Dab Pen vs Cart

Dab Pen vs Cart

Dab pens and cartridges, commonly known as “carts,” are two popular options for casual cannabis consumers. While they both are categorically associated with vaping devices, some key differences are worth considering.

In the ever-evolving world of cannabis consumption, the options seem endless, and it can sometimes feel impossible to sort out the distinctions between different products and which ones are right for your specific needs. Read on to determine if a dab pen and/or cart setup are best for you.

Is a Dab Pen the Same as a Cart?

Both dab pens and cartridge-based models are vaping devices designed for cannabis consumption. They heat the cannabis concentrate to produce vapor, which is inhaled. They are both portable and relatively easy to use, requiring minimal setup. However, that’s where the similarities end. 

Differences Between Carts and Dab Pens

The most prominent difference is that dab pens often resemble traditional vape pens or small electronic devices. In contrast, carts are typically pre-filled cartridges that attach to a battery.

Dab pens use any kind of concentrated cannabis extracts (i.e., dabs, shatter, rosin, sauce), while carts contain pre-filled liquid cannabis oil. Dab pens allow for more customization and even temperature and quality control. Dab pen users can choose their preferred concentrates; conversely, carts come in pre-set strains and flavors.

While dab pens require slightly more maintenance, including cleaning and reloading, they are more environmentally friendly. Carts are disposable after use, and recycling them is impossible. 


Is Smoking a Dab Pen Better Than a Cart?

The answer to this question largely depends on individual preferences and needs. There are other categories to consider, such as potency, affordability and environmental friendliness.

1. Dab Pens More Customizable While Carts Are a Bit More Convenient

Dab pens offer more freedom to choose your concentrates, making them more customizable. This can be helpful if you’re using cannabis to treat certain symptoms as a medical patient, for example.

The downsides of dab pens include increased maintenance, a learning curve that may make them challenging for beginners to use, and they are potentially less discreet since they can produce more odor than carts. 


Carts are more discreet since they produce minimal odor. They are also generally easier and more convenient, making them suitable for beginners.

However, carts are more likely to have harmful additives or cutting agents, which companies use when manufacturing their concentrates to increase profits or get their products to look a certain way. Not all carts are created equal. Health-conscious consumers should shop cautiously and favor brands that do their due diligence regarding testing and transparency. 

2. Are Dab Pens Stronger or More Potent Than Carts?

Dab pens are often considered stronger potency-wise. Some consumers report dab pens also provide a quicker onset of effects. Carts may be less potent than dab pens due to product dilution.

3. Comparing Dab Pen and Cart Price

Over time, dab pens can be more cost-effective since concentrates are typically cheaper than pre-filled carts. Carts are often more expensive; especially if you vape frequently, you are paying for the convenience of cartridges.  

4. Are Dab Pens or Carts More Environmentally Friendly?

Dab pens are the more environmentally friendly option. Since carts are disposable, they create a lot of waste. If you want to make a more sustainable choice, dab pens may be the best option.

Though the packaging of the concentrate still creates waste, you can opt for a company that uses sustainable packaging and dab device companies committed to environmental stewardship to reduce waste further. 


Get a Device that Can Be Both a Dab Pen and Cart Vape: The EVRI

For those who find it challenging to choose between a dab pen and a cart, the EVRI 3-in-1 Dab and Vape device is the best of both worlds.

This versatile device allows you to switch between using concentrates and cartridges effortlessly. Whether you want the potency of dabs or the convenience of carts, EVRI can do it all, making it a smart choice for those who value versatility in their cannabis consumption.

Consider your priorities, budget, and usage habits to determine which option aligns best with your cannabis consumption goals. The EVRI Dab Pen and Cart Vape could be your perfect solution if you're looking for the ultimate flexibility.

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