized, social, and focused during a long shift or a day of intense networking. On the other hand, dabbing CBD can be a great option if you’re feeling nervous during a meeting or overwhelmed amid a chaotic conference. A CBD-rich strain will help you feel calm, centered, and ready to network. 

Last but certainly not least, you should use a discreet, portable wax pen to consume cannabis at work events and in professional settings. They’re easy to use, produce minimal smell, and can be incredibly potent. 

How to Smoke at Work Without Smelling

The best way to dab discreetly at work is with a wax pen or dab pen, like those offered by Dip Devices

If you’re especially worried about the smell, you can go outside, keep some cologne or body spray on hand, pop a mint, or even construct a good old-fashioned sploof

The Best Discreet Dab Pens for Work

With so many great dab pens out there, we wanted to compile our favorites so you don’t have to work as hard — at least on this decision. 


The Best Basic Low-Key Dab Pen

If you just need a workhorse dab pen that will let you get lifted discreetly on the go, you can’t beat the Lunar from Dip Devices. It’s small, easy to use, and reliable so that you can be discreet with your cannabis consumption on the clock and elsewhere. 

The Best High-End Discreet E-Rig

If you’re looking for a wax pen that will deliver the high-quality vapor of a top-of-the-line e-rig in a portable, discreet package, you need the Rover from Dip Devices. With a powerful battery, customizable heat settings, a precision-engineered chamber, and even terp beads, the Rover is great for passing around to your colleagues or clients you want to impress. 


The Best Versatile and Discreet Wax Pen

If you’re attending a cannabis-centric event or a professional get-together where you know you’ll have the chance to try multiple different kinds of cannabis, the EVRI is the perfect dab pen to bring along. It’s compatible with wax, carts, and flower, so it’s versatile enough to share and discrete enough to keep to yourself, depending on what the day brings. 

Bonus: Keep Everything Organized and Discreet With a Smell-Proof Travel Bag

When traveling with your wax pen, organization is almost as important as discretion. Get the best of both worlds with our smell-proof bag and dabbing kit in collaboration with Revelry. It includes our bestselling Little Dipper, but you can use it to hold any discreet dab pen alongside extra wax, a dabbing mat, dabbing tools, and whatever else you need. It’s small enough to fit into a larger bag and smell-proof to keep your concentrates under wraps. 

Prepare For Your Next Work Event with Dip Devices

Here at Dip Devices, we have everything you need to dab discreetly, no matter where you are. From professional mixers to work retreats, our discreet dab pens will keep you, your coworkers, and your clients lifted. Browse our selection today and reach out if you have questions about any products. 

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